Last Thursday 23rd May 2013, I was invited to attend an event and to witness an Italian fashion accessories house FURLA celebrated the opening of its world traveling pop-up showcase, Candybrissima at Paragon mall atrium in Singapore.  

Arriving at the event. 

Sherlene accompanied that night. She is also the person behind many beautiful outfit photos of mine that you saw on my blog. Say Hi to her! :) 

Another beautiful shot taken by the photographer at the event. 

The opening party was graced by the Ambassador of Italy to Singapore, H.E Paolo Crudele and his wife, Mdm Sara Crudele Fernandez, together with Mr. Alessandro Bartoli, CEO of FURLA Asia Pacific. After travelling various cities including Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, the much anticipated fashion-meets-art opening night was a summit of more than 200 guests including notable faces from the local fashion and arts scene; they include, New York based Singaporean actress Elizabeth Lazan, local film-maker, Royston Tan and award-winning Singaporean illustrator artist Tan Zi Xi.

The event was hosted by the beautiful Stephanie Carrington whom I really love talking to even though I only met her twice. She is a drop-dead gorgeous and super friendly person. 

The fun celebration event highlighted friends of FURLA making of their very own art version of the candy bags at the creative laboratory. MTV VJ, Hanli Hoefer, model and journalist, Stephanie Chai, project director for Blueprint 2013, Tracy Philips, local designer and artist Grace Tan celebrated the opening and kicked started with a showcase performance/creation. 
The guest performers created unique art designs of the Candy bag from deconstructed parts of a typical FURLA candy bag, using a variety of materials like yarn, chain, studs, cord, ribbons and more.

Celebrating the Candy Bag, FURLA’s worldwide best-seller, the Candybrissima World Tour is a worldwide travelling art installation and performance concept that showcases a pop-up creative laboratory featuring art students dressed in white lab coats, in a continuous assembly of one-of a kind of art designs of the Candy bag. Combining art and fashion in a live performance style, it is here in Singapore from May 24 to 25, giving local fashion, art and design enthusiasts a chance to go all out and put together their own version of the FURLA Candy bag. Singapore will be the last stop and closing performance for this unique show. 

In conjunction with Candybrissima’s show tour, FURLA also launched two special edition Candy Bags — Candy Sunset, which is the ombre-designed range that comes in four different assortment of colours and constructed in a clear, rubber body, and the Candy Cookie, which is the downsized and reinterpreted adaptation of the original Candy bag, available in a timeless charcoal hue and five different charming sugary shades. You can find Candy Sunset and Candy Cookie available at all FURLA boutiques.

Myself with Stephanie Carrington. 

And myself with the cutest mini Candy bag. 

Cropped top: Self-made Similar here or here
Pencil skirt: ASOS
Pumps: Michael Kors
Accessories: Forever21 necklace - Swarvoski earrings (old) - Swarvoski watch

Thank you Access Communications for the invitation and the lovely photos :). I can't wait to attend more event of yours in future. 

Thank you everyone for reading and I'll talk to you again tomorrow (i hope). 




This blog entry is proudly sponsored by my all- time- favorite fashion brand: SWAROVSKI from Austria. I guess I don't even need to introduce to you who they are and what they do as they have been around for more than 100 years and are already so popular with many branches in over 120 countries in the world. If you wish to know more about the brand, please visit their website for more.

Right now, I just want to share with you my personal journey, love and experience with Swarovski. 

I've been a huge fan of Swarovski for more than a decade since I started learning to make my first Latin dance costumes. I loved putting up all the Swarvoski crystals (1440 pieces) one by one onto my dance costume and looking at the finished product for hours before I went to bed. Now, I still have a thousand pieces of Swarovski crystals in many different sizes and shapes in my closet waiting to be decorated onto my dresses, shoes, accessories, gadget, etc.... I can't explain why I love these sparkling pieces so much, I just do! 

With my unconditional Love for Swarvoski, I didn't have to think so much when I received a Collaboration request from Swarovski team. Indeed, I was thrilled with joy! For one second, I thought I was dreaming that my favorite brand somehow FOUND me, but then I realized: "No! I'm not dreaming. I'm actually living my dream". I used to dream of one day I would have a chance to work with famous fashion brands, to collaborate with them on my blog. Now, I'm sitting here writing for Swarovski after finishing a collaboration project with Dorothy Perkins a month ago. :D

On behalf of Swarovski, please allow me to share with you the SWAROVSKI ELEMENT'S New Advertising Campaign for 2013 photographed by Nick Knight. 

Captured by top British photographer Nick Knight and visionary US-born creative director Ronnie Cooke Newhouse from House & Holme, Swarovski has launched a powerful new advertising campaign for 2013.

