Crystal's Closet: Weekly Wardrobe (Ep 29, 30)

To continue with Episode 28

So, I came back Singapore on 16th October and it has been more than a month but there wasn't anymore update from Tiger Airways so far about my lost luggage except for once they told me that "Tiger Airways will continue search for lost luggage for period of 21 days from the date of reporting, after which time the bag will be deemed lost"

How disappointed it felt! What exactly happened was: I went to check-in counter and placed my luggage onto the scale as usual. After 5 minutes, I received my boarding pass inserted inside my passport handed over by the counter staff. She told me what is my seat number, boarding gate and etc...Done! I walked over the boarding gate happily with hands- free except for 1 handbag with me. 

After 3 hours, I landed in Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi, waited for another hour, didn't see my luggage at all and everyone was in the same flight with me has left. I asked the Noi Bai airport staff if there's any luggage left, she said "No" and asked for my luggage tag. I searched all over my handbag, pocket, wallet, passport anywhere I could. No luggage tag and I realized the Tiger Airway staff counter did not check in my luggage. I was freaked out, angry, worried and super disappointed. OK! I admit, it was my fault for not checking all the necessary documents before I left. I assumed and relied on the airport staff that this should be checked and confirmed by them at their proficiency before handing documents to passengers. That's the most standard practice

Isn't it part of their checking-in procedures to ask passengers if they have any check-in luggage? But on that day? No! The Tiger Airways lady did not ask me anything and assumed that I had nothing to check in too. If she didn't assume, then she needs to go back to training. Secondly, my luggage was placed on the scale and shown at 11kg for God's sake, how could she not notice about it? As much as I am blaming myself for my ignorance, but your job is to assist passengers in such cases happen too. How on earth a first-time passenger could know to ask: "Excuse me, can you give me the luggage tag?" 

I've searched and found out there are many passengers experienced lost luggage or even lost items inside their luggage with Tiger Airways. How is it even possible? Please do something about it Tiger Airways! Til you really show that you have improve your quality, security and standard, I'm sorry but you have lost my business. 

Did I lose anything valuable? Thank God, No! Only some new clothing for my nephew, my personal stuffs and that's all. I just bought all new things to replace those. But from this incident, I have learned and here are my advices to you when you travel:

1. Place the name tag on your luggage. Those information like your name, your email, handphone, address just in case you lose it. If I have put it, I might have found my luggage
2. Check carefully information on your boarding pass and if you check in luggage, don't forget to take the luggage tag. 

Sound too simple to remember? Trust me, the simplest ones are often forgotten! 

Enough with this depressing topic. When I came back, Mike bought me a new luggage for my birthday present and it came in pink which is even better. :D And I went to work on Wednesday with refreshing, happy face as if nothing happened. That's the way it should be. 

Back to digital world with outfit of the day: Red beaded accessories and white lace dress. I bought the jewelry on my Bintan trip and they cost me less than S$10 for two. Every girl loves bargain and so do I. I bought like 4, 5 sets lolz  

Get this look! 
Dress: Shoshanna (similar)
Bracelet: Max & Chloe (Similar) 
Necklace: Modcloth US (Similar)

At night after work, I started my dance practice with my partner again to prepare for the performance on Saturday. Yes! Practice on Wednesday, perform on Saturday. It sounds crazy but that's what we do all the time.

 Latin fever! 

Look! I don't need high heels to be tall :p

Leopard print, pencil skirt, high heels and pony tail on the go. There is no better color matches with leopard outfit than red, don't you think? Some people prefer pairing yellow with leopard but I personally love wearing red with leopard or red with beige color because i find it very sexy and powerful. 

Get this look!
 Top: Class Roberto Cavalli (similar)
Skirt: ASOS (similar)
Pumps: Michael Antonio (similar)
Bracelet: Max & Chloe (Similar) - Necklace: Modcloth US (Similar)
Handbag: Coach- Similar: Oasap 

Wonder Woman with studded booties and hand cuffs. And to match with gold accessories, I decided to put the yellow belt to accentuate my waist. 
Get this look!
 Black dress: Michael Kors
Boots: GUESS- Similar: Carvela
Necklace: Forever21- Similar: ASOS 
Belt: B- Low the belt - Hand cuff: Forever21 

It's show time! I woke up early in the morning to get my make-up and hair ready for the afternoon performance. As this was just dance studio party so I decided to go for less-drama makeup unlike one in big dance competition. Here is look of the day.

Staying at home whole day to edit my video and to work on my blog. This is always one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. 

Unfortunately, weekend is always too short for me to finish up what I need to do and that also means a new week always comes way too quickly. Time to get back to work.

