Happy Lunar New Year and greetings from Vietnam everyone!

I purposely reserved this blog entry until today as I wanted it to be published on the very first day of 2014 (in Lunar Calendar). Hopefully, it'll bring me some luck and give me more opportunities to work with many other amazing brands, advertisers this year. It's been officially 7 years since I started blogging. The blog has grown with me, witnessed so many up-and-down moments in my life and shared with me so much joys and success. It's become part of me without me realizing it. 

I love spending my New Year's Eve to recall what happened, what have I learned, what have I failed and what have I overcome. Then, on the first day of the New Year, I start thinking about what I want to achieve this year, focusing on the positivity and wishing the best in everything for everyone. It feels so happy just by doing that. 

Last year was such a challenging year for me (I blogged about it in the 2013, In a nutshell blog post), but I'm glad I always kept myself so optimistic, motivated to overcome all the challenges. I believe no matter how many obstacles and difficulties that life gives us, we should always be positive, never lose hope and never give up. Just like the pop of red in this entire black, grey, silver outfit I was wearing here, I'm reminding myself: there is always light in the darkness, all we need to do is to keep walking. 

I'm spending an amazing time with my family here in Vietnam to celebrate New Year. We did nothing besides talking, eating and laughing so far. It felt incredible. No matter which part of the world you are if you celebrate Lunar New Year, I wish you a new year with a lot of joy, happiness, luck and success. 
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H&M Sweater- Also love this one and this one
ZARA leather pants- Also love this one and this one 
Lovisa necklace- Also love this one
Michael Kors Sunglasses- Also love this one and this one
ZARA Handbag- Also love this one
Swarovski watch.




I first blogged about the emerald colored outfit "The Power of Emerald" in February in 2013. After almost a year, I found myself writing the same topic again with so much excitement and still being inspired by this rich-and-unique color. There is a common thing that is so hard to explain about these 2 blog entries. Last year, I published "The Power of Emerald" right before I left to the airport. This year is coincidently no difference. I'm trying to finish this blog entry so that I can start packing for my holiday trip in Vietnam in 2-day time. How did the whole coincident-thingy happen? I had no idea, but it did feel like talking about an old friend after a long time. 

It's also crazy to see how long did I take to wear that necklace. If it hadn't been for the emerald midi skirt, I wouldn't have the chance to bring this unique necklace out for a spin again. However let's not talk about the necklace today. I wanted to share with you my 1970s moment when I wore this gorgeous emerald midi skirt out 2 weeks ago. 

I've been saying many times how much I love the midi skirt. I've tried to stop myself from buying too many of them, but it's so hard to ignore this particular skirt. As a statement piece on its own, the emerald midi skirt is such a luxurious, sophisticated and glamorous wardrobe staple that needs very minimum accessories to go with it. I mean, you could instantly look chic and be a head-turner whenever you put the skirt on. For some reasons, this look reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City movie. She always looked so feminine, so elegant and classic in long dresses or long and voluminous skirts. Despite the fact that her life story and mine strangely have so many things in common, I'm obsessed with her style and of course, her wardrobe. 

Notice the people looking at me from behind? Were they waiting for their buses or  were they wondering: "How could this girl walk so dangerously on the street like that?." The thought made me laugh. It was a quiet one-way street in the afternoon, and I decided to take the risk having some Carrie Bradshaw moments of my own. On the other hand, I assumed and insisted that people were looking at my skirt. 

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Chicwish Midi skirt
Stradivarius Crop Top - Also love this one and this one
Coach handbag (old)
Rayban Sunglasses- Also love this one
H&M Heels- Also love this one and this one
Pandora bracelet
Lovisa bracelet (old)- Also love this one




In few more days, I will be in Hanoi (Vietnam) to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. Right now, it's the coldest season of the year there, which means I'll be able to wear my most favorite wardrobe staple: a winter coat

Winter fashion is nothing without a coat. It's the most basic, versatile and classic piece that everyone needs to have in our wardrobe. Whether you are out for a casual occasion, a formal meeting or a romantic date, this key piece will ensure to keep you always look your best.

When I was thinking of how to wear this timeless piece of cloth, Modcloth (an online shopping site in US) came with an invitation to collaborate with them on their "Modcloth Uniquely You" campaign which required me to style this Diagonal Alley Coat in Black with other items in their store. How coincident! 

There are so many different ways to wear a coat, but here are some of my most favorite ones this season:

Look 1: Elegance With A Dash of Daring

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Look 2: Winter Chic

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Look 3: A Pop Of Red

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I hope you enjoyed the outfits that I styled here and found some ideas on how to wear a winter coat. 
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Thank you Modcloth for the opportunity! It's my pleasure to collaborate with you! 




