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I've passed the age to go for prom night long time ago (*sad face), and in fact I have never attended one, simply because there was no such activity called "Prom" during my high school in Vietnam. We had a tea party or farewell dinner, and that's about all. No beautiful gown, no tuxedo, no makeup or any princess moments.

Thanks to Teen Vogue for the "Prom Night" photo challenge invitation, I had the opportunity to experience and learn about the whole Prom-get-ready process. It was fun, exciting and pretty overwhelming. As a stage performer at a very young age, I used to get dressed up formally all the time for some big events, shows and competitions, and yet I had no clue of what to wear when it came to prom. There were so many questions in my head: "What type of dress is Prom appropriate?", "What color would look good on me?", "What shoes should I wear?", "What type of accessories?" etc... At last, I settled for the royal blue gown that I bought a long time ago, but didn't have any chance to put it on. 

I was waiting for the right moment to wear it.

Who would ever think that the right moment was when I and Sneak Peektures did this photo shoot for Teen Vogue? 

I'm pretty sure that many of you will face the same problems like I did. But fret not? I have some really good tips for you: 

1. Spend time looking for a perfect dress. 
A perfect dress (to me) is when it fits you like a glove, makes you feel confident and beautiful. Doesn't matter if it's a ball gown, A-line, mermaid, or high-low dress, as long as it fits you perfectly, compliments your body shape, and instantly gives you extra confidence the moment you put it on. Take it! Prom is one of the most quintessential high school experiences that stays with you for a lifetime. You want to look your best, so don't settle anything for less. 

2. Dress length. 
Floor length gowns always make you feel like an A-list Hollywood star, but if you love dancing on that night, you won't want anyone to step on your dress, so ankle-length dress would be my recommendation. 

3. Shoes. 
You can wear flats all 364 days, but for just one prom night, please invest in a nice and comfortable pair of heels. Remember to wear a pair of ball-of-foot cushion to eliminate tenderness and burning sensation on your feet while dancing your night away.  

4. Beauty. 
Get your pedicure and manicure done. Try not to put on too heavy make-up as you want to look as naturally beautiful as possible. Whiten your smile and take care of your breath, it's such a small little detail, but can ruin the whole evening :(. Lastly, wear your favorite perfume and lipstick and you are ready to go. 

5. Feel. 
The last thing (and most important thing) you need to worry about is how you feel. I might sound redundant here, but trust me, how you feel about yourself will determine how your prom night will turn out. So be confident, be happy, and be yourself! Enjoy the night, smile a lot, it's your time to celebrate. Dance like nobody is watching, but dress like everybody is admiring you. 

If you still have no any idea of what to wear to prom, I have some stunning dresses below that I personally picked just for you. I hope you like it!

Thank you so much for reading, and thank you Teen Vogue for the opportunity for me to experience something new. 

Lovisa necklace and bracelet- Also love this one and this one
Cesare Paciotti sandals.
Swarovski watch
Swarovski earrings- Thanks to Glitz and Love.
YSL lipstick- Smashbox eyeshadow- YSL Touche Eclat foundation & YSL Shuffle D'Eclat Finish Veil

Photography by: Sneak Peetures
Edited by: Crystal Phuong.