One of my personal goals every year is traveling, as much as I could. It doesn't matter whether I'm going to a new or back to the same old destination, traveling always feeds my soul and brightens my perspective. I was in Vietnam in February, visited Bali in April, went to Vietnam and Phuket in June, then came back to Bali in July again. Now, as I'm about to plan my next trip to Australia, I'm in a hurry to share with you some great memories I had with Bali over the last couple of weeks, before they become long overdue. 

I mentioned before, in the previous blog post, that I decided to take a risk to pick Padma Resort Legian instead of The Royal Beach Seminyak. It turned out to be the best choice I've made and Padma Resort impressed me every single day we were there. 

CrystalPhuong- Hotel room in Padma Resort Legian

Calling this place home for the weekend. 

Shoes for traveling- Padma Resorts Legian

Obviously, I had a phobia of not bringing enough shoes for the 3-day holiday. 

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Padma Resorts Legian

Everything about this hotel was so photo worthy, including the white robe and fresh orchid. The poser? Not so much. 

Floral bathtub in Padma Resorts Legian

Pampering time. 

Padma Resort Legian swimming pool and bar

Poolside situation. 

CrystalPhuong- Travel Blog- Dinner at Potato Head- Bali

First dinner in Bali at Potato Head Beach Club and it was really a good one. It was a little bit distance away from our hotel (45mins drive), but the delicious food and the view made up for the heavy traffic journey. 

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Seminyak beach in the morning

An afternoon walk by the beach. 

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Beautiful Seminyak Beach

Crystal Phuong- walking by the beach- Seminyak, Bali

Just before the sunset, a couple of photos would hurt nobody. Thanks to my lovely and patient photographer. 

Dinner by the pool at Padma Resort Legian

Best candle light dinner date by the pool with no carbs, only protein. 

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Bali street shopping

Couldn't get away with some street shopping at the crowded Legian street. 

Colorful shop at Legian shopping street, Bali

Bali street and life

Colorful shop at Legian street in Bali.

We actually ended up in a gorgeous spa to hide ourselves from the sun and the busy street. $150++ for 2-hour spa package for two people seemed like the best investment by far. 

Beautiful Bali beach sunset

Then, we quickly came back to our hotel, just in time to catch this golden hour 

and had a little fun while at it. 

Padma Resort Legian, swimming pool facing the ocean

Lunch by the pool, Padma Resort Legian, Bali

Crystal Phuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Padma Resort Legian pool party

Hanging right here while waiting for the sun to set. It was the best feeling in the world. 

Beautiful sunset in Bali

Sunset in Seminyak beach, Bali

Peace is seeing a sunset and knowing who to thank. 

I'm thankful for the opportunities that allow me travel places, document my life through each place I've been, and share them with you. Places like this always fill me with so much energy, positivity, and love. I hope these photos make you feel the same. 

Thank you so much for reading! 




Crystal Phuong in Padma Resort Bali

After a wonderful stay at The Royal Beach Seminyak (TRBS) resort, we told ourselves that we would only stay at this hotel whenever we came back to Bali. But two months later, my curious mind was already hungry for a new adventure and encouraged me to explore new places. We spent an hour looking for a hotel that has a standard as close to TRBS's as possible. 

I admitted many times before I'm not a risk taker. I usually pick the place that I'm familiar with staying, the things I'm familiar with doing, and even the food I'm familiar with eating. Until somebody told me "That's not what traveling is all about". I changed. Even with the "embracing changes" thought in mind, I couldn't help but feel a little bit nervous when clicking the "Confirm" button on the Agoda website. It only took 1 minute to know Padma Resort Legian was where we called home for the weekend. 

By the time I arrived at this place, settled down, and took a walk around the humongous resort, the anxiety and worriness immediately went away. Eeach corner in this hotel was so beautiful that it made every photo look perfect. Even in my most my casual outfit with suede espadrille sandals, off-shoulder blouse and a wrinkled tie front skirt, I looked like I was 100% photo-ready.  

Crystal Phuong- suede espadrilles sandals, tie front denim skirt and off shoulder blouse

Crystal Phuong- chic look in Padma resort, Bali

Crystal Phuong travels- What to wear in Bali?