Hi everyone,
I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Today blog entry is not about Fashion, Beauty or Travel. It's about an interesting topic that I discovered 2 weeks ago and I thought i should share with you guys.
From the blog title itself, you probably know what I'm about to say, but don't be so confident just yet as your guess might be wrong. Behind the ordinary numbers of your birthday, there is something called "Human Profiling" that can tell so many things about you. I learned about it when I had a chance to attend a seminar "World's First UCM Human Profiling" held by Dr. Bernard Yeo.  

To be completely honest, I doubted that these numbers could tell us that much about our life, our future, our destiny. Or in other words, I didn't believe it. There are approximately 370,000 babies born everyday worldwide, aren't they supposed to have exactly same destiny? I know you'll probably ask the same question. However, when Dr. Bernard Yeo confidently said that: "No two people are alike, even identical twins", he got me surprised and curious. I just had to find out what exactly he was talking about and how could he be so sure. 

Dr. Bernard Yeo is a researcher and founder of the Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling. He had spent over 5 years engaged in deep intensive studies of human behavior and their personalities. He has analyzed more than 12,000 people's birth numbers from different cultures, genders and background. According to him, the accuracy is up to 90%. In 2012, Dr. Yeo was acknowledged in Asia Pacific Outstanding Business Professional Award for his hard work and contributions to the Human Profiling subject. He was also conferred the Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development and Human Profiling in 2013 in recognition for his outstanding research.

There were so many people attended Dr. Yeo's seminar on that day. Everyone seemed to be so excited to learn new knowledge as well as to witness the official launch of Dr. Yeo's first book: "Know your numbers, know yourself". 

 I had a quick conversation with Dr. Yeo before he started his seminar and had some photos taken (as usual).
 Dr. Bernard Yeo, me & Grace (his secretary) posed in front of his giant poster. 

I was honored to be seated at the VIP area to listen to his training. 

 Throughout 2 hour seminar, we were taught to calculate our own Universal Character Number, our Destiny Number, Strength and Weaknesses Number based on our birthday. This Universal Characteristic Method Human Profiling (UCMHP) is a very unique method that takes the date of birth and the time of birth of an individual and it can tell the person's character, personalities and behaviors. There is no religion or superstition involved. It's based on the scientifically proven mathematics calculation and statistic called Pythagoras Theorem.

Let me be honest here!

Despite much introduction and information given, I still didn't believe it was true unless I was convinced that he could tell me exactly who I truly am just by looking at my birthdate. I was so curious that I even went to meet Dr. Yeo after his seminar and had 2 hour personal reading session with him.

He looked at me and asked: "What do you want to know?"- "I don't know what to ask, what could you say about me?" I answered. He then jotted down my birthday and started calculating. Less than 1 minute later, my numbers were found. He went on and on about who I am, what is my habit, my strength, my weaknesses without having to look at me to find some clues (You know some bad masters always need to look at your reaction to clarify what they say is true before saying other things?).  

Dr. Yeo said I'm born to be a communicator, a presenter, or consultant. I'm good at internet-based businesses or anything that is related to diplomatic relations, travel or broadcasting. I'm very hardworking, mature and naturally charismatic. The type of charisma that Dr. Yeo even described "People are attracted to you before you even need to speak to them". However, he emphasized: "Be careful of people who want to take advantage of you and people who like to backstab you".

During the 2 hour sharing (he talked most of the time), Dr. Yeo also talked about some of my habits which made me stunned: "You like to bite your lip when you are thinking or focusing on something". Jesus! Nobody ever said this to me even my closest friend or family. Neither do I realize it. But I DO bite my lips whenever I focus on something and I couldn't help it. 

There were many other things (including my very personal issues) Dr. Yeo said that made me so amazed. I still couldn't quite figure out how he and the UCMHP method could possibly tell all these, but I had no other way to argue. I surrendered. 

This is so AMAZING! 

What he said about me was not 90% accurate. It was 100% accurate, I swear. Initially, I wanted to spend 45 minutes only. After 2 hours, I wish I could talk to him for another hour if he wasn't so busy. 

Before I left, Dr. Yeo also gave me his new book "Know Your Numbers, Know Yourself" as a present. The book will soon be sold in some of the bookstores. You can buy one for yourself to read and learn more about Human Profiling. However, you need to attend his basic workshop in order for you to know how to calculate and to understand the formulas 

Dr. Bernard is currently having 2-day seminar for anyone interested in learning about the Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling. Normal course fee is $1500. Here is a great deal for you:

Mention "CRYSTALPHUONG" to get discounted course fee at S$997 only plus a free book (worth S$36) and T-shirt (limited edition). 

