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"...Good night" <~Message sent~> but I still couldn't sleep. Turn off then turn on the computer again, but I don't know what to do...Ok, then I write blog.

Tonight, I'm headache. Tonight I'm tired. Tonight I worry. Tonight I'm scared. Tonight I miss home. Tonight I feel lost. And tonight I'm sleepless.

Perhaps, BECAUSE....

My final exam really makes me headache. Not because it's difficult, but I can't concentrate on it 100%.


There are too many things, too many works to do. People say because I'm so greedy. I have no explanation for this. Sometimes, I ask what if I quit one? But the answer is IMPOSSIBLE because it's life and I was born with it.


The newspaper came out today was talking about foreign workers in Malaysia without working permit, including Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam. They are now under the strict supervision of police and been suffering the pain from the body to the soul, even more than that. I feel so much worry them and for someone.


I'm trying to be so tense to overcome everything. I'm trying to be strong girl to face whatever shit happens in life. That's why I'm tired. Actually, I can cry anytime If I can't take it anymore. And this moment, I just want to go home. Suddenly, I feel lost my interest of everything. EVERYTHING.


I don't know whether the way I'm going is right, but I haven't seen any exit yet. Where will I be in next spring? I'm supposed to know what, how, where my life would be. However, it's funny that I couldn't answer this question now.

Maybe I'm a too complicated girl. Maybe I worry too much. But at the present, I couldn't control... I couldn't help.
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