July 06, 2007 Crystalicious 7 Comments

It has been such a very long time, I haven't bought any flower to put in my house since I lived in Msia. Last time, in Vietnam, I used to buy flowers every Saturday morning just to display in my house to make my house become more lively and beautiful. But now it's hard for me to buy any flower here (not available in the market like in Vietnam) and some more it's expensive, i guess. So I just forget about it! That's a luxurious habit for me now.

But what a surprise! It's really BIG surprise to me that my dearest friend, yesterday, he bought me a bunch of roses the type of rose the most. Honestly, this is the second time I've received a bunch of flowers as a gift. First time was the end of my dance performance, my partner gave me a Lilly flower to thank me for helping him. And now, the second time. That's not Lilly, that were Roses.

I got into his car, we went to watch movie  "Transformers"... It's very nice and attractive movie, but I'm not talking about the movie here, OK? You guys better go and watch yourself :D (so rude am I???) :D

He covered the bunch of roses by his shirt and asked me not to put my bag on it. I was wondering what's wrong with him today? Why he is acting weird? :p. But then, after that he asked me to hang up the shirt, i saw a bunch of roses, a very beautiful rose indeed. So sweet! ^o^

You know, what my reaction that time? I was so happy that I couldn't say any word, couldn't shout out loud. I just hide my face and not let him see it getting red because of happiness and shyness.

Accidentally, the color of my cloth that I was wearing was exactly same with the color of the roses as if those roses were made for me only :D. I had to pinch on my cheeks... It was painful that meant I was not dreaming... But everything was as beautiful as a dream...

Thank for the sweet dream that you brought to me, my dear!!!! :)
P/S: A random post just to share my happiness...


  1. Christine2:54 PM

    Eh hem! Who is he? ;) So sweeeeeet :D

  2. Jacky6:27 PM

    You look so adorable with all these flowers :)

  3. i think u love the flowers more than the person who sent it to you ... hehe...

  4. Thanks Jacky

    @Ka: Based on what you think i love flowers more than the one who sent flowers to me? :D
    You keep track on me ah? lolz

  5. any celebration ???
    on just a confession ? hehe

  6. Hmmm, ofcos on that day we did have a celebration and confession :D
    Flowers mean confession and movie and other things are celebration :p

  7. @Christine: I think you know who is he, no need to ask :p