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Hi everyone,

As you may know, this month- October, the world is gearing up and going Pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. For those who don't know, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual campaign to increase the awareness of the disease. While many people are aware of breast cancer, some still forget to take steps to detect the disease at early stage. And so, in year 2010, there were nearly 1.5 millions women were told to be suffered from Breast Cancer. I'm sure the number has increased by now. So, how should we prevent it from happening to us?

  1. Have early detection plan by performing self- breast exam each month or go for clinical breast exam done by a qualified nurse or doctor. Early warning sign of breast cancer may involve the existence of a new lump or a change of breast tissue or skin. So show some love to your boobies. 
  2. Having a healthy lifestyle is one of the keys to protect you from breast cancer and other illnesses. Exercise regularly, drink lot of water, eat healthy (lot of vegetables and fruits instead of fried, oily stuffs).
Now, another question is: "How could we help other women around us be aware of Breast Cancer?".

One of the most common activities during Breast Cancer Awareness month is "Wear the Pink Ribbon" and Dress up in Pink to show your support and concern. 

And here, in line with the world famous campaign, I've created 3 different style sets on Polyvore to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Check it out! 

1. Keep calm and love Boobies. 
If you are a big fan of barbie doll, cute & sweet looking style, this set is for you. Ombre pink-white barbie doll dress with high heels, pink clutch and accessories. I couldn't get enough of the sweetness from this set. Click on the item photo to purchase the product. 

Keep calm and love boobies

2. I Wear Pink For Someone Special. 

This is the style of Goddess.  It's time for you to show your sexy, mysterious and magnetic beauty. The strapless tight hugging dress is a perfect choice to show off your cleavage. Let's the other women know how to protect and to have beautiful breast like yours. Also, for A or B cups women, this dress will still give you extra asset *wink*  Here I chose fuchsia bodycon dress and paired it with all black accessories i.e necklace, shoes, clutch, bangle, etc...

I wear pink for somone special

3. I Wear Pink for Pink Ribbon. 

Up to casual style instead of dolly or sexy look above? I got it covered. Here is a style set for a casual day out and it still makes you look chic. Pink jeans, ombre pink-white loose blouse, cute pink sunglasses and handbag. I'm a fan of high heels so I choose a pair of pink heels instead of flat sandals. They both work well with this look. Flat sandals will give you extra comfort and casual feel while high heels will pull attention on your legs and hips. Not to forget some gold accessories to neutralize and balance out the entire look.

I wear Pink for....

So that's something special I got for you in October. Remember! Prevention is better than cure! I hope my little message is useful for you and please show some love, concern, support to others. Spread the words around!

Happy Pink October, everyone!

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