May 11, 2015 Crystal Phuong 2 Comments

Monday here again and it calls for another work outfit. But instead of wearing a typical black and white ensemble, I encourage you to wear something more fun and bold like beige and orange. Beige is such a tricky color to wear. Like some people, I used to be afraid of beige colored outfits as I thought they didn't compliment my skin tone. Over time, I learned how to mix and match different colors and textures. I started falling in love with this "dull" color even more. In my humble opinion, beige is the most versatile color that we should have in our closet. Be it a beige dress, skirt, pants, or blazer, this color is so timeless that it will never go out of style.

There are a few different shades of beige that you need to be aware of if you are thinking of putting it on. I love all of them, but I'm currently obsessed with a light and creamy beige shade. It brightens my skin tone, goes well with warm colors, and creates a refreshing look. I've been hunting for a great pair of wide-leg pants in beige color for a while and haven't found anything that I truly liked. Until last weekend, when I dropped by a Zara store to check out their new collection, I saw my favorite pants on the rack. My heart screamed of happiness. As usual, a window shopping session always ends up with leaving a store with big bags and a satisfying smile.

Now that a big problem is solved, another happy problem is to find "What to wear with beige pants?". I'll be styling my new favorite pants with a few different wardrobe staples in the next coming blog posts, but I guess an orange bow chiffon blouse would work for now.

Do you have an obsession with beige outfits like I do? How do you wear them?

Thank you so much for reading!

ZARA Beige Wide-Leg Pants- Similar here and here
Aldo PVC Beige Pumps- Currently obsessed with this one
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  1. CatEyeKai Marquez7:49 PM

    I would kill to be this confident at work!

  2. Wow, that outfit is amazing. I love the top.