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After coming back from New York, I had only two weeks in Singapore to empty my luggage and to fill it back up with new clothes for Vietnam Fashion Week (VIFW). I usually plan my outfits one month in advance for every fashion week(*no joke). Two weeks between trips left me very little time to prepare. I was a bit stressed about what to wear since I had already worn my best dresses for New York. 

Just when I needed some help the most, Revolve Clothing offered to let me pick some items from their online store. It was a game changer. Having shopped on their website for a long time, I know by heart what brands they carry, what items are hot, and when they have sales. It didn't take a long time to find a perfect dress for the opening night of VIFW. I received the dress two days before my flight. The dress fits me like a glove, no alteration needed. That's the kind of experience you'll get when you shop on the best website. 

I was so ready to make my first official appearance at the biggest event of the year in Vietnam. I'm not going to lie, there was a butterfly in my stomach when I arrived at the venue, but I quickly got over it. "Putting your best dress on and nothing else matters," I kept reminding myself.

While I'm still trying my best to finish up all the blog entries for my New York travel diary (probably four more blog posts to go), I can't help but have to cut the queue with this first outfit from VIFW. Normally, I'll publish blog entries according to the timeline and event that I attended, but this time, I have to break the rules. It was my first time attending an international fashion week in my home country, having a photo shoot with Chanh Nguyen (a very talented photographer from Vietnam) and wearing this beautiful cut-out dress given to me by Revolve Clothing. How can I resist not sharing this post with you?

Thank you so much Revolve Clothing for partnering up in this post! 

Crystal Phuong for Revolve Clothing- Online shopping

Crystal Phuong in Vietnam Fashion Week- Streetstyle

Crystal Phuong dressed up in Revolve Clothing outfit- Streetstyle fashion blogger

Crystal Phuong- Revolve Clothing fashion blogger

Vietnam Fashion Week day 1 with Revolve Clothing

Crystal Phuong- in Revolve Clothing- VietNam Fashion Week

Vietnam Fashion Week- Streetstyle fashion blogger- Crystal Phuong

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Photos by: Street by Chanh

Charles & Keith sandals- Similar here
Alexander McQueen sunglasses- Similar here
Reed Krakoff boxer bag- Similar here




One of the many reasons that makes New York Fashion Week fun and fulfilling is not only because of the beautiful collections on the runway but also the opportunity for me to discover many new fashion brands. Few Moda is one of them. 

Being a new kid on the block, compared to some giant E-commerce players like Shopbop, Nordstrom, or Stylebop, Few Moda is already taking the fashion world by storm. With a huge range of clothes and accessories, great customer service, and free worldwide delivery, they are going to make it big. I'm so excited to see what they can achieve. 

I met their team, a group of passionate and talented people, when I was in New York for fashion week. You'll never have to worry when you do businesses with people who work with all their hearts. Not to mention the amazing products that they have to offer. Beautiful pieces come with good quality yet affordable prices. Even fashion designer Zac Posen complimented this outfit that I was wearing to interview him. He said, "This is one of the best outfits I've seen the whole week" and asked me where it's from. I thanked him and happily answered: "It's from Few Moda- a fashion brand based in New York." 

Thank you so much Few Moda for spoiling me!

New York Fashion Week 2015- Street Style- Crystal Phuong x Few Moda

New York Fashion Week 2015- Street Style- Crystal Phuong for Fewmoda

New York Fashion Week 2015- Street Style- fashion blogger Crystal Phuong

New York Fashion Week 2015- Street Style- Fashion blogger Crystal Phuong

New York Fashion Week 2015- Street Style- Shop fewmoda skirt

New York Fashion Week 2015- Street Style- Crystal Phuong

New York Fashion Week 2015- Street Style- Shop fewmoda

New York Fashion Week 2015- Street Style- Valentino multicolored heels

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Photos: Evelyn Lee

White blouse and printed pencil skirt- Thanks to Few Moda




New York Fashion Week 2015- Crystal Phuong- Street style

After running around the Manhattan streets in heels for 6 days, my feet decided to give up on me. I could barely walk. All I wanted was a good foot massage, but even with that, my poor feet would still cry out loud when I accidently touched my ugly blister spots. These are the things that people don't know behind fashion week. My original plan was to wear heels to all the events in New York, I didn't expect it to be ruined on day 7. I didn't have any comfortable shoes that could go with this birdie outfit. A backup plan? Shopping for a pair of sneakers, of course. 