If you are a: HR manager looking for new candidate, a business owner looking for a right partner, person who is always eager to learn about yourself and others, you need to register this course.

Or if you are still not convinced enough, contact UCMHP directly to ask for their next free seminar. Attend once and tell me what you think :)

UCMHP is located at:

16 Arumugam Road, Lion Building Blk D, #05-01

Singapore 409962
(Office Room No.4 & 6) 

Phone: 6748 6279
Hotline: 9671 7064

Thank you so much for reading! 

***: This blog post is proudly sponsored by UCMHP. Information about Dr. Bernard Yeo and Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling is provided by UCMHP Academy. Expression and opinion about Dr. Bernard Yeo's reading and experience are truly my own. No "artificial flavor" added :). Happy reading! 




It always feels like stepping into a whole new different world whenever I visit Universal Studios Singapore (USS). My first time in this wonderland was so memorable and fun that I couldn't stop thinking of going back there again to spend one full day with all the cartoon characters that I used to adore when I was a kid but hardly had chance to watch them on TV.

When my mom was in town 2 weeks ago, I decided to bring her to visit USS. She was my perfect "partner- in- crime". She was so brave that she joined me in most of the rides including the scariest one. How often can you spend one whole day with your mom having so much fun, laughing out loud together and not worrying about anything in life? It was my first time in 20 years and I felt so guilty for not doing this much earlier. 

Talking so much about my mom in the recent blog entries makes me feel like I should, at least show you guys one photo of her.

Here she is- the love of my life who was also "forced" to be my photographer of the day. 

Mom always complains about my travel addiction but she has never stopped me from traveling. When I was 15 years old, my family was so poor that we could never afford an air ticket to travel anywhere. Living nearby the airport, I saw many aircraft landing and taking off everyday. It drove my teenage mind crazy and I couldn't help but wonder: "How did it feel like to sit in an airplane at thousands feet up in the air?", "How did the clouds look from that tiny window?", "Would there be any bird flying outside?". None of my questions were answered. I told myself that when I'm successful and have the opportunity in future, I'll try to travel to many different places as much as I can. 

10 years later, I traveled like a bird, flew back and forth from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) once every month for more than a year until I was so tired of traveling. That was 5 years ago. Right now, I travel 3, 4 times a year and can happily call myself as a dream-achiever. I have visited US, Hongkong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Dubai, Thailand so far. I'm like a glass half full. The more I go, the less things I think I know. The thought of visiting new places, seeing new things is exciting me every day. Whether I'm at Far Far Away castle or the Hollywood Boulevard, the Sci-Fi city or the Ancient Egypt, I always find myself entertained, inspired wherever I go. There are many beautiful places I've been that left me speechless and turned me into a storyteller. After every single trip, there will always be one question: Where will I be next?

Asos structured mini skirt (old)- Also love this one and this one
Chloe booties (this one is currently in sales)
Swarovski watch
Lionette by Noa Sade necklace via Revolve Clothing

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Whenever I'm wearing a midi skirt, it always reminds me of my mom for some reasons. I remembered that I saw many midi skirts (in all different colors, materials, styles and prints) in her closet when I was a kid. My mom loves any outfit that makes her feel feminine, ladylike and sophisticated, and so do I (now I understand where is my style influenced by). That also explains why I completely and immediately felt in love with this classic silhouette when I first saw it on the runway. 

It's time to bring it to the real way!

When my mom was in town 2 weeks ago, I brought her to my photoshoot and let her see what her daughter's day look like at work. I purposely wore this midi skirt as I knew she would be happy looking at me wearing one of her favourite wardrobe staples. I asked her: "Mom, did you see your younger self in me?" and I received the answer that made me laugh: "Yes! But I didn't wear hat". 

Fashion always comes back around. It's amazing to see some basic items in our closet can live through time and generations. All we need is just a simple twist to bring it back to the present and to make it alive again.

Writing this first outfit blog post of 2014 makes me feel like raiding my mom's closet when I'm back home. Who knows what hidden treasures I might find. :D

Forever21 striped blouse
River Island midi skirt-  Also love this one and this one on sales
Forever21 Clutch- Also love this one
Forever21 hat- Also love this one
About Color necklace
Valentino studded heels
Lovisa rings

Hope you enjoyed this blog entry! 
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