November 07, 2007 Crystalicious 12 Comments

One day passed after my actual birthday, but I still received many wishes, celebration, gifts from friends (some of my gifts even are on the way coming to me, so happy :p). I received a special glass from a special person ;), cloths, cosmetic, the book that I wanted to buy for so long, accessories and even... money (don't envy me :p). I felt that my birthday is not only 1 day (5th Nov), it's always 1 week birthday or even more than that.

Happy 24th birthday to me!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank to all my friends, my students, brothers, sisters who did give me a big surprise on my day especially deeply, greatly thank to my lovely boyfriend- Por. He is the one who made my day become more meaningful to me and brought happiness to me. Thank you sweetheart! It's been a great and extremely memorable year for me! Thank you all! Sharing with you a few great moments of mine. On my birthday, I have surprised birthday dinner at Friday Restaurant with all sisters, brothers,...

I have my students with me on my belated birthday dinner...They are so cool and funny :D

I have my birthday cake which is presented by Shall We Dance Studio (another surprise)



  1. happy belated birthday,crystal.

    well, you should keep it up,
    all this happiness feeling.
    then every day is a happy day
    to you:)

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I already wished you on that day but still want to wish you again. Happy birthday pretty! Be a Crystal shining always in your life. :)


  3. Happy Belated Birthday Crissie!

    Hope you had a happy celebration and hope your wish comes true!

    Sorry, I didnt know earlier >.<

  4. Happy Birthday Darling!

    Come and grace my blog with your presence, please! I've not heard from you in months!

    Great stuff you've been posting, you look like you've been having a lotta fun out there in Malaysia... take care!

    "Vol 2"...

  5. Thank you, guys! Thank for all your sweetest words and support.
    Yes I'm trying to be happy day by day!

    Wish you all happy too :)

  6. wah.......also pls find a photo that i look more handsome can ah?

    then sure happy one lah

  7. still havent find a better looking photo ah?????

  8. Dunno which photo you consider better looking. To me, every photo is also nice :D

  9. This photo is better or not? If not better, than also don't want to change already :D

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