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I love Christmas!

December 28, 2009 Crystalicious 3 Comments

I had an awesome Christmas celebration! What about you??? Sorry for not blogging during Christmas as I was damn busy with many things and some unwanted things happened so I gotta settle thou'. But anyhow, nothing could beat me down the mood for Xmas. I'm super happy and indeed lucky! Two days before Christmas.... I received my personal name card delivered to my office. It's personally designed (*of course I was the one throwing the idea of how I want my name card to be) and the designer just worked out on it. They put things together, printed out and delivered. So here is the piece of art work :D
Purposely mosaiced my contact number so that those strange people can't reach me. I'm not free to talk crap with you and over the cup of coffee, talking about the weather. So do not ask for my contact. Love me? Read my blog and click ads!
One day before Christmas! I flew back Malaysia to have celebration with my boyfriend and to have some important appointments with some people. It was great even though we didn't really do much things like partying out but we had great time together every time I'm back. Wanted to watch Avatar but tickets all were sold out! *blerk. Hate it! Christmas day!!! Woohoooooo! It's about Christmas pressie opening time. I've tweeted many times about my super chio Christmas toy that i have had. This is the one.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Introduce to you....
Inside view!
So mad love with this little cute toy I have! Love the chio size, the swirly flower printed on, the pinky shading keyboard and it's so light. It's even lighter than my handbag i swear!!!
Super cutie, isn't it? Compare to my first lappie, they look like mother and daughter, lolz... Now that people asking me, what are you going to do with 2 laptops? Of course, I need both. One is for traveling usage, one is for heavy usage i.e: Photoshop, music and video editing. Can? Not just that, I even got these for myself!
It's neither hand-phone accessories nor key-accessories. It's 4GB USB ok! Damn powerful capacity in such a tiny body usb lor.
Last pinky toy!
Tadah it's mini-speaker.
I'm super in love with this burger-mini speaker. Dont judge it wrongly by seeing its side. Damn loud! Some more it's pink. Hahaha!!! You guys should get these! I think, they are cheaper in Malaysia than in Singapore. Oh i think that's enough to flood u guys up with all the pink stuffs. I had best Christmas ever with all my loves. Can't demand for more! A day after Christmas. The most exciting thing was I, my boyfriend and Ida (my wedding planner) went to look for my wedding gown. OMGGGG! It was so damn fun! I had my special wedding gown which I can assure it's super unique, sexy ever that no one ever seen before :D So mad love it! Sorry, no photo taken on trying out the gown as the wedding gown only be revealed on the day itself. So you guys gotta wait for it then. But i'm sure it's gonna shock people, lolz. That's all for now. Enjoying the holiday everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


  1. Morning Hun...

    I am sooooo happy for you.. wow what a great gift from Delon.. :)) no wonder you decided to surprise me.. :p

    Hehe.. MY NAME IS THERE AS THE WEDDING PLANNER... HOLLLYYYYYYYYYY SHIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! :)) now the pressure is more.. hope i can do the best for you dear...

    Lots of love, Raikkonious ;)

  2. OMGGGG You are getting married???????? Who is your boyfriend? I thought you are still single?????????
    Heart totally broken

  3. @ Raikkonious: Hahahha I always love to make you surprised :D Put your name there so that you can't run away hehehe

    @ Jacky: Ya lor. I'm going to get married....U should be happy for me :D