March 11, 2015 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Bleaching your hair is bad, especially when you bleach all your hair blonde. But what if you insist on going full blonde, like me? The answer is simple: Do A LOT of treatments after that.

I've always wanted to have blonde hair for a long time. Because everyone warned me about how damaging it could be to my hair. I didn't dare to go all blonde. Instead, I bleached section by section so my hair could take it. Until one day, I took a risk and made this happen:

Honestly, I freaked out when I touched my hair for the first time, after the bleaching it. It was dry and brittle like a dried broom. It was a huge effort for me to do a lot of treatments after that  (including scalp treatments). A few months later, my hair started feeling softer and smoother again. If you love dying or bleaching your hair like I do, you may want to try some of the tips below.

1. Shampoo, Conditioner and Blonde Spray.
John Frieda blonde shampoo, conditioner and Sheer blonde lightening permanent spray

Finding the right shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair is challenging in Singapore because we don't have these products dedicated for blonde hair here. I was lucky to find these John Frieda products when I was in the US in September of last year. I also bought Sheer blonde lightening permanent spray to help keep the color last longer. I know some shampoos are only suitable for certain people, so make sure you check the product carefully before you buy. These John Frieda products work well for me so far.

2. Hair Mask

 L'oreal Total Repair mask

I apply hair mask every time I wash my hair without fail. I've never done this before. My current favorite is this L'oreal Total Repair mask. It takes only 1 minute to do (perfect for busy people). I also rotate different masks every time so that my hair can enjoy different treatments.

3. Nourish and Protect.

After washing and blow-drying my hair, I apply treatments immediately. First, I start applying hair serum to keep my shine and frizz-free. There are many types of serum available, make sure you choose the right one for your hair and scalp. I like this Dove nourishing oil care as it's non-sticky and non-greasy. 

After applyig serum, I apply Pantene 10-in-1 hair protection. It's a leave on treatment that offers 10 different treatments in a single formula: breakage prevention, smoothness, moisture, shine, detangling, frizz control, manageability, heat protection, softness, and split-ends prevention. Besides, it's super affordable so it's worth to try. I tried once and I loved it. Alternatively, you can also check out a range of great products for damaged hair here

After applying Pantene protection, I'll spray one more round of Sunsilk nourishing soft and smooth to make sure my hair is really well-nourished. 

4. Styling.
Now that I have clean and nourished hair, it's time to go for styling. I don't use a hair iron or a hair curler at all as I'm afraid they might burn my fragile hair. Instead, I use hair rollers to create more volume. I'll leave the roller on for about 20 minutes and apply non-sticky hair spray to protect and control the curls. Then, I'll apply hair fragrance to give my hair incredible smell all day long.

The whole process probably takes you half an hour (including washing). I used to be so lazy to take care of my hair, but once I started, I kind of enjoying it. A good hair day doesn't take much time to have and it can give me confidence whenever I'm going out to meet people. Some people are quite surprised at how soft my hair is when they touch it. Best part, it doesn't cost me much money with all these drugstore products. I highly recommend you do this at least twice a week to make sure your hair looks healthy and always beautiful. 

Do you have any other best hair tips to share?