August 01, 2007 Crystalicious 6 Comments

"Your blog is so boring!!!! One week already never update any new thing. 

Yes, I know! The reason is I was busy with my study, my exam because this is my final year. There are a lot of projects, assignments that I have to handle plus with my work, teaching and teaching and another plus, my personal life. All these require me to put more concentration on them than on my blog. There was the time I wanted to update something, but too much stress and worry pulled my mood down completely so I just didn't bother anything. I know some of you are also very busy because I didn't see your appearance on my blog as often as last time. Well, I won't blame you for that because I was so busy too.

And now, it's time for me to relax and to blog because I've just finished my exam so well (Yeahhhh). You couldn't know how happy I felt when I left the exam hall after the last paper... My stress was released completely and I felt so light that I could fly up to the sky :D (Of course I have wings). After the exam, me and my friends decided to celebrate our well-done examination by shopping session at Bukit Bintang from 12pm to 7pm. Let's me show you some of the photos on that day:

Yvonne! Stop acting Cute, please!!! :D
Don't look at my drink!!!! Let's look at my Rodenstock sun-glasses! Is it nice? All of my friends said: It looks good on me! How do you think?

It's a really great time for me to hang out with them and have fun. I think it's 4 months I haven't gone shopping. The feeling is so great and I feel really happy... Well, I should say: Sometimes on the road of life, we should stop for a moment just to relax and enjoy the fun of it rather than working non-stop and the result at the end of the road is:...............We all die when we are old.
~The end~
P/S: Anyone wants to ask me to go shopping??? :D I'm enjoying my life now :p


  1. Orienman6:50 PM

    Hey, I got this VIP seat at the first row uh???

    It has been such a loooong while since I last 'added' any comment to your Blog.

    So your'e in a very relaxing mood uh? That's good!

    Ever thinking of further your buying spree across the Causeway? Many goodies and bargains awaits you in Singapore (not so if you consider the currency exchange rate though).

    You look great in your over-sized sunglasses. Damn cool I must confess.

    See ya.

  2. Yeahhh, welcome back Orienman...All my posts seem cold without your interesting comments :D Where have you been? How are you?

  3. Congratulate, Nancy..
    Finally finished your exam :)

  4. Jacky2:10 PM

    Now you can enjoy your freedom already :)

  5. Anonymous3:59 PM


    did you really merdeka hah.....u still "student ok".....

    anyway...happy holiday...

  6. Wow, so many comments.

    Thanks Eve! I still have 1 more final exam to go but so far at this moment i'm enjoying and happy :)

    @Jacky: You don't have freedoom do you? Are you in prison now, lolz :D

    @Serembanz: Hey, you don't have to stress on the words "student" ok?
    The most beautiful time in our life is student lifetime you know?