Although I was at a shopping paradise, it was really hard for me to find a perfect pair of sneakers that fit me well. I insisted on buying a pair of white sneakers despite my photographer, Evelyn, said that they will get dirty easily. It became even harder for me to shop. There was either no white color or no size available. In the end, we walked into a huge Nike store and asked the sales girl. She pointed me to a children section with a "I feel you" look in her eyes (she wore the same shoes size as me). At last, I found the shoes that I wanted. What I wore at night on day 7 of #NYFW was so different from my initial plan, but I liked it. I thought it was very refreshing, wasn't it? Most importantly, my feet were jumping for joy. I quickly came back to the hotel to change my outfit that I wore for Dennis Basso's show to this birdie one. 

I never thought I could walk 6 blocks in New York City with so many blisters on my feet, but I did. Off to Hanley Mellon's Spring 2016 Presentation I went.

New York Fashion Week 2015- Crystal Phuong- Fashion Blogger- Street style

New York Fashion Week 2015- Crystal Phuong in Lie by Lie outfit- Street style

New York Fashion Week 2015- Crystal Phuong- Times Square at night

New York Fashion Week 2015- Crystal Phuong- Street style- Lie by Lie outfit

New York Fashion Week 2015- Crystal Phuong- Street style- Fashion Blogger

New York Fashion Week 2015- Crystal Phuong- Street style fashion blogger

New York Fashion Week 2015- Crystal Phuong- Street style

Hanley's Spring Summer 2016 collection is a study of discoveries and revelations, drawing on Creative Director, Nicole Hanley Mellon's reflections on a recent voyage to Havana. The collection is imbued with subtle references to her experiences, observations, and conversations in Cuba's capitol. 

Once coated in bright colors, the sundrenched, faded facades of Havana's architecture, informed this season's atypical palete. At first glance, hues may seem not to naturally correspond; brick is paired with peach, mustard with chartreuse. Worn and weathered walls, no longer white, but coated in powdery layers, provided inspiration for a unique plaster print. 

The designs, meant to be mixed and matched to comprise a complete wardrobe, expand on the sportswear brand's core values: a sense of ease, balance of propotion, texture and color and attention to detail. Every piece is designed with the intent that it be important in and of itself, and to the collection as a whole. 

My favorite piece in this #HANLEYxHavana collection has to be the multi-colored long vest. It was love at the sight. 

Hanley Mellon Spring Summer 2016 Presentation- New York Fashion Week

Hanley Mellon Spring Summer 2016 Presentation- New York Fashion Week

Hanley Mellon Spring Summer 2016 Presentation- New York Fashion Week

Hanley Mellon Spring Summer 2016 Presentation- New York Fashion Week

Hanley Mellon Spring Summer 2016 Presentation- New York Fashion Week

Hanley Mellon Spring Summer 2016 Presentation- New York Fashion Week

Fashion Blogger Crystal Phuong and fashion designer, Nicole Hanley Mellon

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Photos: Evelyn Lee

Birdie top and shorts from LIE- Thanks to SocietyA
Topshop blazer- Similar here and here
Nike white sneakers- Similar here 




New York Fashion Week Streetstyle 2015- Crystal Phuong

After coming back from New York Fashion Week, I had only two weeks in Singapore to catch up with work, unpack, and pack my luggage again for Vietnam's Next Top Model and Vietnam International Fashion Week. I came back to Singapore two days ago from Viet Nam and still haven't recovered from sleep deprivation over the past few weeks. As much as I was dying to update this blog on the go, I barely had time to reply to my emails.  The only way that I could keep you posted was through my Instagram and Snapchat. I just joined Snapchat, please follow @crystal.phuong and chat with me there. 

Now that all the fashion week madness is over, it's time for me to continue working on where I left off. Day 7 of New York Fashion Week, that's where it was.

We took these photos in the middle of Times Square early in the morning, just before I headed to Dennis Basso's fashion show. We walked a few blocks around Times Square, hoping to find a less-crowded spot. Every corner of Times Square is photo-worthy, but that also means it is almost impossible to find an empty space for our street style photo. As we were about to give up, we saw a small street with beautiful architecture. I quickly walked over while my photographer tried to take as many photos as possible. 

The sunshine behind me turned out to be the best lighting effect. The fruity heels and lime green skirt added some refreshment to the crisp and airy morning. As usual, every cloud has a silver lining. 

