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How do you define a word "SEXY"??? Does it mean we have to wear less clothes, red lipstick, high heels, etc...to be called sexy? No it's not! A person is sexy, regardless what he/she is wearing, he/she will be still sexy from the first look. But I'm not just talking about the outlook in this post. Last Wednesday night, I was invited by Omy.sg to attend this event at Zouk:
At first, when I received email from Omy, I didn't know what this event was about. Thought it might be a party with some hot chics with music, dancing or something. It turned out to be a part with no dancing at all but singing. It was a BOOMZ concert organized by Get Your Sexy Back (GYSB) with many singing performances by local artists, i.e  Da Feng Chui, Project Superstar alumni Carrie Yeo & Chen Di Ya, singer & songwriter Jillian Marie Thomas, and a super star JJ Lin.
If you guys listen to many Chinese songs, you probably know who is he. I didn't know thus I didn't care much. But no doubt, he has a baby face with a cute dimple (like me ^_^) and his voice is sweet. Anyway, back to the event. It was actually a campaign to promote responsible drinking behavior among the youth in Singapore. This is the 3rd year since the first one was launched in December 2007, and the response have been very good! Look at the crowd waiting in front of Zouk, all are still very young.
When I got there, the first thing is....
posing at the banner :D Lovely pink!
After registration, I was sitted at the VIP/ Media area with complimentary drink for the whole night including some beers, fruit juices.
It was such a long time I didn't drink beer until that night.
Lovely and blink decoration on the stage. I'm always attracted to whatever shining and blinking.
Right after the party was heated up by many singing performances, the hottest show of the night was began with JJ's performances.

The tag line for this GYSB campaign is "It's not the drinking, it's how you drinking" which I found it so absolutely true. People, especially youngsters nowadays, like hanging out with friends in public, in clubs, in restaurants more than staying at home. Very often, we see many people (girls and guys) get drunk at the pub. "Ewww, that's horrible! Why the hell they couldn't control their drinking"- 

Why people get drunk? You ask. It could be the following reasons. 
1. Girlfriend goes to the other guy! Drunk! 
2. Boyfriend dumps. Drunk! 
3. Bachelor party! Last night to be a single! Drunk 
4. Happy because just passed the exam! Tomorrow is school holiday. Tonight, we must go bottom-up! So drunk 
5. Wedding dinner! Bride gets drunk, the groom also wants to be drunk. Worst case, some guests are drunk too for the sake of "my best friend got married", they destroy the whole night. 
6. Gathering, farewell, birthday party, etc...
There are so many reasons for people to get drunk. Since many young people nowadays learn how to drink, it's time for us to shout out! Watch your drinking! That's the purpose of this party.
Tell me, have you ever got drunk even once in your life? You'd better be honest here! 
Let me confess, I ever got drunk twice in my entire life. The first time was at my friend's wedding party! The lady right next to me was having a crush with a guy next table, but she couldn't speak out her feeling because she was divorced before. So she drank a lot and kept asking me to bottom up with her. I thought I would be ok, but then I got drunk since when I didn't know. 
The second time was when I broke up with my ex! It's not a good thing to recall. It was damn shameful you know! And it's a horrible memory too! Until now, sometimes I think back, I can't imagine how terrible I looked when I got drunk. Promise! No next time! Keep your living style healthy is the best way to maintain your sexiness.
This is SEXY!
This is NOT!
So which one you want??? Of course, you want to be like me! Then here is the drinking tips for you!
  • Know your Limit!
  • Space Your Drinks—e.g. one per hour (two at the most). Know that all drinks are not created equal. For example, a Long Island Iced Tea may have as many as 3 to 7 shots of alcohol, which can take as long as 2 to 6 hours to metabolize!
  • Don't drink on an empty stomach. You are more likely to get sick and less likely to be able to control yourself when you do drink on an empty stomach.
  • Keep count of the amount of drinks you've drank.
  • Don't drink and drive--Plan ahead for transportation; Use public transport or call a taxi!
  • Stay with people you know and trust, but BEWARE, people's personalities are affected by alcohol use!
  • Alcohol and sex don't mix! The mixture often leads to humiliation, regret, embarrassment, STD's, pregnancy and sexual assault!
  • Never accept a drink from someone you don't know--You don't know what they could have put into it!
  • Careful what you combine! Pay attention to the warning labels on prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Combining alcohol and marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, speed or other drugs can be very dangerous, due to interaction effects.
  • Pregnant or think you might be? Alcohol goes straight from a mother's bloodstream to the unborn baby causing birth defects and other abnormalities.
  • Please don't use alcohol to make yourself feel better when you are depressed--talk it out, go for a walk, listen to music--make some connections. Alcohol will not solve your problems--even if it helps you escape for a few hours. Look at all the people and resources around you--there must be someone you can tell your story to!
  • Know your Limit
  • *from Drinkingtips
  • Again, drink responsibly! Enjoy your party and remember to "Get your sexy back". For more infos about this campaign, check it out HERE

    So, everybody are you ready to get your sexy back? I am!
    P/s: Thanks Omy for inviting me and thanks Sam- my photographer for accompanying me that night!


    1. Glad to know that you know how to control your drinking habit.. :p what an ugly sight of those drunk peeps..

      xxx Raikkonious ;)

    2. I'm trying to recall whether i have seen the pumpkin drunk before. Probably we might need to do it in Phuket, yeahhhh :D