March 09, 2015 Crystal Phuong 1 Comments

These houndstooth pants and jacket were the last outfit I wore when I was in Vietnam for Lunar New Year. Saving the best for last, I purposely kept this statement outfit until the very last day. The weather was incredibly beautiful, just chilly, not cold or rainy. It was perfect to bring this loud printed outfit to play. While I was standing in the middle of the road, many people stopped to watch us doing the photo shoot with their curious eyes. It's either they haven't seen anyone wearing houndstooth print from head to toe before or they thought we were doing a photoshoot for a magazine or something. Besides, my blonde hair was calling for attention. It was like an invasion to this city. 

I felt a little bit awkward at first, but quickly got over it. Despite my injured leg that was torturing me, I enjoyed every moment wearing and shooting this look. Such a bold and loud outfit is definitely for risk takers. I took a risk to wear a houndstooth pants suit at the place where everybody is so conservative with black, white, or traditional clothes. It was also my first time wearing this eye-catching print, so I didn't know whether I would look good or bad in it but decided to try it anyway. I added a pop of red to the sea of black and white to make the outfit more colorful. 

I'm so glad I brought this outfit with me to Vietnam because I don't know when I can wear it in Singapore. It's such a fun, fearless, and fashion-forward style that shouldn't be missed. 

Have you ever tried a head-to-toe houndstooth look before? What were your thoughts?

Thank you so much for watching and Happy International Women's Day to all wonderful women out there! 

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