May 11, 2013 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Hi everyone,

Are you all excited to know who are the 2 lucky winners of Moment Watches? I am very excited as this is the first time there will be 2 winners chosen in a single giveaway.

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for joining the giveaway, supporting my blog, sharing the giveaway with your friends on facebook. I really appreciate that! Second of all, thank you Moment Watches for the generous sponsorship :)

And now, let's come to the result announcement, shall we?

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2 luckiest winners of Crystal Phuong- Moment Watches giveaway are *drumroll*: Lo Celine & Tin Rodriguez. 


Please drop me a message on my Facebook page or drop me an email to claim your prize. After 3 days from the result announcement date, if there is no email confirmation from the winner, the replacement will be selected so make sure you email me/ facebook me within these 3 days. 

To the rest, thank you so much once again for participating and PLEASE DO NOT BE UPSET if you are not the lucky winner this time. I wish I could just pick everyone of you :(. Nevertheless, I still have another SKINCARE giveaway ongoing for you guys to join, please do enter HERE

Also, please let me know what type of giveaway would you like me to host? Fashion, Beauty, or can be anything. Just drop me in the comment section and let me know, I'll try my best to look for more awesome giveaway sponsors for you guys :D

Have a great weekend everyone!

***This giveaway is conducted via third party RandomPicker and result is strictly random.