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The pink collection: part II

May 27, 2009 Crystalicious 4 Comments

I know i should have blogged about this long time ago!!! These are all things i wanted to get it on my own. I still remember the last 3 years, i was telling myself that I will try to buy stuffs on my own without asking for money from my parents: my camera, my handphone, my lappi, etc... I was calculating how much it would cost me in total: it was around RM6k- RM7k more or less. And I was thinking i don't know when i could buy all these stuffs. But yeah, for the last 1 year, I did it. I really did it on my own :=). Let's see what i have here! First is my camera. I got it in 2007 if I'm not mistaken. I love Sony- those pinky stuffs just drive me crazy :D
The original one and after I blink it up ;). Sorry for the blurriness of the photo.I should have taken it with a pro cam huh? Second: My HTC handphone. I've been searching for pink PDA handphone for so long but it seems so difficult. Those pinky ones in the market don't really attract me that much in their functions. Ended up, i bought this: HTC Touch 3G. I know it's BLACK color, so what? I can pinken it up ok? :D Put some shining crystals on it too :D
I vote 4 stars for this phone lor coz it's so light, convienent and friendly user especially for a lady with a small palm like me :D It just fits to my hands. With a lot of functions: email, diary, internet wifi, traveling tool (i love this most) ^_^. So what u are looking for? Third is this one. My pinky lappi ^_^. Again, it's in black color but, hmmmm....I have to make it into pink, lolz. Here it is
It's pretty, isn't? rather than just a plain cold black color :D
YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took me half of the day to do this cover. But i think it's worth :pSome of the lappi accessories that i've bought: Of course, they're in pink all. My pink earphone. Don't look at the earphone, look at my pinky crystal nails instead, heheheh e:D
Ok, here are they! The pinky USB hub ratti *love it. It's so cute*, pink USB, pink mouse, oh yah. I got pink cooling pad too *forgot to take photos of it*
A pink lappi bag, just so convenient to travel around with it.
I bought this too, the pink traveling luggage that i kept an eyes on it long time ago :D. It looks like couple luggage huh? :D And these are the things that i bought coincidentally : The pink hair straightener. It so damn hard to look for this type of hair straightener i think. Bought it on Ebay ;) Costed me RM100 ++
The pinky glasses, does it look good on me? ;) There are still plenty of stuffs with me that i've collected. It's not easy to collect those things in pink you know plus it's not cheap either. Haiz, but so far, i'm happy with what i got and still continiue collect my pink stuffs if i can :D Yeah, that's about it. Gonna ciao for dinner! Next post coming up soon! Stay stunned!


  1. Anonymous9:05 PM


    everything is pink....

    ya..i admit it...u are pink

  2. Hello, where are all the pictures from the karaoke at Neway 1U? Take picture here and there but never publish. Tsk tsk

  3. Hello, where are all the pictures from the karaoke at Neway 1U? Take picture here and there but never publish. Tsk tsk

  4. hello, did you check Facebook or not? I upload the photos there on my FB. The Neway karaoke, Richard posted already that why i didn't post it again.