November 09, 2008 Crystalicious 3 Comments

I had three birthday celebrations last couple of days. Usually people have one birthday, but I had three birthdays for this Nov. As usual, always dance- studio, friends, company. So I had my first birthday celebration on 4th Nov in Shall We Dance studio. To be honest, I wasn't surprised on that day because I knew you guys surely did something for me, so I just wait. You guys made me happy! That's the most important things. Ok, here it goes! 4th November: This year, I blew the candles thrice but didn't wish anything. I forgot! :(

I don't like chocolate but this cake tastes not bad at all. These are my girls!
and my boys
I love my students so much! I'm so lucky to have such excellent students. They bought me this little "toy" because they knew I love sewing. I love this toy so much.Now I can make a dress for myself, my a cloth, do whatever I want with this little cutie sewing machine. Show you my sewing corner! See! I told you! I not only know how to eat, how to party but I also know how to do housework and sewing clothes. I'm proud of me! Making dancing costume for my students 5th November, On my actual day, I was brought to Damansara Uptown to have the best steak for dinner. It was my first time to visit this restaurant. When I and my friend came in, there was almost full house. The concept of this idea is very creative, a mixture of classic and modern style. Music was playing in classical type, but the wooden wheel and the chair are exactly like on a ship. It reminds me of the movie "The Pirate of Caribean". Not having candle light dinner, but I had a good and romantic dinner too with the dim light, the light music, nice food, and good company. This was what i had that night! Black mushroom with medium cooked beef steak and veggies (my favourite, super yummy ^_^)
Fruit and vegetable salad

Honeydew drink! And, of course, I had my little birthday cake offered by the restaurant Did I eat too much???? Alvin- who wants to be seen as Mr. Mysterious.
6th November: I've had a very luxurious dinner at Saujana Hotel on Friday. It was a company dinner, arranged to celebrate the birthday for the staff. We were looking forward to dressing up nicely for this special event. My other colleagues were even more excited than me. It was my first time I've been to this hotel, although my company usually has training here. Beautiful view, nice ambiance, and especially tasty food. I've tried a few hotel food: Eastin, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Holiday Vila, but the buffet in Saujana is so much nicer. I ate non-stop that night. Show you the photos to believe: As usual, cam-whoring from outside: @ the lounge
To inside: the Suria dining house.
Here they serve many different types of food. From Eastern type: salad, bread, butter, cheese, etc..

To Western type: I think this is the Thai tom yam...And not forget to mention my favorite Japanese food. 
Last but not least: Dessert time. For those who are dessert lovers, I think you hardly control if you were here. Ok, i think it's enough for food display. After dinner, it was time for gifts.
And the birthday girl. Thank you so much everyone for the well wishes, lovely dinners, birthday cakes and gifts. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.


  1. Jacky5:44 PM

    Wow, so happening your birthday! So did you receive a lot of presents? :)

  2. Ok ok Jacky! :D I'm still waiting for some oversea pressie, hehehe :D

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