February 26, 2007 Crystalicious 3 Comments

So lazy! I opened my blog few times, but didn't feel like writing a new post at all. It seems all of my friends are busy with their New Year celebrations, and I'm alone in my room :( Too bad. Anyway, I am going to write down something about my New Year celebration have just passed...

I spent 1 week with my friend's family to celebrate with them since New Year's Eve until 4th Jan (Lunar Calendar). It was a great time for me when I felt like staying in my own house. Everyone in the family was so friendly that made me feel really comfortable. I went to visit their relatives, helped them to hold a BBQ party, we went to the beach near their house and went to the temple to pray for luck. Especially, I had a chance to meet up few Vietnamese girls who get married here with Chinese men. They are really happy. And this New Year, I received a few ang pows (lucky money) from some people that I didn't know them before at all... What a good luck to start a new year! And here are some photos that I want to share with u on that day I went to the beach and temple with my friend's family.

Sometimes, I realize happiness comes from very small simple things. What about your New Year celebration, did you have a good one?


  1. Qin-Cao, Nancy! I think your chinese new year celebration is more happening than mine. Mine was still good, according to rite, having reunion dinner at new year eve. This year, my mum served steam boat and the best part was heavy rain outside. The rain came at the right time! The rest of the day, I just visited some old friends few places. Wow, lying at the beach is so good during this long holidays!

  2. Xin chao, Lizard! Hahah you still remember what I've taught u. My New Year celebration was good, there was only bad thing is i became a snake after that becoz of sun burnt :( Don't know when it can be recovered back.