December 15, 2007 Crystalicious 4 Comments

Lately, there is nothing new in my life to talk about. I totally run out of idea what to blog and I guess so do you. Perhaps, year ends, everyone seems busy with your own things. To me, nothing to complain ^_^ even just for fun. So bored! However, there was a memorable event for me at the end of the year.

Maybe some of you know that I will be graduating very soon (1 more week to enjoy my studying time while it lasts). And this final year, I had an honor to represent my university among thousands of students to attend a big conference of the year: NATIONAL MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE in Mandarin Oriental hotel on 5th Dec. I didn't know that I was chosen to attend this conference until last minute 4th Dec in the morning, my faculty staff called me to inform that. At first, I was so angry because of this last minute informing (you guys know that I hate doing thing at the last minute notice because I don't like to be arranged by people). At first, I wanted to say no because I had to work on that day. However, they said "It's compulsory". What to do?

Next morning, I woke up so early at 6.30pm to prepare, to make up, to dress up... and tried to reach the hotel at sharp 8.30am. Wow! So many people there and I felt that I was so small girl among all of the big managers, CEO, M.D of so many companies, a thousand of people I think. Luckily, that day I was wearing a formal suit. It made me feel a bit more confident because at least I didn't look like small girl in the adult event :D even though I'm working now. You see!

The event started at sharp 9a.m after we had breakfast served by the hotel. So yummy the food there!.  The conference took place quite long, from 9am until 6pm. However, we had a lot of breaks in between. Perhaps, this conference was organized for the BIG BOSSES of the companies (of course including me) thus, every time during break, we were served so nice foods and drinks. I couldn't remember how much food and drink I had but overall, I had a chance to travel from Japan with sushi king to western countries with all western food, Vietnamese food as well. The conference seemed to be shorten and not boring because of that.

All day long, I also had a chance to learn so many management experience from so many managers, CEOs of the big company. They came to share their ideas and knowledge. We had free books, free gift, free meals, free drink. Everything was free because my classmate had sponsored me for that. It worths almost RM1k to attend that conference. In conclusion, I felt happy and proud of myself for what I've gained during my study here.

Open ceremony, I don't know how they did that. They managed the ball to fly from outside to inside and stop right away on the stage for the Chairman of Public Bank to get the key then open the door. It was very interesting and creative.

Do I look like a young CEO in the future? Pretend to be serious a bit because everybody is so serious now. Hehehe

We had a chance to talk and learn from the Managing Director, Robert Herbold, formerly Bill Gate's COO of Microsoft. He had delivered such an excellent speech on that day. I got a Free book Seduced by Success from him, worth RM111. ^_^

Overall, everything was great! But I what I love the most in the hotel is....the toilet. It's so nice. 

So if you guys have any friend wants to book a room in the hotel, do recommend this one. When you there to visit your friend and by the way......hi.hi. lolz...

That day, my day ended at 10pm because after that conference, I had to rush back to teach in a studio. I was too tired to teach 2 classes, so I have to cancel 1. Tired, but overall, it was a good and meaningful day.

And today is.........Saturday :D. So happy weekend to all.


  1. Ya, the hotel is really great & nice.

    But the price is even "great" too...

  2. Proud of you:) Keep it up!

  3. Of course got water lick your ass. it's definitely expensive. The room there is very nice too. I heard it's 6 stars hotel, isn't it?

  4. Nope la.. It's only 5 star hotel, & it's the most expensive hotel at KL area.

    But, having meeting/ conference at MO really nice. The environment, services, food, etc all are satisfied people.

    You are so lucky to attend the conference there. Do well~