My time for Malaysia is over!

April 15, 2009 Crystalicious 2 Comments

I got no ideas what to blog about even though there are so many stories in my life in this period of time. A big change, a big turn on the road. I still feel sad because of leaving all my students and friends there...I need to take sometimes to get used to a new life from now. I left Msia at 3pm in the afternoon on 14th April. I supposed to reach SG at 8pm but there was something happen unexpectedly on the way. I was kept by the immigration officer in Johor for 45 minutes. Not because of i was wearing heavy make up with sexy cloths (i was still sick with very pale face and causual wear). The reason was i overstayed 1 day. I used to go out 1 day before the dateline stamp in the passport, it had no prob. But this time the immigration guy names Faroug said i should go out on 13th. Damn! So unlucky, the bus couldn't wait for me so they left me at Johor with all my luggages. I had to pay penalty RM100 and wait there for 45 mins to get the receipt. Luckily, the officer is just so nice. He waited for the bus with me and until the First Coach bus came, he just talked to the driver. They let me to get in to continue my journey. I really heartfelt appreciated his help that time. While sitting on the bus, i was thinking, sometimes God really give me a lot of obstacles, challenging for me to overcome, to settle. He seems want to train my strength and abilities, doesn't he? But thank to God, whenever i'm having problem, HE always sends an angel help me. I reached Singapore around 10.30pm, was so hungry and exhausted. A friend of mine was waiting for me at the bus station 1 hour ago. He booked the hotel for me, took me to have a nice dinner somewhere: having frog and cold crab. This is the first time i ate cold crab, quite nice :) Ok, just wanna show u the hotel that i stayed: Orchard Parade hotel, 4 luxurious stars hotel. I'm happy.
This is my hotel room :o)
So besides missing Malaysia, everything is fine with me so far. I can't wait to go back and see my parents tomorrow. Gonna stay there for 3 weeks and i will start my new journey. It has been so long i haven't been home, enjoy the breakfast mom cooks, she brings to the bed and wakes me up "Princess, princess, wake up now! Time for breakfast" How nice it is.


  1. Jacky2:52 PM

    Are you ok? Where are you now? Seems like you have some problems here and there? Pls take care dear!

  2. Anonymous3:51 PM


    all the best...where ever you go...i'll always keep u in my heart...