On Monday, let's talk about a peplum hem skirt! It is by far my most favorite skirt silhouette as it's not only classic but also very feminine and elegant. I have quite a few peplum skirts, but this peplum hem (or people call it "pephem") skirt is the first one I've owned. The frilly bottom makes me feel like having a mermaid tail whenever I walk. It's so enchanting and whimsical!   

Because of how sweet and romantic it looks, this skirt will be a perfect outfit choice for a date night. I bought it a few months ago and wanted to reserve it for a candle night dinner occasion. But then I broke my plan and wore it to work instead. It seems to work very well when paired with a draped blouse, a blazer, or even a button shirt. Besides, I need a color-pick-me-up therapy from this outfit to get me through the sadness I had over the weekend.  

My heart is still filled with emotion after watching Lee Kuan Yew's State Funeral Procession on Sunday. It was a dark and heavy week for all Singaporeans as Singapore lost it's Founding Father. Not only did the sky cry for him, but also millions of people were crying out his name. I couldn't hold my tears either. 

I didn't have the honor to meet Mr. Lee when he was alive, but I heard so much about him, especially these past few days. How much effort, sweat and tears he had to build Singapore from a third world country to the first. How amazing he was as a father, a husband, and a leader. I'm so incredibly grateful and fortunate to live in a country in which he sacrificed his whole life to build up. Thank you so much, Lee Kuan Yew! May your soul rest in peace! 

We are back to our normal work-life today, and I'm sure many of us still have his image, his memory, and his story in our heart.  I read most of his quotes and found this one impacted to me a lot: "I'm very determined. If I decide what something is worth doing, then I'll put my heart and soul to it." It reminds me to keep chasing after my dreams. Never give up. Do it with passion or not at all. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Photos by: Evelyn Lee

Forever21 draped blouse- Similar here
ASOS Beige PVC Pumps- Currently obsessed these ones
Metal Bangle- Thanks to Swarovski




If Art gets married to Fashion and has babies, their children would be Printed Dresses. I have to say I'm a huge fan of these statement pieces. Be it abstract, animal, graphic, 3D or 4D, any type of dress with unique and quirky prints will attract me. Instantly!

Spring is here and Summer is on its way. It's time to add some prints into your wardrobe. Whether you go to work, go for brunch, or go on a date, you can always count on this striking dress to turn heads wherever you go. There are thousands of printed outfits available online. It's overwhelming and tempting to look at them. If I was to select the top 10 best printed dresses, these would be my picks.




When I was 20 years old, I liked to wear quite a heavy make-up with smoky eyeshadow, thick false lashes whenever I went out. At 30, I prefer light and simple make-up, as natural as possible. Hardly I apply heavy eyeshadows during the day, and I still have three boxes of false eyelashes unopened. My beauty routine has changed over the years as I aged. But one thing for sure, there are a few simple steps that I always do whenever I apply make-up.

1. Face moisturizer.

Foundations, face powders, and blushers can cover our pores and prevent the skin from breathing. Prepping your skin with toner, water mist or moisturizer will not only make our make-up last longer, but also to keep our skin look healthy and hydrated all day long.

2. Sunscreen.

My rule of thumb is: Never go out of the house without applying sunscreen on my face. Even on a gloomy day, the UV rays can still potentially harm your skin. It causes wrinkles, sunburn, and even more seriously, skin cancer. Right after moisturizing my face, I'll start applying sunscreen. I have combination skin. Thus, I prefer the non-sticky and non-greasy types that have at least SPF30.

3. Eye highlighters.

Our eyes are the windows to our soul. Instead of applying eyeshadows, I opt for eye highlighters to banish dark circles and create a soft-focus effect. Using my index finger I apply eye cream or eye highlighters underneath my eyes and from the inner corner to the outer corner of my eyes. 

4. Eyebrows.

Eyebrows are one of the most important things in my beauty routine as they frame my face. You'll be surprised to know how different eyebrow shapes can make us look completely different. I'd never go out of the house without drawing my eyebrows. 

