Crystal's Closet: Weekly Wardrobe (Ep17) with an up close & personal meeting with Michelle Phan!

August 09, 2012 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

I've been super busy lately -_-

I know I say it like millions times and you may presume I'm giving an excuse for being lazy to blog, lolz. But literally, ever single week, I'm always packed with activities and stuffs. Whenever I have time to read my old Weekly Wardrobe episodes, I'm always amazed at how many things happened week by week. It seems never end. 

The week before last week was one of my most fulfilling weeks ever! 

On Monday, I went to work with very happy and excited mood. I try to keep myself motivated on Monday even though I hate it as much as I hate my period pain. It's very random comparison, YES! Only girls/ women can relate to that. So to my personal experience, whenever I have good Monday, my week will be good. It's actually just a psychological trick but it works :D

If you notice from my previous weekly episodes, I always start my Monday by dressing up very professionally at work. Here I wore full dress and blazer set from GUESS that I bought during my LA trip. This set was picked by my dearest Mike, he always has good taste and I love shopping with him ;)

Basic black and white with strips and prints. It never goes wrong in any occasion. 

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Dress: GUESS
Blazer: GUESS (similar)
Handbag: COACH
Watch: Swarovski

High pony tail with simple floral shirt and oliver pants. I love olive, brown, beige pants because they are so classy, elegant and versatile. Literally, you can match them with any colors and they work so well together. If you have never tried any nude, beige color outfit, I suggest you can give a try. 

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Floral shirt: Brooks Brothers
Olive pants: Rebecca Minkoff
Pink belt: B-Low the Belt
Muti- colour rings: ASOS

I was wearing very cute print chiffon skirt which I bought long time ago but I was reluctant to wear it. Reason? I thought it look puffy on me and I didn't know what to pair with this skirt. But on Wednesday, I woke up late and I didn't have time to decide what to wear. So i quickly grabbed this skirt at my convenience and pulled a white shirt off. It turned out pretty cool, didn't it?
The only thing I need to be aware of is the wind because the skirt is too light and easy to fly up when the wind blows.

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White shirt: Tommy Hilfiger

I was wearing my own handmade pearl collar necklace with a navy casual dress. Less is more! Sometimes we don't need to wear many things to make an impression.

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Blue navy dress: Forever21 (similar)
DIY Collar necklace: My Crystal's Closet
Accessories: Forever21

Corset top and smiley ring as it was Friday. T.G.I.F! Time to wrap up the whole busy week and chill out. There wasn't any work-party 2 in 1 outfit because I decided to go back and change before heading out to join my girl friends. 

So this was my dress for Friday night: red lipstick, curly hair and bodycon black dress. My girl friend couldn't reckon me when I walked into the bar because that was the first time she went to a bar to catch up with me on Friday night. Obviously, that was also the first time she saw me dress up like that. Surprise!

Cleavage for you, perverts! I know you've been waiting for this. 

I and my girl friends went to Le Noir, a small bar in Clarke Quay for a drink and ended up dancing like mad inside. It was super fun and impromptu because we didn't plan for this at all. 

From left: Nicole, Alicia & Me. 
Don't you notice our eyes make up were all the same? Because I did it! Lolz. When they saw me with makeup on, they pulled me to the washroom and asked for a simple make-over. It's girl thing, so cute! 

I spent my entire Saturday and Sunday to attend makeup workshop by Lancome and purposely to meet up my idol Michelle Phan- a Youtube beauty guru who flew all the way from United States to Singapore for Meet & Greet with her fans.

Her story to fame is so inspiring and what attracted me at first was when i knew she is also Vietnamese but born and living in US. She recorded her make-up tutorial videos in her living room in 2006 with a very simple camcorder and set up. There wasn't anything special about her makeup tutorials on Youtube as many people already did that. Only after Michelle Phan made a youtube makeup tutorial to transform herself into Lady Gaga in her song "Poke Face" which was super duper popular back then, she attracted hundred thousands views from the first week. Now? That video has had 20 millions view so far and still counting. To date, she has more than 2 millions subscribers on her Youtube channel from all over the world. Can you believe it? It's 4 times more than Singapore population.

Not just that, Lancome then invited her to be their spoke person. And that was how Michelle Phan got to fame and success right now. She has 4 different businesses to run and earns million dollars from her Youtube, Blog, the age of 25. She was born in 1987 and yes she is younger than me 3 years old, wtf!

Life has lot of amazing and surprising things and we will never know what to expect. Just keep dreaming, chase for your dream and don't ever stop. That's what I love about this little sweet girl whom I can relate so much to.

Got a photo taken with her at Sephora during her Meet & Greet!

I was attending a Master Class Makeup workshop by Michelle and learnt quite alot of makeup tips & tricks. It was memorable and fun event.

Another photo taken with Michelle. 

Photo taken during the Masterclass, courtesy of Herworld magazine Singapore. I was sitting right next to Wendy aka Xiaxue, a popular blogger from Singapore. 

That was pretty much how my week went! It was super fantastic. Don't you feel bored of listening the same thing everytime? Lolz! In fact, if you follow me closely enough for the past 5 months since my first Crystal's Closet episode, I do not only have some great weeks but also  some shitty weeks. But I'm always trying my best to keep myself positive, motivated and optimistic. That spirit eventually changes the bad situation I'm in to a better one. It's hard to explain in details but I believe it's true.

I hope you guys had a great week too and stay positive always.