Targeting the modern woman- strong and sensual, feminine and elegant- the 2013 advertising campaign stars stunning supermodel Candice Swanepoel as ultra-sleek action woman accessorized with crystal-encrusted sports accessories specially made for the photo-shoot. These arresting portraits are juxtaposed with dreamy still-life images of fresh garden roses in pastel hues, crystalline dewdrop tumbling from petals.

For  Nick Knight, it was the perfection of crystals and roses that drew him to the campaign concept: "once created by man and the other created by nature, but both the ultimate in luxury.". For Ronnie Cooke Newhouse, the link was to do with light: "I saw a common thread between the natural beauty of flowers, which need light in order to grow and be seen, and the finely crafted beauty of crystals that come alive in the light".

The fantasy props- motorbike helmet, dumbbell, and ski goggles- all reflect SWAROVSKI ELEMENT'S versatility and innovativeness across a wide range of creative industries, including fashion, jewelry, and accessories, and interior, lighting and architecture. To emphasize its premium nature, selected global brands and designers are permitted to use the distinctive trapezoid- shaped "Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENT'S" lable. This serves as a certificate of authenticity, indicating the products that are made using genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENT'S

This sparkling new advertising campaign went global in March 2013.

Don't these beautiful photos just make you feel like buying Swarovski products immediately? :D 
I even have a behind the scene video of how did they take these gorgeous photos, please watch! 

As mentioned above, the new Swarovski campaign is targeting the modern woman- strong and sensual, feminine and elegant, I had to make sure that my new outfit (including the Swarovski gift given to me) should be strongly tied in with the brand campaign. 

Here was what I came up with last week:

Polka dot shirt, Skinny Jeans & Metal Swarovski cuff bracelet.

Initially I thought of wearing a sexy fitting dress but I changed my mind after all. The sexiness and sensuality of the dress didn't seem to go well with the strong & structured cuff  bracelet, I changed to a pair of jeans instead.

A pair of skinny jeans can go a long way especially when you pair them up with high heels. 

A strong yet feminine woman, sensual yet elegant could be found in this look

Notice my watch, iPhone case, Stilettos heels and cuff bracelet? They are all either from Swarovski or have Swarovski factor on them. Simple because, I'm a Swarovski Girl! :)

Polka dot shirt: G2000- Similar here
Jeans: ZARA- Similar here
Cuff bracelet: Swarovski
Watch: Swarovski
iPhone case: Swarovski. (customized

Before ending this blog entry, I would like to say thank you to Swarovski for giving me an opportunity to collaborate with you, thank you to Allison Bethurem- founder of Matryoshka Media Group for helping me with all the works: getting my accessories, logistic etc...

To all, thank you for reading and supporting my blog, I'll reveal the most exciting and biggest news of the year in the next blog entry so please do come back. :D 

P/s: Photos and information are provided by Swarovski International PR




Last Wednesday, I was invited by Levi's and OmySG to attend the most happening and exciting party to celebrate the 140th birthday of Levi's iconic & original 501 Jeans. Hosted by 987fm DJs: The Double Ds, Muttons, The Rude Awakening (Bobby & Rozz) and Sonia Chew, the event attracted many people including media guests, business party and Levi's fans. 

Arrived at 7.30pm, I had plenty of time for photos taking while waiting for the event to start. 

987fm DJs- The Double Ds kicked start the party with the funniest game that made everyone burst out laughing

An intense dance performance was followed after. 

The most exciting part of the party was a fashion show representing very well the Levi's Interpretation Campaign and introducing a non-denim Levi's 501 collection for the first time. Breaking with traddition, yet maintaining the product's true essence and timeless spirit, the three-piece non-denim jeans (in true chino, chalk blue and mineral red) were worn by the models that night. 

While shopping at Somerset last week, I came to Levi's store and had my first touch on Levi's 501 jeans and non-denim pants. I realized the new generation of Levi's 501 jeans give the wearer a slightly tighter silhouette (girls will love this, I assume). Nevertheless, even with tighter silhouette, they give us more comfort around the waist, slightly larger pockets to store our smart phone and have a shallower yoke for a cleaner aesthetic. I can't wait to show you what did I buy from Levi's store in my next blog entry

All dancers worn Levi's jeans to perform and they didn't seem to have any problem in doing their stretching, splitting or breaking moves. That shows how comfortable the jeans are! 

After dance performances and fashion show, 987Fm Djs- Muttons took the stage to start a new game with special appearance of 2 local celebrities: Ya Hui & Ian Fang. 

Ya Hui & Ian Fang were also celebrity guests of another Levi's 501 Interpretation event last month which I already blogged about it here.