5. Mascara.

Because I don't use false lashes anymore, I rely on mascara to get curly, long, and thick lashes. They help open up my eyes and bring attention to them. My favorite mascaras are waterproof, volumizing, and lengthening ones.

6. Lip balm and lip gloss.

It doesn't matter how good my skin or my makeup is, cracked and dry lips are the worst things that ruin my appearance. I always have a few different types of lip balm in my purse whenever I go out, so that my lips will stay soft and moisturized. For night events, I'll count on lip gloss for a shiny and sexy look. 

7. Clean face.

No matter how busy or tired I am, I'll never forget to remove my makeup and wash my face before bedtime. I only use lukewarm water as hot water can be quite harsh for my skin. Then, I'll massage my face with cleaners in a circular motion for about 10 minutes. Lastly, I rinse off and dry it with a soft towel. 

That's it! These are seven must-have steps in my daily makeup routine. What are yours? 




Happy Monday everyone! 

It's time to get back to work! Wearing black and white on Monday has become one of my fashion habits. Although, I don't need to dress up in suits and slacks for work every day, I love how a formal attire lifts my motivation for having a productive day. It creates such a great energy from inside out. 

If this wide-legged pants and collar-necked shirt makes me look like a lawyer (or maybe an accountant), the black culottes and white ruffle-necked shirt turn me into a buyer or a journalist. Agree? It's a serious but not too serious look. The more I wear black and white, the more I fall in love with the versatility of a classic colors-combo. The turn me into a buyer or a journalist. Agree? It's a serious but not too serious look. The more I wear black and white, the more I fall in love with the versatility of a classic colors-combo. The black culottes add a fun, casual and youthful element to most outfits if worn with flats. I chose to wear them with high heels to achieve a polished, professional, and stylish appearance. 

People often think black and white are boring colors. I don't think so. I believe there are many different ways to wear them without looking too boring. In my case, instead of typical long pants and collared shirt, I went adventurous with cropped pants and a ruffled- collar blouse and replaced closed-toe heels with striking octagon color block sandals. It works for me! I guess, it's not about the colors, it's about how to wear them creatively. 

Do you love wearing black and white too? What are your thoughts on this classic style?

Thank you so much for reading!

Photos by: Navian Photography

Forever New black culottes- Similar here
ZARA white blouse- Similar here
 Heart Limited Edition- Thanks to Porche Design




Happy Friday everyone!

Weekend is coming and I'm so looking forward to it. One of the many reasons why I love weekends is I have a chance to wear some clothes that I don't get to wear on weekdays at work. This off the shoulder lace dress is an example.

I have a huge obsession for lace. It's such an ethereal and delicate fabric that can make any women look soft and feminine in a second. But it is also a picky material as not every woman can look beautiful in it. There is a very thin line between classy and trashy. I love how this dress goes easy on the waist and leaves full attention to the off the shoulders. The loose fitting also makes it so comfortable to wear.

I've seen some people wear a similar dress to a night club or on a date. I couldn't help but think of wearing it to a beach party or go for a walk in the garden instead. A full bloom garden, a beautiful lace dress, and a straw hat, this looks like a perfect weekend to me.

What will you be doing or wearing this weekend?

Thank you so much for reading! 
Photos by: Navian Photography
Lace off-shoulder dress- Thanks to Shop Princessa
Esprit straw hat- Similar here




It's #nail time everyone! 
Regardless of the season of the year, I'll always make sure my nails look good. It's strange that I had never paid so much attention to my nails before, but once I started doing it, it became quite addictive. I began to get my nail art done almost two years ago, once every month. Each month, my manicurist  and I will come up with different designs to match festivals or the seasons. 

Here are some of my nail art designs for Spring and Summer.

Pastel nails for Spring

or Chanel inspired tweed design and Chanel logo?

Color block fuchsia and purple with 3D flowers and Swarovski crystals. 

A little leopard would hurt nobody, especially when it's paired with electric blue. 

Heading to the beach this Summer? You might want to try out this Swarovski anchor and sailor inspired design

or the striking purple nails with mixture of 3D flowers and stripes?

Last but not least, French nail art design with full Swarovski crystals. 

Which one of the above designs is your favorite? Do you have any nail art designs that you like?