Street style in Bali- off shoulder blouse, denim tie front skirt and suede espadrilles sandals

Crystal Phuong- Streetstyle ready in Bali

Crystal Phuong- Travel blog- Padma resort Bali

Singapore Fashion Blogger Crystal Phuong in Padma Resort in Bali

Denim tie front shirt and Marc by Marc Jacob floral handbag

Toms' Bella washed suede lace up espadrilles sandals

Thank you so much for reading!

Zalora tie front wrap skirt (currently on sale)
Accessorizes necklace- Similar here and here




Crystal Phuong in ruffle crop top, white lace shorts, and blue kimono in Bali

There is one place that I'm never tired of visiting. It is Bali. Despite the crazy traffic jam regardless day or night, Bali has so many hidden treasures that can delight me anytime and make me want to come back for more. Bali is as addictive as drugs. No one can or will ever give up returning to this paradise after placing our footsteps on these smooth sandy beaches. 

I didn't expect myself to come back to Bali so soon after my recent trip in April. After the last meeting on Thursday, I was racing against the clock to catch an evening flight to Bali. The end result? I managed to get on a plane in my business attire but realized I had left so many essential personal items at home. Oh well, everything has its price. 

Next morning, waking up to this white sand, blue ocean, and fresh air was the best reward for the effort to run in 4 inches heels the night before. There were no high heels, pencil skirts, or complex business conversations needed at this place. All I needed was this ruffle crop bandeau, lace shorts (I wore it once in Phuket), and the chiffon high-low shirt dress I unbuttoned it to wear as a beach kimono. I spent a couple of hours in the beautiful Padma beach, doing nothing but feeling the ocean breeze on my skin, fine sands in between my toes, and the salty air in my hair.  

Life is always better at the beach. Agree? 

Singapore Fashion Blogger Crystal Phuong- Bali beach style

White ruffle crop top, lace shorts and blue kimono in Bali. Crystal Phuong travels.

Crystal Phuong- walking on Padma beach of Bali in style

Crystal Phuong in beach style in Bali.

Crystal Phuong wore Hi-low shirt dress as kimono in Bali.

Life is always better at the beach. Crystal Phuong in Bali

Sunkissed glow in Bali. Crystal Phuong

Brining Marc Jacobs floral handbag to Bali.

Crystal Phuong travels- Wake up in Bali.

Beautiful beach in Bali

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Zara crop bandeau (old)- Similar here
Zara lace shorts (old)- Similar here
Forever21 high-low chiffon blouse (old)- Similar here
Accessorizes necklace- Similar here, here 
Gorjana body chain




Whenever I have time to sit down and watch people on the street, over a cup of my favorite green tea latte, I always wonder "Where are these people rushing to?". "Where do they come from?". "What have they gone through in their life?".  Then, I start wishing that I could have a magic pair of shoes. The moment I put my feet in, I could be anybody that I wanted to and experience what happened to them. It's pretty much similar to what Adam Sandler went through in his recent movie "The Cobbler". Sounds crazy, but it's quite an interesting thought. 

Well, the sad truth is, there aren't any magic shoes on earth. But I guess, walking in a different pair of shoes every day makes me feel like a different person. That explains my already-overflowing shoe closet at home and I can't stop but hunt for more. I bought these leather chain boots when I was in New York in September last year during fashion week. This is my second time wearing them (the first time was a year ago). 

If you follow me on this blog for a while, you probably know that I'm a sucker for sophisticated, classy, feminine, and chic styles when it comes to dressing-your-best (as seen here, here, and here). My favorite (and usual) pick will always be sky high heels and hugging dresses to accentuate my body's curve. But be prepared! Because once in a blue moon, you might catch me on the street, looking like a totally different person, in squared-heeled chain boots, long oversized vest, mini boxy bag, and with bad-ass accessories. 

Which Crystal do you like better? The classy one that you used to see in other blog posts or the preppy one that you are looking at here? 

Crystal Phuong- Preppy streetstyle fashion

Crystal Phuong in Julia Jordan dress, Mango long vest and Zara leather chain boots

Singapore fashion blogger- Crystal Phuong in preppy street style

Preppy style with long vest, chain boots, fedora hat, and a boxer bag.

Crystal Phuong- Zara chain boots and Reed Krakoff boxer bag

Reed Krakoff boxer bag

Crystal Phuong- Zara leather chain booties

Thank you so much for reading!

Cap sleeve sheath dress- Thanks to Julia Jordan 
Mango black vest- Similar here
Zara black chain boots- Similar here and here