January 12, 2015 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Photo credits to Jeff Sheldon

Hello everyone! 
After a wonderful weekend, it's hard to get back to work on Monday, isn't it? I believe every one of us experiences the Monday blues, and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is how to get rid of the Monday blues and to start your day productively. I have some personal tips that help me overcome this, and I thought they'll be useful for you too. 

1. Start your day earlier. 
Photo credits to Chris Sardegna

Get up earlier than you normally do and start your day with some exercises at home. Instead of going to the gym, I usually play some Latin music and dance for 15 to 20 minutes. My favorite dances are Samba or Chacha as they can give me a lot of hips and leg movements. 

2. Having a yummy and healthy breakfast. 

Photo credits to Jeff Deng

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so don't skip it. My favorite morning food are fruit pancakes with an avocado drink (Like this one I made) or yogurt cereal. What could be a better way to start your day than a delicious breakfast? 

3. Dress for success.
I was wearing G2000 Sleeveless Shirt- (Similar here)- ASOS Wide Leg TrousersTwinbag Heart Edition- Thanks to Porsche DesignNewLook Platform Heels- (Similar here, currently obsessed with these ones) - Michael Kors watch- Topshop Floral Ring- (Similar here)- Coach Sunglasses- (Similar here)

Like I mentioned in the blog entry Getting back to work, having a good appearance is one of the keys to our confidence. When we look good, we'll feel good about ourselves. Whether you are working in a corporate office, in a retail store or even at a Starbucks coffee shop, dress as if you are going to sign a huge contract with a big client today. Do not get out of the house with a crumpled shirt, torn shoes and messy hair. 

3. Have your To-Do list ready. 
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The first thing I do, when I get to my office, is to jot down a list of the important tasks I need to get done on Monday and for the rest of the week. As a result, I don't feel lost and distracted throughout the day. Believe me, Monday will go by so much quicker, and you won't even have time to feel blue at all. 

4. Talk to happy people.

Whenever I feel like the Monday blues is hitting me, I try to talk to someone who is happy and energetic. My nephew is that person. His cuteness and innocence always make me smile and cheer me up no matter how upset I am. Happiness is contagious, so is unhappiness. If you are feeling down, don't mix around with people who are negative, because they won't make you feel better. Not at all.  

5. Keep reminding yourself "It's going to be a great day today."
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Our mind is so powerful that we can't even imagine. It can control our life without us knowing it. According to the law of attraction, when we think positively, the positive things will come. If you want to have a great day, then you'd better believe that you'll have a good one yourself first. 

I hope these tips will help! Do you  have any other "remedies" to cure the Monday blues? Please share with me in the comment section blow. 
Have a fantastic Monday at work, and as always thank you so much for reading!