August 13, 2007 Crystalicious 18 Comments

As promised, I'm here after Penang trip. However, this time, attending the dinner, I didn't have to wear Malaysian clothes, so no interesting picture for you to see whether I look like a Malaysian girl or not :D.
But I have some sort of other photos as well. This is not the first time I've been to Penang. The first trip was also sweet and excellent to me.
We went to the beach (the hotel was near to the beach actually, how nice!!!).

We went to the park 

And we went to the temple. I think some of you might know this temple because it's so famous. Can you see the Buddha statue on top behind me? )

And back to the sea again:

So basically, the first trip we already went: "up to the mountain, down the sea, back to nature" :D. I was satisfied! And this time is the second Penang trip. Not much up and down, we purposely came to Penang for a dinner (Celebration 32nd National convention of Apex clubs of Malaysia.) And the interesting thing is: I'm not even a member of this club. I was invited by a member

Taking a quick photo with the boyfriend before checking in:

Few random photos before going to the dinner. I took so many, but I don't want to flood up my blog, so I just show you 3 of them :D

This is our room... You see how nice it is! But the nicest in this hotel I think is the toilet paper

Dinner time.After dinner

This trip was a family trip, thus not many people joined us, but so far we all had a very happy time.

Till next time, Penang! 


  1. Jacky1:17 PM

    Is he your boyfriend? He is the one?

  2. Christine5:37 PM

    New hair cut??? Look so young :) I think i also have to cut my hair :D

  3. @Jacky: Why you ask so many times only the same question, lolz....So you think who he is?

    @Christine: Better don't cut hair, please. People want to grow hair also cannot, you want to cut...But short hair looks nice on me huh, lolz

  4. wow..

    so fast got family affair opps dinner already hah??.. everything seems going well!! Bravo girl.. bravo.

    ermm.. the rounded guy doesn't look so bad next to the gorgeous after all..

  5. Hahahha SookYee....Because I had known everyone in his family before i knew him....So he was the last one i knew, i think...Surprise????lolz

  6. Dunno whether he or his family member loves me more because so far his mom only bought him rice with chicken but bought for me rice with chicken plus pig, lolz....How ah?

  7. because u look like a pig (keep eating) that why u got chicken plus pig .. hahahaha

    anyway nice trip to penang, i going to visit penang end of year too, but not yet book hotel. which hotel u stay ?? nice or not ?

  8. Do i really look like pig?
    I'm better than pig mah, somemore i don't eat that much...(sigh)

    Last trip i stayed in G-hotel...Around RM169/day...The hotel very nice...As i said, even the toilet paper also nice, lolzz...You can ask my bf also because he the one booked the hotel, so he knows better...

  9. Jacky8:14 PM

    Ohhh, so my guess before was correct!!!! You look happy. Wish you always happy my dear.
    Lucky guy! you must be special. Congrat!

  10. Thank Jacky...Yes, i'm happy everyday :). Wish you be happy too

  11. hilo hilo.....
    FYI, the G-hotel is not on that rate ya....
    because we book under cooperate rate, therefore only with that price.
    if i not mistaken, it RM250 - 300 per night!

    why not search on the travel site on net and find out more!


  12. Sound like a very nice trip. You look very pretty with the black dress, did u made it? Coz this remind me of the dress Ivy wore on the anniversary.

    Pass this message to Kim, she looks so slim and pretty ..proud of her.

  13. Thank MeiYee, this dress is a gift from my student not i made...But the pink i worn on your birthday last year is self-made...together with Ivy's one.

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  15. I don't treat it like a Game to post and delete randomly. Sorry for that. If you want to do that, please do from ur site.

  16. Anonymous12:20 PM

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    but u'r playing the game now!

  17. I think anonymous attending my game too. I'm not good at game so far and i can count on my fingers how many time , i play game in my life

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