December 17, 2013 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

When Fuchsia color meets Purple, it will result the beautiful outfit that you are seeing on this blog entry. There is something else I love about this outfit. It's a hidden story behind an ordinary color-combination. While Fuchsia is like a girl at the age of 20 with lot of  energy, passion, confidence and love, Purple represents a woman with maturity, sensitivity, understanding and compassion. Be it a "fuchsia" girl or a "purple" woman, these two are always passionate, romantic, sensual and loving, a type of girl who always knows what she wants and how to get it. I would like to think of myself as a combination of both. I've just celebrated my 29th birthday not long ago. At the age of 29, I still have lot of energy, enthusiasm, passion and confidence in everything I do but no longer act spontaneously and emotionally like a 20 years old girl toward certain things. I have learned to be more understanding, more mature and to think carefully before I speak. I'm now more romantically "purple" than playfully and sensually "fuchsia" (if this even makes any sense at all) especially when it comes to relationship, I don't look for a perfection, I look at the imperfection perfectly instead and appreciate whatever I have. 

As being afraid of "too much of anything is bad", I tried to balance the Furple (Fuchsia + Purple) outfit with the white knitted sweater.  White is the color of purity, encouragement, protection and wholeness. It helps to cleanse, purify our thoughts, emotions, spirit and puts us back to where is called "Positive thinking" again. That explains why I love this color so much and subconsciously, I keep coming back to my white outfits whenever I feel the need to clear my clutter and obstacles away.

Designer Rachael Zoe once said: "Style is a way telling to the world who you are without having to speak". I don't know if this outfit is good enough to tell you who I truly am. I hope it did. 

Thank you so much for reading. Now, get this look here:
Purple blouse: Forever21 (old)- Also love this one
Skirt: Oasap - Also love this one
Sweater: ZARA - Also love this one and this one
Shoes: Schutz - Also love this one
Sunglasses: Rayban
Watch: Swarovski