Another pair of 987fm DJs, Bobby & Rozz came up on stage with the last game for the night. 

Everybody enjoyed themselves with free flow drinks, fun games, amazing dance performances and fashion show.

Thank you so much Levi's for the fantastic birthday party! 
Before I end this blog entry, let me take you back to the year when the first Levi's jeans were born  through this video 

Happy 140th Anniversary, Levi's 501 and many more anniversaries to come! 
For more information about Levi's, check out their websites here:
Levi's website: http://levi.com.sg
Levi's 501 Interpretation website: http://levis501.com.sg
And don't forget to get in touch with Levi's through Facebook


color block,


Hi everyone,

To continue with the Summer outfit series that I have shared in the earlier blog entries,  I have here another interesting style tip for you to play with colors, textures in this Summer.

Knowing that Summer is all about bright and vibrant colors, we should not hesitate to try on many different outfit patterns and colors at all. With that said, I find it's perfectly acceptable if suddenly one day, someone who never wears colorful outfit before decides to wear color-block. To me, the most exciting thing to do is the opportunity (or challenge) to play with different colors I have in my wardrobe, to create something different from the same old things.

Last week, I decided to bring back color-block as I haven't been wearing this for sometimes.  The feeling is like missing an old friend.  Well, sort of. 

Nevertheless, as usual, it took me 15-20 minutes to find out what to wear.    

When I was about to give up the idea of color-blocking, I saw the blue skirt hiding at the bottom of the wardrobe. It saved my day! :D  

After finding my principal piece, I then slowly looked for what color to go with the blue, what accessories, shoes I should wear etc... The following steps were just pieces of cake. 

Balance rule applied, I accessorized with blue belt and yellow & gold bracelets. Alternative option could be yellow belt & blue accessories. 

Falling leaves added more vintagey feel to the picture. It reminded me of a beautiful song "Autumn Leaves" sang by Eva Cassidy. I loved the song so much that I even had a video of myself dancing to it few years back. I looked so "raw", lolz.

Blue skirt: BEBE- Similar here and here
Tank top: ZARA- Similar here
Blouse: ZARA - Similar here and here
Shoes: ZARA (old)- Similar here and here

If you ask me where did I get the inspiration from for each outfit pairing? I would say it all comes from nature: the yellow leaves, the blue sky, the green trees...THIS is my best resource whenever I run out of the idea. I guess, sometimes we just need to slow down our pace or even to stop for a while and observe what is around us, there are so many beautiful things we should be able to see and appreciate. That explains why I love having my Sunday morning at Starbucks by myself, doing nothing except people watching and relaxing. Life is good! 




Hi everyone,

Summer- my most favorite season of the year is finally here! I remember when I was in Vietnam, the only season I was looking forward to was Summer so that I could wear shorts, dresses and go to beach, enjoy the sun and the sea. In Singapore, we have Summer all year round but it's still excited to think about the whole world is enjoying the sun, beaches, vacation  and of course...the heat. 

In fashion, Summer is also one of the most exciting seasons that gives lot of inspiration and creativity to brands, designers to come up with brilliant collections. For us as bloggers, stylists, we have chance to rock many bright, colorful and lively outfits, to go crazy with many different styles, shapes and designs on our outfit pairing. Not forget to mention this is the only season for us to flaunt our hot body in the sexilious bikini. YES! This is why I love Summer very much.

Last week, I went shopping in ZARA to check out their Spring/ Summer collection and I was so attracted to their bright- bold corner. I brought one of the items home: Fuchsia pants. It's a unique and statement piece credited to the vibrant color and is not often worn by many people .  So how and what to wear with fuchsia pants? I have some style tips and suggestions for you here:

Check out the simple pairing wore last week. 

Basic colors like black, white or beige are the best matches with fuchsia if you want to go for more subtle and simple look. 

Highlighted my outfit with same color accessories (necklace, bracelet, belt). Again! You just want the pants to get full attention, not anything else. 

Pants: ZARA- Similar herehere and here
Shirt: Dolce Gabbana (old)
Handbag: Forever New (old)
Shoes: ALDO - Similar here and here
Necklace: Strings of Glamour (old)- Bracelet: Max & Chloe
Accessories: ASOS Sunglasses 

First time trying on fuchsia pants for work and I already fell in love with them. I was reluctant to wear them to office at first as I was afraid the color was too bright, but they turned out to be perfectly fine :D. I'll come back with more pairings for this fun and bold piece. 

What do you think about this look? Would you wear it at all? Please share with me in the comment section. 
I have many great news to share with you guys but my mouth is sealed until 27th May :D. I'm so excited! :D

Thank you very much for reading guys! 
Talk to you in the next outfit post soon!