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I should have written the Crystal's traveling episode a long time ago. But...nevermind, I'll start now. So previously, I have a few traveling episodes to Hochiminh and Hanoi from Malaysia. I had a last minute trip back to Singapore on Thursday afternoon and left on Sat morning. It was urgent and unpleasant. This was the 4th time I visited Singapore. The previous trips were for dance competitions, so I didn't have much time to enjoy as a tourist. This time, I took a full advantage. I booked a ticket with the First Coach to travel to Singapore by bus.

The bus was clean, the service was good. It made the 8-hour bus ride more pleasant and enjoyable. My round trip ticket cost me RM115 (quite reasonable I think). During the waiting time, they gave me a complimentary drink (coffee). While on board, they gave a bottle of mineral water and a small bread. The seat was so comfortable that I could lie down. They have a small TV installed in front of my seat. I didn't expect so many great things from a public bus to be honest. I arrived in Singapore around 10pm. The first meal I ordered as soon as I arrived in Singapore and It was quite disappointing.

Compared to the KFC meal in Malaysia, my regular fried chicken set looked like a set meal for kids. It was S$3.50 in total which equaled to RM7.(Malaysia ringgit). I would never try KFC in Singapore again, I told myself.

After dinner, I managed to find my way to the hotel, Fragrance Rose hotel with a little help from some random people. I thought I just needed the hotel name and the driver would get me there. Had I known there were many Fragrance hotels in Singapore, I would have jotted down the hotel address. There was a kind lady who called every Fragrance hotels in Singapore to see if they had a reservation under my name. She found that my reservation was under Fragrance Rose hotel, gave me the hotel address and her phone number in case I got lost. I could call to "bother" her again. I was touched beyond words.

After twenty minutes, I made it to my hotel room.

The hotel was pretty small. It was big enough to fit the queen-size bed and a table. That's about all.  I had a Queen size bed so I was happy.

Small makeup table with some complimentary coffee and mineral water

This is the washroom, it's also a small as the bedroom.

I thought I could sleep right after the hot shower, but I was wild awake so I watched some movies until 3am. Next day, I woke up at 8am to get ready for a breakfast with my friend, Kevin whom I knew since I was in Malaysia. Kevin wanted to join dance competitions again and he couldn't find a good partner in Singapore. He contacted me while I was in Kuala Lumpur and he drove all the way there to practice dancing and drove back. 16-hour journey back and forth. Although, he was so dedicated and willing to do everything for his passion. I just thought it wasn't worth it for him so I convinced him to look for a partner in Singapore. We remained friends since we stopped our dance partnership. I hadn't seen him for 3 years since then.

Next morning, Kevin picked me up from the hotel. He brought me to TCC- The coffee Connoisseur for breakfast. Such a sweet guy!

Posing at the entrance to the restaurant. And this is the main entrance! So quiet, cozy and cool!

  This "Sunny Side Up" breakfast made my day!

and the coffee.

Kevin's breakfast looked tasty too! 

Luxurious decor in the restaurant
  and the bathroom


After breakfast, he brought me to a park called "The Hort park"- 23-hectare regional park in South-Western Singapore with various types of colorful trees, silvery, grayish, whitish, and golden leave plants.

The first man-made flat bridge leads to the park. There are so many types of fishes under. Can you see them swimming?

  The main entrance of the park! Spotted the pink chair at the open air- restaurant and I just had to. 
A little dramatic photoshoot going on here. Just kidding!
Just some ideas and inspiration to bring nature to your home. The living room.
  The kitchen.

The real flower deco on the kitchen wall! You can even do it anywhere you want too: corridor, etc..

The dining room! The left side is the dining table actually and the right side is the door open to the small garden.
  What happened whenever I saw a camera pointing at me. The lounge

  Outdoor area

Felt a little bit tired, but always camera-ready.

It was about 2pm that time. I couldn't stay any longer coz my bus to Malaysia was scheduled to leave at 3pm. So we quickly went off and had lunch at the Secret Recipe! That was fantastic too! Thanks to my dear Kevin for taking care of me on that day! I definitely will come back SG again for a longer trip! I'm very sure! 



  1. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Hi, may i know what skin care product you are using? Your skin looks so smooth and flawless :)Nice

  2. 1) I can imagine your response when you saw the PIIIIIIINK CHAIR. hmmm... ... :)

    2) Thanks for notifing me the "different" between the snack plate of SG & Msia. Will defenately not order this menu if i go to SG next time.

  3. @Anonymous: Oh, i just try to keep my skin clean, and apply some skin toner before i sleep. That's all. I didn't make up that heavy on my face unless for some important events, party.

    @Richy: Yah, you are rite. I was screaming and running toward to chair and lying down on it, lolz...
    So when are u going to SG? :D