November 27, 2006 Crystalicious 0 Comments

22 years ago on 5th Nov, there was a super cute baby girl said hello to the world. 22 years later, the baby girl now has become a mature girl with so many hopes, dreams and ambitions. Ok! I assume you know who I'm talking about. Anyway, although my birthday passed 2 weeks ago, but this month hasn't ended yet so it's still considered my month, thus I just wanna share with you my 22nd birthday party. Nothing much, except this was the second party in oversea which was really memorable whilst the first one had nobody with me, no flower, no candle, no cake... So sad :(.

Some friends and students brought a surprise to me by buying birthday cake and celebrating party for me in the studio. They were very cheeky when they asked me to take the very small candle stuck in the birthday cake without using hands. I didn't know that's a trap so when i used my mouth to take the candle, they pushed my head into the cake... The result was my face full of cream with different colors and I looked like a clown with a big tomato nose....I was very naive, wasn't I? Anyway, that's not much on my birthday, but i was really happy and thankful to all of you who were with me on that day and who remembered my day. Besides, I also had a very nice and sweet dinner which was unforgettable. So thank you so much and let's share with me some of the photos and enjoy my birthday before it comes to an end. And till we meet next year....:d

Who can guess what did i wish? :p

With Ivy and other students

When i was picking up the small candle from the cake.....

and that's how it ended.