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I always believe that buying a right pair of shoes is like finding a perfect life partner. You only know if he is Mr. Right after going through so many hardships together, he still makes you feel warm and happy. Just like Mr. Right, the perfect pair of shoes doesn't need you to squeeze your feet into, they'll fit just right. They won't hurt you even if you are walking miles or climbing up and down with them. They’ll support you no matter what. Believe it or not, despite owning 200 pairs of shoes, I have never "met" anyone that I could call "a life partner" until I met Dr. Kong shoes.

Unlike the glossy stilettos, pointy pumps, and strappy gladiators that I've owned, Dr. Kong's shoes won't catch your attention from the first look. But trust me, the moment you try it on, your feet will be thrilled with joy. Specially designed with "Toe Crest", "Arch Support", "Metatarsal Pad", "Heel Cradle Design", and "Soft Padding Design", the shoes are made to avoid pressure being overly concentrated at forefeet and heel. These can greatly relieve problems such as foot fatigue, forefeet pains, and heel pains. Everyone (especially women) will have these problems, and unfortunately we don't know and often neglect them. One thing that makes Dr. Kong's shoes unique is that they mainly focus on health and comfort for us. That’s their top priority. At the same time, I also appreciate they have come up with many different styles and designs to cater to our needs. Whether you are going to work, for a walk or a party, I’m sure you can find a perfect pair of shoes that makes you look chic and gives you comfort all day long.

For the first time in my life, I had a foot assessment done at Dr. Kong's store when I came down to choose my shoes. This is a FREE service provided to all customers, so please don't be shy to ask for it when you are there. You'll be surprised to know what type of feet you have and how badly you treat them :(. It's time to give your feet some love back.

There were many styles, designs and colors available in the store that day, but unfortunately, most of the shoes I liked were out of stock because they were so popular. Some left were not in my size. At the very last minute, I spotted these crisscross ankle strap sandals, I tried them on and immediately knew that I had to take them home. They gave me the comfortable feeling like no other pairs did. Strangely enough, it was the only pair left in the store, in my size. Like I said before, finding a right pair of shoes is like finding a perfect partner. You will meet many wrong ones before meeting the right one, and you have to keep looking. When the time is right, it will bring both of us together. I'm so glad I've found you, Dr. Kong!

Thank you so much SG Trend Hunter for being such a good "match-maker" ;)

I strongly recommend you check out Dr. Kong shoes for the sake of your health and your loved one’s. Here are the two places that you can find Dr. Kong in Singapore:

No. 5, Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-22, Singapore 486038.

No. 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #04-02 Jem Mall, Singapore 608549.

P/s: This blog post is proudly sponsored by SG Trend Hunter Pte Ltd to promote for Dr. Kong Shoes. Though it's a sponsored post, I'm confident to say that all the opinions and feedback about the shoes are purely from my own feeling and experience. 

Thank you so much for reading!
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