May 08, 2015 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

If you have been following my Crystal's Closet blog series, you can easily tell that I'm a colors-addict. I love experimenting with different hues to my everyday outfit. More often than not, the colors I wear represent how I feel on that particular day. When I like feel like in a business mode, I'll opt for black and white. When I'm out for fun and feeling energized, I'll go for vibrant colors. If I'm wearing pastel outfits, that usually means I'm in a "Keep Calm and Stay Cool" situation. 

It's Friday today. Everyone should wind down and celebrate whatever we have achieved this week, shouldn't we? Typically on Friday or the weekend, I like wearing denim jeans and a loose shirt. I've worn this style many times here, here, and here, but never get tired of them. I love how the tight bottom, balanced with the loose top, creates a sexy-and-chill vibe. At the same time, the light yellow and turquoise color combo also helps to calm the sunny afternoon down. 

I wore this outfit to my hair salon last Sunday for a hair touch-up. I've been going to Artisan Hair Salon for a year, for all my hair needs but didn't know there is such a beautiful small lalang field right behind the salon. 
Speaking of lalang (scientific name is Imperata cylindrica), it reminded me of my childhood and how fun it was to play hide and seek with other kids in a big lalang field. I didn't have the chance to see, touch, and feel the lalang grass since I grew up. But that sweet memory always follows me wherever I go. That's why I was so surprised and excited to see lalang at the most unexpected place, in the heart of Singapore. 

I hope the lalang grass field background and my pastel outfit brighten up your day, just like how they brightened mine. Happy Friday! 

Thank you so much for reading!

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Orchid necklace- Thanks to Risis official