New York Fashion Week 2015- Blogger streetstyle- Crystal Phuong

New York Fashion Week 2015- NYFW Street style blogger- Crystal Phuong

New York Fashion Week- Crystal Phuong- Streetstyle outfit

New York Fashion Week 2015- Fashion Blogger Crystal Phuong- Streetstyle

New York Fashion Week 2015- Streetstyle- Shoes and bag

New York Fashion Week- Crystal Phuong streetstyle

New York Fashion Week- Crystal Phuong on Gettyimages

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Photos: Evelyn Lee

Black vintage cropped top- Similar here and here
BYSI skirt- Similar here and here
Rene Caovilla fruity sandals




Many people were born with a belief that we can't change what will happen to us and destiny is a fixed road for everybody. I used to have the same thinking when I was in Vietnam. I should get married after graduating from school, have kids, and be a housewife like many other girls. A part of me said that this was the right things to do, but the other part kept telling me to go out of my comfort zone. I was so young; I should explore the world as much as I could.

At the age of twenty, I decided to give up a decent monthly paycheck from two jobs: a secretary by day and a dance instructor by night to pursue further studies in Malaysia. Having only one thousand dollars in my pocket, I started my new life in a new country, with no friends, no relatives. Nothing. It was extremely hard at first, but things got better along the way after I made new friends, had a new job, and became familiar with a new lifestyle. But as soon as I had a chance to settle down, that little voice in my head started questioning me once again about what I wanted to do with my life, who I wanted to become, and where I wanted to live. I couldn't find the answer. I just had to keep looking.
From a secretary and dance instructor in Vietnam to a marketing executive and vice principal of a dance studio in Malaysia, I took another leap of faith to start a brand new chapter in a new country: Singapore.

A fashion blog was born and when it was nominated in Singapore Best Fashion Blog Finalist, I realized that I had to be more responsible for what I wrote every day. I spent so much time and energy on this blog that I slowly gave up my dancing passion. I used to say "Dancing is my life", but now, guess what? Blogging is my life. I can spend days and nights thinking of creative content, attractive visual, and meaningful stories to share with all of you. It makes my day when people tell me that my stories inspire them to be stronger and more confident in themselves.
Is it a final change? I don't know. But I knew that if I didn't make these changes, I wouldn't be as happy as I am right now. I could blame the destiny and feel regret for not making any move, or I could take a risk and be proud of what I've done.

I always believe that we can't change who we are, but we can always change who we want to be. Destiny is not the matter of chance; it's a matter of choice.
I don't know what changes will I make next, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm shaping my life, my destiny. One step at a time. What about you?

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by SK-II to promote a global campaign #ChangeDestiny. For more information about the campaign, please visit this website
Watch this video to discover a similar story. How a lawyer-turned- fashion designer, Priscilla Shunmugam, overcame her obstacle to follow her dream. 




Fashion Blogger Crystal Phuong interviewed fashion designer, Zac Posen

Many of you, who follow me on Instagram and Facebook, have probably known about my interview with one of the world's famous fashion designers, Zac Posen, when I was in New York for fashion week last month. You can watch the video here if you haven't done so. 

The most common questions that people asked me when I came back to Singapore were: How was Zac Posen? How was your interview with him? Was he friendly? etc.... I have already answered these questions in this article. But then I thought, maybe I should talk more about what's behind the scene to take you through this amazing experience with me. Because I love you very much, and I know you love Zac Posen as much as I do. 

1. Was Zac Posen friendly?
Absolutely. Zac Posen is every A-list celebrity's favorite designer in Hollywood. From Rihana, Naomi Campbell to Coco Rocha, Kim Kardashian, everyone loves wearing his designs. Many people think superstars are not friendly and approachable, but that doesn't apply to Zac. He shook everyone's hands, said hello to everyone in his booth that day, and answered every single question that we had for him. A smile was always on his face. He even gave me a tote bag that was customized for the event. I have been a huge fan of Zac Posen and his designs, and I love him even more after this. Who wouldn't?

Crystal Phuong and fashion designer, Zac Posen- New York Fashion Week 2015

Zac Posen tote bag

2. I was so nervous that I almost gave up.
Two days before the interview, I was asked by the PR Agency whether I could do an interview with Zac Posen. Although I told them that I could, I was actually freaked out. "It's Zac Posen that you will be interviewing, you know?"- I asked myself. I was nervous and I was excited at the same time. I have always been dreaming of becoming a TV presenter and interviewing celebrities, but when the opportunity came knocking the door, I started feeling doubtful of myself. Only after receiving the second email confirmation, I realized that this was real. I had to go for it and do it really well. I hope I did.  