Blue Hi-Low chiffon dress on blue Monday but the color of the dress got nothing to do with my mood. I'm happy-go-lucky girl all the time. When wearing such outfit, don't forget to wear safety pants or short shorts underneath because you will never know when the wind is going to play with you. 

Get this look
 Dress:  Forever21 
Shoes:  Jeffrey Campbell
Beaded bracelet: Forever21

Hi-Low again with leather leggings and leather booties. Here I looked like a rocker compares to the demure look above with same style outfit. 

Get this look:
Hi-low blouse: Forever21
Leather legging: BEBE
Boots: GUESS- Similar: Carvela
Necklace: Oasap-  Bracelet: ASOS - Belt: B-Low The Belt

At night, i went to have my nails done at Celine Nails Creations (currently my nails sponsor). Want to get your nails done? Call her at 9181 2799 and mention my name "CrystalPhuong" to get 10%OFF. 
 After nails, my PA Carmen asked me to go for hair cut because I was telling her I wanted to cut my bang a week ago. And I ended up at this salon she took me to.

After 15 minutes, this is the finished result. :D

Chilling day with faux fur and pencil skirt. Love this turquoise color! I even managed to buy a matching pair of pumps to go with it. Shopping power! :D
 Get this look
Blouse: H&M
Pencil skirt: By Malene Birger- Similar: BEBE
Pumps: Paris Hilton (similar)
Belt: Oasap - Earrings: Max & Chloe - Butterfly necklace: Crystal's Closet (coming soon)

Chiffon peplum blouse with electric blue jeans from GUESS and matching wedges from ZARA. Also, the matching colored belt at the waist area makes my legs look longer than they actually are, lolz. 
Get this look:
Top: Oasap (similar) 
Jeans: GUESS-  Similar: J Brand Denim
Wedges:  ZARA- Similar: Dolce Vita
Handbag: Michael Kors (similar)
I hung out with my best girl friends for dinner and we headed to Clarke Quay for shisha afterward. It wasn't planned but it turned out to be so fun. It was close to Halloween night and people were all in costumes ready to celebrate. That added some fun to our people-watching while shisha-ing session. 

Me and my girls: Alicia, Camile and me (from left).

 I actually don't know how to smoke and I'm not a smoker but I can blow out smoke like an experienced one, :p.

Not to mention, blow in style please! *hmmm, does it sound wrong here?*

Brunch time with my favorite people: Camile & Hong. Love them! They are always there when I need. 

No blogging, no shopping. Time to relax, release and de-stress with sunbathing by the pool and a good book. Unfortunately, I used the book to cover my face after that because the sun was too hot, lolz. Lame!

Two weeks were gone just like that and it's Monday again. Have you noticed the blog entry title itself? We have reached Episode 30 of Crystal's Closet and how coincidentally, I'm having a giveaway right now. Double- happiness! 

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Good luck, everyone!
See you in next blog entry




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Whenever we talk about "Luxury", men usually will think about having a nice house, nice car(s), nice watches first...while we- women often or immediately think about designer clothing, shoes, handbags. 

I used to not like branded stuffs because I couldn't understand why somebody would want to spend thousands of dollars on a pair of shoes, a handbag or a dress. "It's such a waste of money! It's just a bag to carry necessary things, any handbag could do that simple job". And I thought "Give me that damn few thousands dollars, I can buy a whole wardrobe of shoes or bags". See how ingenuous and funny I was?

Until when I had my very first Coach handbag and Swarovski watch on my 27th birthday bought by Mike, my perception about branded stuffs has changed. Now, I know why they are so expensive and it feels good to wear branded fashion, accessories even without everyone knowing about it. Worst part, I started getting addicted to designers stuffs. I blame Mike for getting me into this! :D *just kidding, honey*

Don't say I'm a materialistic girl! I don't disgrace cheap stuffs. I'm still wearing non-branded clothing, shoes which I bought from Bangkok, Hongkong, China like many other girls do. I buy what I like to wear not because of their price or brand. But of course, when comes to branded fashion, you get what you are paying for and they are hell worth your investment. 

Now, another question is "Branded handbags are so expensive! How could I afford it???". I'm pretty sure many young girls/ women are facing the same problem. 

Not to worry because what I'm about to share with you is going to make you worry-free 


Ok! Let's me first show you some stuffs here!

Caution: Don't forget to bring some tissues with you in case you are drooling all over your computer. 

Full range of Kate Spade New York! 

 LongChamp in all colors and sizes.

3 shelves full of Coach handbags in all styles and designs. 

Wallet, Coin purse, iPad casing, clutch. You name it, they have it! 

 So many of these beautiful purses are calling your name. Do you hear them?

After visiting handbag section, I stepped into another wonderland with full of Pink!

Yes, You are Right! Victoria's Secret beauty products in full range. 

 Gift set, perfumes, all is awaiting for the new owner. 

