In my own thoughts, no beach vacation would be complete without spending some quality time alone at the beach to do what I love. Whether taking a lot of #selfie while suntanning, swimming in the sea, or even just taking a long walk by the beach, such simple things like that would make my day.  This time, I was lucky enough (and felt so grateful) to have Ken with me to help capture all the dreamy moments I had with Ao Nang beach before sunset. I was even luckier to have the golden sunshine and crystal clear water beach create a perfect farewell gift for me to take home: a sparkly and magical postcard of Krabi with me in it. 

In return, I showed Ao Nang my most favorite floral maxi dress that I bought from Light in the box a long time ago, yet didn't wear as I wanted to reserve it for a special occasion. That occasion was when I spent my last few hours before leaving for the airport to have a "monologue conversation" with Krabi at the most beautiful time of the day. While looking at the golden beach, listening to the soothing sounds of waves crashing against the shore made me feel like dancing along to the most melodious song of the sea. 

Krabi, you stole my heart!

Thank you so much for reading!
Light in the box floral maxi dress
Michael Kors aviator sunglasses- Also love these designs from Shopbop
Valentino Studded Bag
Lionette by Noa Sade necklace via Shoptiques
Lovisa jewelry- Also love these ones from Max & Chloe.




I've passed the age to go for prom night long time ago (*sad face), and in fact I have never attended one, simply because there was no such activity called "Prom" during my high school in Vietnam. We had a tea party or farewell dinner, and that's about all. No beautiful gown, no tuxedo, no makeup or any princess moments.

Thanks to Teen Vogue for the "Prom Night" photo challenge invitation, I had the opportunity to experience and learn about the whole Prom-get-ready process. It was fun, exciting and pretty overwhelming. As a stage performer at a very young age, I used to get dressed up formally all the time for some big events, shows and competitions, and yet I had no clue of what to wear when it came to prom. There were so many questions in my head: "What type of dress is Prom appropriate?", "What color would look good on me?", "What shoes should I wear?", "What type of accessories?" etc... At last, I settled for the royal blue gown that I bought a long time ago, but didn't have any chance to put it on. 

I was waiting for the right moment to wear it.

Who would ever think that the right moment was when I and Sneak Peektures did this photo shoot for Teen Vogue? 

I'm pretty sure that many of you will face the same problems like I did. But fret not? I have some really good tips for you: 

1. Spend time looking for a perfect dress. 
A perfect dress (to me) is when it fits you like a glove, makes you feel confident and beautiful. Doesn't matter if it's a ball gown, A-line, mermaid, or high-low dress, as long as it fits you perfectly, compliments your body shape, and instantly gives you extra confidence the moment you put it on. Take it! Prom is one of the most quintessential high school experiences that stays with you for a lifetime. You want to look your best, so don't settle anything for less. 

2. Dress length. 
Floor length gowns always make you feel like an A-list Hollywood star, but if you love dancing on that night, you won't want anyone to step on your dress, so ankle-length dress would be my recommendation. 

3. Shoes. 
You can wear flats all 364 days, but for just one prom night, please invest in a nice and comfortable pair of heels. Remember to wear a pair of ball-of-foot cushion to eliminate tenderness and burning sensation on your feet while dancing your night away.  

4. Beauty. 
Get your pedicure and manicure done. Try not to put on too heavy make-up as you want to look as naturally beautiful as possible. Whiten your smile and take care of your breath, it's such a small little detail, but can ruin the whole evening :(. Lastly, wear your favorite perfume and lipstick and you are ready to go. 

5. Feel. 
The last thing (and most important thing) you need to worry about is how you feel. I might sound redundant here, but trust me, how you feel about yourself will determine how your prom night will turn out. So be confident, be happy, and be yourself! Enjoy the night, smile a lot, it's your time to celebrate. Dance like nobody is watching, but dress like everybody is admiring you. 

