Sep 29, 2012


The post title might sound a little bit unglamorous,  but it's straight to the point. Today, I'm going to talk about my wisdom teeth removal experience at Implantdontics Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry.

I'm sure many of you are afraid of having your wisdom tooth removed because of the pain, gum swelling and bleeding for a couple of days or even a week.

So was I!

When I asked my friends about wisdom teeth removal, most of their reactions were "Oh my god! It's going to be painful. Scary"-  "You have to take at least 1 week medical leave"- "You won't be able to eat anything except for porridge". "Your face will get swollen."

I was so scared that it took me... one year to finally have my wisdom teeth removed regardless numerous reminders by my dentist. It's ridiculous, I know.

I tried to ease myself by thinking that my wisdom teeth haven't given me any problem for more than 20 years; there is no reason why I need to remove them. Saying "them" I meant I had to remove not one but four teeth. Can you imagine? It's like quadrupling the pain.

And you are asking me why do I need to remove four wisdom teeth? Here is the answer:

I am so "fortunate" to have two stupid teeth to grow diagonally inward, I don't know why they are called wisdom teeth. And for God's sake, they are big, so they left no room for other teeth to grow. My dentist said If I didn't remove them, very much likely decay would occur. By then, things would get worse. As I had to remove two lower teeth, the two upper ones were advised to be removed as well.

I got a heart attack when I heard it from Dr.  Dennis Leong. There were many questions popped up in my head:

- OMG! I'm going to die! How could I tolerate the pain?
- How am I going to eat without my teeth?
- My teeth don't cause me any pain, why do I have to bring the pain to myself?
- Oh my God, it's going to cause me a bomb. One wisdom tooth extraction costs S$800- S$900. Four teeth will cost me S$3200 - S$3600???????

Enough dramas yet? Does it sound similar to you? But I'm going to tell you why I still decided to have my four teeth removed in the end.

I went to Implantdontics Clinic on Friday afternoon with a very relaxing and worry-free mood.

Arriving at the clinic. 

While waiting for my turn, I managed to snap some photos of the clinic interior. 

Love the cozy environment. They even have FREE WIFI for you to surf in case your data network sucks.

Receptionist area. 
Just in case, everyone is busy inside, press the bell to be served :D

I'm sure many dental clinics out there are offering same services but tell me which clinic is as conveniently reachable as Implantdontics? Whatapps, Skype, Viber, SMS, Phonecall, Email. You name it; they have it! Very well -equipped technology.

The room where I had my wisdom teeth removed. Bright and beautiful! 

Another room where I had my gum treatment done. Most of the time when I was on that chair, I felt like sleeping. Too comfortable to take it.

X-Ray room. 

Back to the procedure, Dr. Leong asked me earlier if I wanted to stay awake or to be unconscious during the surgery. I chose to stay awake. Not because I was so brave, I tried to cut cost  *lolz*. So I was given a local anesthetic to numb the entire area where my teeth were removed. 

Dr. Leong arranged his colleague- Dr. Aidan Yeo to do the surgery for me. As what I was told by Dr. Leong and the clinic staffs, Dr. Aidan Yeo is one of the most experienced doctors in wisdom teeth extraction. "You won't even feel the pain at all. He will just need  less than 3 minutes to extract your teeth". And so I trusted them. 

Dr. Yeo started extracting my two upper teeth first. I lied down, closed my eyes and counted to 10 to distract myself from thinking how painful it could be. When I counted to 5, I heard Dr. Yeo said "OK! One is gone!" 

I was like "Are you serious? Why so fast? I couldn't feel anything?". And that moment, I knew I was terrified by too many comments that people gave me OR their dentists made a bad job. Dr. Yeo's experience was beyond my expectation. He needed only 5 minutes to extract my two upper teeth and approximately 30- 35 minutes to take out the lower two whereas normal procedures usually take 60 minutes to complete. 

Best part? I didn't feel so much pain even when he opened up my gum tissue over the teeth, cut the teeth into small pieces, took them out one by one and sewed the gum back up. The pain was totally bearable and not scary as what people said AT ALL. For this, I need to thank to Implantdontics clinic, Dr. Leong & Dr. Yeo for making my life so much easier. Why?

1. I needed only three days medical leave instead of 6 even though Dr. Leong gave me six days medical leave. So nice of him!
2. Unbelievably enough, I could eat rice on 3rd day itself. Some have to eat porridge for 1 week, poor them. 
3. After two days, the pain was gone like magic. How could it even be possible? :-O
4. Instead of having to pay S$3500- S$4800 as what other clinics charge, I only needed to pay S$2500 for everything. Isn't it awesome? You tell me "Cheap things are not good" ? You are wrong! Not forget to mention you can even claim from your Medisave if you are Singaporean or Singapore PR. 

After all, if you are still wondering which dental clinic should you go to have your wisdom teeth surgery done, I would recommend you to Implantdontics Clinic. 

Their clinic is located at 1 Orchard Boulevard, #10- 02, Camden Medical Centre. 
They do offer other services like teeth whitening, gum treatment, root canal treatment, dental implant, etc...My teeth are now taken care by them, and I totally love it. 

Call them to fix an appointment now if your teeth have any problem. +65- 6737 7022 (during office hours) OR +65- 9640 2452 (after office hours)

Also, don't forget to check out their website www.implantdontics.com for more information about what do they offer. 

If you have any question about my personal experience or clinic services, feel free to leave me some comments below. I'll try to answer as much as I could. If not, Call +65- 6737 7022 and don't forget to mention my name "Crystal Phuong" when seeing Dr. Leong.  :)

Lastly, good luck everyone with your wisdom teeth removal! It won't be painful at all IF you have it done at Implantdontics, I guarantee! 

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  1. Dr Leong and Dr Yeo are pretty spectacular at what they do. I'm glad I trusted them as you did. No pain at all! :)