What color are you looking for? You can find it here. Feel free to smell them all.  

Love Spell Blush. I love this! It smells so sensual and intimate. Tell me which girl doesn't love VS's products. Last night I went to Victoria's Secret store in Marina Bay Sands and looked at the price of these items. One bottle they sell at S$21.50 there, I'm not gonna tell you how much is it here but  I can guarantee you the price is gonna please you. Read to the end to find out where can you get it. 

Coming up, they will also import full range of Victoria's Secret lingeries (my most favorite), VS make up and many more branded bags. I can't wait to share them with you. 

One last thing that caught my attention in their store is PERFUME! So many brands, sizes, styles available calling my name and I didn't know what to choose. 

There they are! Perfumes for men and women 

Up close
 and personal. 
Price range? It's wholesale price so it's definitely cheaper than price in Tang, Isetan, or even in Airport.

OK! I'm sure you must be so impatient by now to find out: WHERE IS THIS PLACE?

Introduce to you!

Warmth Holding Pte Ltd is a well-established company based in Singapore doing wholesales and supplying branded bags, accessories, perfumes. All products you saw above are individually imported from Europe and United States. As they are mainly doing wholesales, their prices for branded bags, accessories and perfumes are at incredible prices compare to ones at retailed shops.

Also, I'm so happy to announce that Warmth Holding Pte Ltd is my latest exclusive sponsor for my branded handbags, perfumes, etc...In our first month sponsorship, Warmth Holding Pte Ltd generously sponsored me this gorgeous Coach handbag coincidentally on my birthday. How awesome is that!

The bag is so versatile. I can wear it as handbag or sling bag. 

 Great for casual and traveling purpose. 

Best thing is I have been looking for a white handbag for sometimes too. Wishes do come true, keep praying! :D

I know this might be too much for you to take in :p and you must be in green eyes saying "Why does she get so lucky?" 

Don't envy me, my dear! Here is something for you!

As I love my blog readers so much, I've asked something for you too! This month, on occasion of my birthday, I'm giving away these 3 beautiful prizes to the 3 luckiest readers. Thank to Warmth Holding Pte Ltd for their generosity to sponsor me these: 

1. VS Dazzling Kiss Bodymist and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume

2. VS Luminous Touch Bodymist and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume

3. Tommy Hilfiger perfume (for men only)

So dont say I only take care of the girls. :D

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Hurry up!  

Before I end this blog entry, I'm gonna just reveal this hidden gem to you. If you want to visit their store, to look at these awesome handbags, accessories, and to feel them yourself: Warmth Holding Pte Ltd is located at:

26, Sin Ming Lane #08- 112, Mid View City, Singapore 573971
Phone number: 6684 6968.

There will be some amazing PROMOTIONS happening in December, so don't forget to like their Facebook to get updated. 

That's it! Happy shopping and hope you find your dream handbags there. But first and foremost, grab the awesome prizes here NOW! 




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Have you ever felt so embarrassed when people looked at your ugly and unpolished nails? 


Do you feel so proud every time people comment about how beautiful your nails are?

You tell me you don't care much about what other people say or think about you? Then why do you care to put on sunscreen, make up?

I used to careless about my nails because I used to think they are so tiny, thus they deserve less attention. And so, I spent more money on clothing, shoes, bags, makeup, accessories etc...except for nails. Sound familiar to you? OK! Keep reading...


I know right? Life is always good without BUT. But one day, I got so embarrassed when I was writing  a contract and my client kept looking at my untrimmed, unpolished and uneven nails. (Don't imagine, it's disgusting I know), I then decided that I need to do something about it. So my girlfriend, Carmen recommended me to her favorite nails salon called CELINE LO CREATIONS somewhere in December last year. 

Since then, I've been coming to the salon once every month without fail. In fact, it took me a while to decide whether I would want to go to nails salon as I love DIY (do it yourself) so most of the time, my nails were taken care by me. Besides, spending 2 hours in nails salon to me is so time wasting while I have tons of stuffs need to be done. 

Anyway, cut the long story short, I still went in the end, lolz. Ever since, never I've ever regretted. Why? 

Well, like I said let's the nails do the talking! Look at all the nails arts I've got them done at Celine Lo Creations.

1. Classic French manicure is my favorite design

2. Romantic white and purple 

3. Bling at your nail tips.

4. Something magical and mysterious!

5. Sparkling finger nails all the way. 

6. Contrast polka dots. 

7. Floral and a disco balls shining underneath. 

There are few more but I couldn't find the photos. So yeah, all the nails art designs that you are seeing here are beautifully created at Celine Lo Creations. The owner whose name is Celine is a young and talented girl (around my age if you know how old I am). She has huge passion in nail arts I must say and you can see it from the way she removes your nails cuticle to the way she draws the flowers, adds on the crystals onto the nails etc...Unlike other manicurists, they just try to finish as quickly as possible so that they can take in more new customers.