If you still have no any idea of what to wear to prom, I have some stunning dresses below that I personally picked just for you. I hope you like it!

Thank you so much for reading, and thank you Teen Vogue for the opportunity for me to experience something new. 

Lovisa necklace and bracelet- Also love this one and this one
Cesare Paciotti sandals.
Swarovski watch
Swarovski earrings- Thanks to Glitz and Love.
YSL lipstick- Smashbox eyeshadow- YSL Touche Eclat foundation & YSL Shuffle D'Eclat Finish Veil

Photography by: Sneak Peetures
Edited by: Crystal Phuong. 




There is always something for everyone in Krabi, whether you are an active or laid-back person. I just have to agree completely with whoever said that.

After spending half of my day walking around Ao Nang, taking a closer look at every detail (I talked about this in the first blog post "Krabi Kalling"), I realised that the more things I explored, the more I would fall in love with this place. Having the right mindset made it easier for us to decide what we wanted to do for the rest of the day. We bumped into a small tour agency in Ao Nang and quickly booked our itinerary after listening the salesman's recommendation. Thirty minutes later, a private car was arranged, and ready to bring us to all the places that we wanted to go to.

The famous Krabi Tiger Cave- Wat Tham Sua, located just about three km away from Krabi town, was our first stop. Many people wanted to visit this place, but then gave up after knowing that 1,237 steps up to the mountain awaited them ahead. I and Ken both love challenges and exercise, so we thought: "What would be a better way to work out during our holiday?". Besides, not every day I could get rewarded with beautiful scenery like this while exercising. 

200 steps were easy, 600 steps got more challenging, 800 steps were a live-or-die kind of situation. The higher we climbed, the steeper it got. I needed a voice inside my head to constantly encourage me "C'mon! No pain, no gain. You are almost there". 

At the 1000th step, I felt like I could walk no more, but the curious thought about "What's there at the top?" kept pushing me forward. If I gave up half way, I would have never had a chance to enjoy this spectacular view. All the sweat, pain and thirst were compensated with this stunning panoramic view of the amazing Andaman Sea and the dramatic limestone cliff formations during the sunset. This was the most satisfying thing I did on this trip. 

Leaving the Tiger Cave, our driver took us to Krabi Night Market as I wanted to buy some souvenirs for friends and family. It turned out to be a food night market instead with hundreds of food stalls along the roadside, selling all authentic local dishes such as barbecued seafood, meat, Thai mango sticky rice, fruits and many more. The market looks chaotic from the outside, but once you dive into that frantic, noisy and smoky crowd, it's actually quite fun and satisfying. 

It was raining shortly after we visited the night market. Instead of eating out, we headed back to our hotel and pampered ourselves with some wine, nice Italian food, in the most romantic place that we've never thought we would be. 

Having to get up at 6am the next day, on a holiday trip was a challenge for me, but it was totally worth it because for the first time in my life, I did Kayaking. I was excited like a kid, and of course nervous too because I didn't know how hard it could it. 
Surprisingly, It wasn't difficult as what I imagined.  Kayaking like this? 

I could do it every day :D 

Even though, it was ridiculously hot and humid, but this view made it all worth it. Sitting on a craft, floating along the river that was calm and quiet like a painting, while looking at the canyons and caves made me feel like life is too short to be wasted with so much stress and worry. 

There were many other things I wanted to do, but time didn't permit, I had to say good bye to Krabi after 3 wonderful days. The last thing I wanted to do before leaving this paradise was to spend my time by the beach, soaking up the sun, listening to the sound of the ocean and feeling so appreciated with every moment I had. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to bring all these wonders home, I tried to capture them as much as I could, and kept them safely in the "Happiness" folder in my mind and my heart.  

If you asked me again, whether I could re-visit Krabi, I knew the answer would always be:  "Absolutely yes".
In fact, I already feel like going back there again, right now. 
Thank you so much for reading, and thank you so much for following me on this travel diary. 
Till next time.