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Whenever we talk about "Luxury", men usually will think about having a nice house, nice car(s), nice watches first...while we- women often or immediately think about designer clothing, shoes, handbags. 

I used to not like branded stuffs because I couldn't understand why somebody would want to spend thousands of dollars on a pair of shoes, a handbag or a dress. "It's such a waste of money! It's just a bag to carry necessary things, any handbag could do that simple job". And I thought "Give me that damn few thousands dollars, I can buy a whole wardrobe of shoes or bags". See how ingenuous and funny I was?

Until when I had my very first Coach handbag and Swarovski watch on my 27th birthday bought by Mike, my perception about branded stuffs has changed. Now, I know why they are so expensive and it feels good to wear branded fashion, accessories even without everyone knowing about it. Worst part, I started getting addicted to designers stuffs. I blame Mike for getting me into this! :D *just kidding, honey*

Don't say I'm a materialistic girl! I don't disgrace cheap stuffs. I'm still wearing non-branded clothing, shoes which I bought from Bangkok, Hongkong, China like many other girls do. I buy what I like to wear not because of their price or brand. But of course, when comes to branded fashion, you get what you are paying for and they are hell worth your investment. 

Now, another question is "Branded handbags are so expensive! How could I afford it???". I'm pretty sure many young girls/ women are facing the same problem. 

Not to worry because what I'm about to share with you is going to make you worry-free 


Ok! Let's me first show you some stuffs here!

Caution: Don't forget to bring some tissues with you in case you are drooling all over your computer. 

Full range of Kate Spade New York! 

 LongChamp in all colors and sizes.

3 shelves full of Coach handbags in all styles and designs. 

Wallet, Coin purse, iPad casing, clutch. You name it, they have it! 

 So many of these beautiful purses are calling your name. Do you hear them?

After visiting handbag section, I stepped into another wonderland with full of Pink!

Yes, You are Right! Victoria's Secret beauty products in full range. 

 Gift set, perfumes, all is awaiting for the new owner. 

What color are you looking for? You can find it here. Feel free to smell them all.  

Love Spell Blush. I love this! It smells so sensual and intimate. Tell me which girl doesn't love VS's products. Last night I went to Victoria's Secret store in Marina Bay Sands and looked at the price of these items. One bottle they sell at S$21.50 there, I'm not gonna tell you how much is it here but  I can guarantee you the price is gonna please you. Read to the end to find out where can you get it. 

Coming up, they will also import full range of Victoria's Secret lingeries (my most favorite), VS make up and many more branded bags. I can't wait to share them with you. 

One last thing that caught my attention in their store is PERFUME! So many brands, sizes, styles available calling my name and I didn't know what to choose. 

There they are! Perfumes for men and women 

Up close
 and personal. 
Price range? It's wholesale price so it's definitely cheaper than price in Tang, Isetan, or even in Airport.

OK! I'm sure you must be so impatient by now to find out: WHERE IS THIS PLACE?

Introduce to you!

Warmth Holding Pte Ltd is a well-established company based in Singapore doing wholesales and supplying branded bags, accessories, perfumes. All products you saw above are individually imported from Europe and United States. As they are mainly doing wholesales, their prices for branded bags, accessories and perfumes are at incredible prices compare to ones at retailed shops.

Also, I'm so happy to announce that Warmth Holding Pte Ltd is my latest exclusive sponsor for my branded handbags, perfumes, etc...In our first month sponsorship, Warmth Holding Pte Ltd generously sponsored me this gorgeous Coach handbag coincidentally on my birthday. How awesome is that!

The bag is so versatile. I can wear it as handbag or sling bag. 

 Great for casual and traveling purpose. 

Best thing is I have been looking for a white handbag for sometimes too. Wishes do come true, keep praying! :D

I know this might be too much for you to take in :p and you must be in green eyes saying "Why does she get so lucky?" 

Don't envy me, my dear! Here is something for you!

As I love my blog readers so much, I've asked something for you too! This month, on occasion of my birthday, I'm giving away these 3 beautiful prizes to the 3 luckiest readers. Thank to Warmth Holding Pte Ltd for their generosity to sponsor me these: 

1. VS Dazzling Kiss Bodymist and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume

2. VS Luminous Touch Bodymist and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume

3. Tommy Hilfiger perfume (for men only)

So dont say I only take care of the girls. :D

Excited yet? Because this is one of the luxurious giveaways I've done. 
Here are some simple rules to win them:

1. Click LIKE on the 2 pages below:
2. Use your Facebook account to leave me a comment below and tell me what set (1, 2 or 3) would you like to win. If you are a girl, you can invite your girlfriend to join the giveaway too ;). 

3. To increase your chance of winning,  share this blog entry on your Facebook wall and invite your friend to Like "Warmth Holding Pte Ltd" Facebook. 

Giveaway is open to Singapore residents only! Winners will be selected randomly and result will be announced on 1st December 2012. 

Hurry up!  

Before I end this blog entry, I'm gonna just reveal this hidden gem to you. If you want to visit their store, to look at these awesome handbags, accessories, and to feel them yourself: Warmth Holding Pte Ltd is located at:

26, Sin Ming Lane #08- 112, Mid View City, Singapore 573971
Phone number: 6684 6968.

There will be some amazing PROMOTIONS happening in December, so don't forget to like their Facebook to get updated. 

That's it! Happy shopping and hope you find your dream handbags there. But first and foremost, grab the awesome prizes here NOW! 

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  1. Hi Crystal, Can I change my submission to VS Diamond mist instead?