Besides, there is one thing I love about their service is that their price is so affordable if I don't want to say IT'S CHEAP! OMG. I went to few nails salons before and they even charged me every single crystal at 30 cents, 50 cents, nails extension at $60 - $80/ set. So if you calculate my nails at set 5 above, I don't know how much it would cost because there are too many crystals on it. But Celine's charge is not more than S$150. I'm not kidding! I've never paid her more than S$150 for a nail set before regardless how many crystals I put on it, plus full gel extension and many other things.

She got me so surprised and worried when I saw her keep putting crystals onto my nails without counting because I was so afraid I would be broke after stepping out of her salon. But when she told me how much it was, I was like "Huh? That's all?". That was my first experience at her salon, lolz....

So if you want to get your nails done, I would strongly recommend you to visit her salon. Wanna look at her other nails art designs? Visit her WEBSITE, or FACEBOOK.

Her shop is conveniently located at: 14 Scotts Road, #05-72, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213 but make sure you call her to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT first before coming down.
Call 9181 2799.

Best part? If you mention "CRYSTALPHUONG" you will be entitled for 10% OFF. (Applies to first time customers only). So don't forget to tell my name when making an appointment! ;)

And oh, if you happen to see me there, don't forget to say hi ;)

Hope enjoy this blog entry and find it useful. Stay pretty and happy always, It's always a MUST!


Crystal's Closet: Weekly Wardrobe (Ep28): Back from Bali and Off to Vietnam

This is to continue with the previous blog entry about my weekend spent in Bali. 

I had my last minute street shopping before heading to airport. I managed to buy some souvenirs for friends and bikinis for myself. The bikinis are so nice and cheap there-_-. On me, navy blue rompers with Dolce Vita shoes walking along Semiyak Street.

Get this look
Romper: Gabriella Rocha (similar)
Shoes:  Dolce Vita
Sunglasses:  Coach

Bali is such a beautiful place. I love the sun, the sea and the scenery there. I'll definitely make a trip back for more fun activities and more interesting places. 


Back to work! It's always hard to get things back on track when you 're just back from holiday and knowing that you are going away soon. But perhaps, I'm a seasoned traveller, hence it takes me just a little while to get myself motivated. Here I was, as usual with my big bag, iPad, files and ready for the meeting. With me from Bali, a scorpion tattoo that I got it done by the beach. 

Get this look

Royal peplum dress: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Christian Louboutin  
Watch: Swarovski


Can you get enough of sweetness from this cute barbie doll dress? I love the pink hearts printed all over the dress on top of the light turquoise background. It's romantic & charming outfit after all. 

Get this look:

Dress: Monica & Joe (similar)
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Belt: Nasty Gal 
Watch: Swarovski


Curve up for Thursday! I would never say No to a bodycon dress. Every girl needs to have at least 1 bodycon dress in their wardrobe. Why? We-women are born with curves, don't waste all the chances to show it. 

Get this look:
Bodycon dress: Forever21
Necklace: Forever21 -Bracelet: Fantasy Jewelry Box - Ring:  Z Designs (similar)


Color-blocking blazer from my sponsor Sheinside  paired up with a vintage shorts and matching color wedges. This semi-formal outfit is a trend currently and I find it very youthful and interesting.  If you have long legs, you should definitely rock this outfit. 
Ok, I must admit my legs are not long but I still love wearing short shorts because they are showing my good shaped legs. Thank to my 10 years dancing exercise! So ladies! You'd better do something ;)

Get this look:
Blazer: Sheinside  - 
They have lot of great outfits on their website and offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING so be sure to check them out. Also, check out their Facebook, Twitter for promotion updates. 
Shorts: Oasap 
Wedges: Heels
Bangles: Max & Chloe

Maxi dress, denim jacket with sock bun hairstyle heading to airport again in the early morning to fly to Vietnam. You must be wondering why I was dressing up like I went for a party instead of flying? Oh well, I should have done so but once I got out from the airport, I would have to go to the reunion party right away. So I didn't have time to change, not even had time to touch-up. 

Last photo with my favorite luggage and that was also my last time touching it. It was gone missing somewhere, didn't fly with me to Vietnam. Thank to you, Tigers Airways! 

Get this look! 
Maxi dress: Gabriel Rocha (similar)
Denim Jacket: Forever21
Beaded bracelet: Max & Chloe

You want to know how did my luggage get lost? Oh well, I'll blog more about it in the next blog post. Will come back very soon, I promise! I get a lot more exciting things to share with you, don't go anywhere. If you want me to keep you posted everytime I blog, all you need to do is to click on these buttons below:

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