Feb 25, 2008


As promised to you guys earlier when I was in Vietnam, I'll update to you my latest image :D. I told you that I'd cut off my hair and made a new style. It cost me RM17x including perm, treatment, color, cut. It was pretty cheap compare to here. Well, some said I look older, some commented I look younger. I don't know whether they were telling me lie. But anyway, new hair style made me feel much better. Crystal today is so much different that my colleagues also couldn't reckoned me when I came to office.

Some have seen me, I think because I was back almost half of the month, but some are far away from me, I hope you guys are not too shock when you are seeing this :D.

Don't look at the 2 glasses of beer, OK? It's not mine. :D Someone will think "i'm the type of alcoholic and naughty type" Whatever!

Photos were taken when we went to the BamBoo pub on last Saturday 23th and coincidentally it was one of my student's bday too. So we went there and had fun, drank, danced and wished her "Happy birthday". So any of you guys want to join us next time, please let me know, i will inform you, I promise ;) I didn't get drunk that night, just drank enough to join them until 2am then we went back home. The feeling was pretty good and i think everyone was happy. And Yes!

Crystal is Back from YESTERDAY (the night before i went back)

to NOW:

Not even a month, but look like 2 different people, i feel, lolzz...Good? :D

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  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Look sexier, kekeke. Good to see you happier. Keep it up dear!


  2. wow RM 17 for perm and stuff, that's so cheap!

  3. where got RM17? it's RM170 plus plus lah. You think that' cheap meh :D hahaha...How are you Seizhin

  4. wow...RM170++ can do so many thing....cut,perm,colour,treatment.....is damn cheap!!!!