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May 17, 2014 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

It was a fun, flirty and sparkling party at Audi Fashion Festival 2014 last night with the Fall- Winter collection of a Singaporean-born fashion designer, Dato' Farah Khan. Themed Rock & Roll, Farah Khan's first showcase in Singapore, her homeland, was a tribute to the late British fashion editor Beatrix Miller. 

Inspired by the swinging 1960s in London, the Khan's collection showcased a heavy mix of colors and the Southeast Asian intricate beadwork, added a little bit of glamour to women's everyday wardrobe. 

The fashion show started with a group of models decked out in short skirts, hot pants, sunglasses, and fun sweatshirts with the glaring headlines printed on it "Asia Rocks", "Save The Future", and "Reach For The Stars". Then, things got really swinging with more sequin, beads on the runway. 

Farah Khan continued giving the audience surprise after surprise. If the boy-meets-girl sweatshirt look was an appetizer, the amazing collection of sequined tops, A-line tunics, bohemian beaded dress, and fur collars on shiny materials would be a delicious main course. Farah Khan must be a great chef who knows her recipe well, or a magician who knows how to play tricks with all different types of patterns, materials or both.  

Below are the looks that made me drool last night. 

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Photo credit to Audi Fashion Festival