Being busy with all happiness, sadness, business in my personal life, I totally forgot the very important day of You. I did remind myself about this date 16 August before that few days. I did plan to do something for you on your important day. But by the end, I FORGOT. How could I let this happen. I'm sure, that day, so many people came to celebrate with you, to wish you all the best thing. It's so bad that nobody in the family called me just to share with me the happy moment that you were having even it's through the phone. :( How could I turn back time??? I feel so bad and I'm so selfish. I'M SORRY MOM, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU. 




As promised, I'm here after Penang trip. However, this time, attending the dinner, I didn't have to wear Malaysian clothes, so no interesting picture for you to see whether I look like a Malaysian girl or not :D.
But I have some sort of other photos as well. This is not the first time I've been to Penang. The first trip was also sweet and excellent to me.
We went to the beach (the hotel was near to the beach actually, how nice!!!).

We went to the park 

And we went to the temple. I think some of you might know this temple because it's so famous. Can you see the Buddha statue on top behind me? )

And back to the sea again:

So basically, the first trip we already went: "up to the mountain, down the sea, back to nature" :D. I was satisfied! And this time is the second Penang trip. Not much up and down, we purposely came to Penang for a dinner (Celebration 32nd National convention of Apex clubs of Malaysia.) And the interesting thing is: I'm not even a member of this club. I was invited by a member

Taking a quick photo with the boyfriend before checking in:

Few random photos before going to the dinner. I took so many, but I don't want to flood up my blog, so I just show you 3 of them :D

This is our room... You see how nice it is! But the nicest in this hotel I think is the toilet paper

Dinner time.After dinner

This trip was a family trip, thus not many people joined us, but so far we all had a very happy time.

Till next time, Penang! 




Another week has passed by. Time flies so fast to me. I have been trying to keep my blog updated but I still cannot manage to do it as last time, 1 day 1 post. Even now when I'm updating this post, I'm also not home. I felt like my blog is telling me:
-"Sister you are ignoring me, now you are so busy with your bla bla bla, you didn't take care of me as last time. I'm so jealous" :(
- (Sighhh)... But don't worry, today I'm going to feed you 2 "meals"... So you have "food" to restore while I'm away during a 1 week time, OK

First meal: MY HAND DRAWING PORTRAIT (The excellent work of my friend names Kong)
Frankly, I didn't know him at first. (I don't know whether you know me or saw me before, maybe) I only knew him through friend's friend's blog. So complicated??? OK take it easy! My boyfriend's friend named Sook Yee. And I knew Kong through SookYee's blog. So what he knows about me and I know about him basically just through the text chat and the photo he saw me through my blog. I didn't expect that he is going to draw a portrait for me. But he really did! And even faster than I thought. I received his email when I'm away from home, which includes my hand-drawing portrait. And HERE IT IS:
Well, I have to say thank you so much for your kindness and enthusiasm, Kong. You did a great job and I really like it.
So friend, if you want him to draw a portrait for you. Just leave your comment here and i think if it's not FOC, I hope he is going to charge you cheaper... Definitely you can't compare with me because I HAVE IT FOR FREE!
Once again, thank you so much, Kong. Hope to see you one day!

Second meal: SONY T20, THE PINK OF LOVE
Last week, on Saturday, me and my BB went to 1Utama to buy a new digital camera for me. I thought of buying it for so long ago, but I was so lazy to do and quite confused with so many models nowadays. And the other thing is I'm silly at all the digital, computer stuffs. But this time, i really trust on my BB's experience.
We went there and looked for quite a number of models. I personally like Sony (i don't know why, just the feeling) so I purposely looked at all Sony's cameras. Wow, I really love all the models that the salesman (also my BB's friend) recommended. And I didn't know what to choose. Everyone is good and beautiful. I was confused and looked forward to my BB's decision. And finally, we've got one. And HERE, YOU SEE!

At first, I like pink color, but then i was thinking black color, maybe looks more professional and usable (for both man and lady). I wanted to change it into black color, but finally we still kept the pink with us. Nice???

This is the model Sony T20. We bought it with leather case and 2GB memory card. And the price all together costed me RM1xxx.... So far I satisfied with this camera because it's nice and reasonable.... A Big clap for you Babe instead of thanking you. :)
Last news. I'm going to Penang again this weekend, so I will be away almost 1 week. No new post from me, but I will check my blog regularly. And when I'm back, I will share with you some photos in which I'm going to wear Malaysian traditional cloths (if)... Well, must be interesting because i myself can't imagine how do i look in Malaysian costumes.... Let's wait and see :D!!!
Enjoy your week!




"Your blog is so boring!!!! One week already never update any new thing. 

Yes, I know! The reason is I was busy with my study, my exam because this is my final year. There are a lot of projects, assignments that I have to handle plus with my work, teaching and teaching and another plus, my personal life. All these require me to put more concentration on them than on my blog. There was the time I wanted to update something, but too much stress and worry pulled my mood down completely so I just didn't bother anything. I know some of you are also very busy because I didn't see your appearance on my blog as often as last time. Well, I won't blame you for that because I was so busy too.

And now, it's time for me to relax and to blog because I've just finished my exam so well (Yeahhhh). You couldn't know how happy I felt when I left the exam hall after the last paper... My stress was released completely and I felt so light that I could fly up to the sky :D (Of course I have wings). After the exam, me and my friends decided to celebrate our well-done examination by shopping session at Bukit Bintang from 12pm to 7pm. Let's me show you some of the photos on that day:

Yvonne! Stop acting Cute, please!!! :D
Don't look at my drink!!!! Let's look at my Rodenstock sun-glasses! Is it nice? All of my friends said: It looks good on me! How do you think?

It's a really great time for me to hang out with them and have fun. I think it's 4 months I haven't gone shopping. The feeling is so great and I feel really happy... Well, I should say: Sometimes on the road of life, we should stop for a moment just to relax and enjoy the fun of it rather than working non-stop and the result at the end of the road is:...............We all die when we are old.
~The end~
P/S: Anyone wants to ask me to go shopping??? :D I'm enjoying my life now :p