Interviewing fashion designer Zac Posen- Coterie Trade Show 2015

3. I spent US$500 on this interview. 
We had a superb camera with us, but it was meant for photo taking only. I didn't bring my videography equipment with me because, as I mentioned earlier, I didn't know that I would be interviewing celebrities during fashion week; I left all of my video equipment at home. I could make use of natural lighting and voice recording function from my iPhone, but I wanted to do a good interview and be professional. I went to B & H electronic store in Manhattan and bought an external video lighting, microphone, external hard drive, all of which cost me US$500. 

4. I stayed up until 5 am to get myself prepared.
Although I follow Zac Posen on his social media, it is very hard to keep up with many amazing things that he does. This includes being a judge of "Project Runway", a Creative Director of Brooks Brothers, a designer of his own labels Zac Posen, ZAC Zac Posen, Truly Zac Posen, I don't know how a person can do many different things in a day, but Zac seems to have no problem with it. I read every article about him on the internet, watched many of his interviews to make sure I wouldn't ask him the same questions that everyone else did. By the time, I was done researching, the clock ticked 5 am. I quickly grabbed 3 precious hours left to rest so that I could get ready by 9 am for the interview. I was exhausted, but I felt so satisfied. If I had to do it all over again, I definitely would. 

There you have it. The four things that you didn't know about my interview with Zac Posen. Now you know. Was Zac Posen happy with my interview? I don't know. I hope he was. Even if he didn't like, I would totally understand as I thought I could have done better. 

Perhaps, next time. 

Don't forget to check out Zac Posen's latest collection ZAC Zac Posen Spring Summer 2016. It's beautiful. I guarantee you'll love it.  This is my favorite piece from his collection. 

Zac Zac Posen Spring Summer 2016

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New York Fashion Week 2015- Fashion Blogger- Crystal Phuong

There are some types of clothes that require very minimal or almost no accessorizing and yet can instantly make me feel beautiful inside and out. I'm a sucker for those pieces.

I always believe that finding the right clothes that can portray our personality is so important. They should always bring out who we truly are, make us feel happy and confident in ourselves. I'm not a super adventurous person, but I make an effort to get out of my comfort zone and try new things every now and then. From edgy and preppy styles as seen here and here to tomboy and sweet looks like this one and this one, nothing makes me feel quite like a sophisticated and feminine style does. I feel like I'm myself. This is who I'm and who I want to be. I love the person that I see in the mirror, and believe it or not, the moment I start loving myself, I'll begin a journey with happiness.

This Daydream sheer crop top and the Moonage peplum skirt from Michelle Worth Label are the type of clothes that I'm talking about. I was introduced to Michelle Worth, a Jakarta- based fashion label, at the end of June. As you might know, I'm quite selective on which brand I want to collaborate with nowadays, but when I first looked at their designs, I couldn't say No. Fascinating silhouettes with modern cuttings, delicate lace details, and beautiful embellishments, these dresses are tailored for women with a sense of artistic curiosity and an ability to express it through her clothes.

I didn't know what dress they would pick and send me. But, the moment I opened the package, I knew exactly which occasion I'd like to reserve this dress for: visiting and shooting in Central Park in New York City. A beautiful dress like this needs to be at an iconic location, in a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. 

It was so hard to keep a secret for 2 months, but I thought it is really worth the wait. Isn't it?

Thank you so much Michelle Worth for dressing me!

New York Fashion Week 2015- Street style- Crystal Phuong

New York Fashion Week 2015- Fashion Blogger- Crystal Phuong- Travel

New York Central Park- Fashion Blogger- Crystal Phuong

Singapore Fashion Blog- New York Travel- Central Park

Crystal Phuong in Central Park- New York City- Singapore travel blog

New York Fashion Week 2015- Fashion Blogger- Crystal Phuong in Michelle Worth

New York Fashion Week 2015- Fashion Blogger- Crystal Phuong in Michelle Worth dress at Central Park

New York Fashion Week 2015- Crystal Phuong day 6 streetstyle

Singapore fashion blog- New York Fashion Week 2015- Crystal Phuong

Fashion Blogger- Crystal Phuong- Central Park, New York City

Valentino rainbow-multicolor rock stud heels

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Photos: Evelyn Lee

Daydream sheer crop top & moonage peplum pencil skirt- Thanks to Michelle Worth
Watch: Michael Kors