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Crystal's traveling episode: 3 days in Phuket (part 2)

I had the first night drinking in Phuket with my gal. Only 2 of us sitting in the bar and ordered 2 bottles of Carlberg. It was pretty cheap compares to the same one in Msia, around RM4 something. No cover charge at all. When we walked into the bar, there were a lot of Western guys sitting while drinking the liqueur, the others were busy hugging the sexy waitresses whom am not sure whether they are female or she-male. But look at the gal behind me, that was SHE-MALE :D. They were starring at both of us with very unfriendly look as if we could take the guests away from them. But who cared? We just wanted to chill out! And God knows when gals are in the mood with some beers and where the story goes, lolz....

  We walked back to the hotel around 3am but trust me, the street was still happening as it was just 8pm, time to start party. And the thing i liked the most about Phuket as i said, it's so safe. No one disturbed us, flirted around even taxi drivers also didn't bother us that much unless you ask for their service. Perhaps, that time, we were the one who worn more cloths than other gals, so we weren't attractive enough, lolz....

*Random photo: Taken at the swiming pool of the hotel at 3.30am, lolz....
. . .
Next morning, i had to wake up at 7am sharp for the next tour to James Bond island. God, that means 2 days i only had 4 hours to sleep. Thank God, I didn't have panda eyes, did i? ;)

Fresh and happy look in the morning. 

My yummy breakfast!

Camwhoring on the bus before we left! I was wearing the pinky flowerish long dress which i bought the night before. It costed me RM15, ^_^ So cheap and definitely matching with my earings and bangles, ;)
  Ok, the first stop of the day was the GEMS FACTORY. Phuket is very famous of real pearl all types, and some natural stones....This is some pure stones: ruby, etc...
Inside the factory where all the workers were so hardworking and focusing on their work. They didn't seem to be bothered by our appearance. Perhaps, there are so many people come everyday to visit so they just used to it :D Outside factory, it was a gallery where they served you free wine and drink. Leaving the Gems factory, we quickly went to the 2nd destination which all of us couldn't wait for it. The PhangNga island and James bond island. The weather outside could be 40 degree Celsius i swear, it was bloody hot and humid. Luckily we went by boat! So yeah, i could enjoy the wind.

See my pink hat? I bought it before we got into the boat, RM10 only, hehehe....

Camwhoring again on the way, how nice when surrounding you were rocky, watery and windy feelings ;) This was the place that we stopped for our lunch on the way. Yah, it stated there seafood restaurant, but we only tried few dishes of fished, prawn, squid...Hmm, i don't really like it coz it was too hot and spicy. So i purposely didn't upload any photo about food here. It's all about sight seeing, ok?
  We couldn't miss a good chance for out photoshooting after the lunch as all of us here are heavy camwhorers, lolz....See this! So artistic huh?

I love this pix the most! The most wanted girl! Yeah, it's me!

  The outside view of the restaurant! It was so nice!

  Good bye, seafood! We gotta continue our journey! Yeah, here we are! The James Bond island!

Why does it name so funny? Because the movie James Bond was casted here before (*if any of you have watched*)
See how strong i was? I could carry the whole big rock by 1 hand only, okay? :D

Hmm, sleeping beauty! I love this photo the most. When i first saw it, i came out with the idea of this pose! Many people were passing by and looking at me one kind, hahaha.....My boss said "Oh My God!" Hahahha.... Monkeys loved me, I loved monkey! This little monkey was not at the island, he was at the Monkey temple that we came to next after the island. Sorry taking photo was prohibited inside the temple (*it was a cave built temple actually with a very huge Buddha sleeping inside, so i could just take photo with monkey only :0(

. . .
End of day tour. We left monkey temple around 6pm something after that we went for dinner and got back to the hotel. It's free and easy plan. Yeah! I couldn't wait to see the AQUA show tonight. It's party time!
Sexy girl-boys dancing on the street and inviting people. Damn, I hate them so much because they are damn pretty and sexy can? The legs are damn long and the all are soooooooooo pretty! Wondering how much money they have to pay for that face.

Disco pub at night! It was raining that time but people seem didn't care about that!

They were still dancing! *Yuck*! Sorry to say, if i was to stand there to dance, i could dance so much better and more attractive and sexier than them even though i'm short and not pretty enough. They'd better not dance to save the impression of others to them. I got rid out of that environment very quickly as going with me were 2 Malays ladies and my bosses, they didn't really get interested so much in this. So we just went away and looked for MASSAGE~ Yeah! That was all i was looking for!

Waiting time to be served! Tah dah!
Am not sure how old is this girl but she is so experienced for God's sake! She massaged for me very well until i got dozzed off. Perhaps because i lacked of sleep these 2 days.  Only one thing, my muscules are so painful due to some dancing practices few days back, so whenever she pressed, aiya, damn painful, until i was about to kick her away, lolz...... Oh yah, this massage duration was 60mins plus some body massage. It costed us BAHT200 equals to RM20. And bosses footed the bill! *thumb up*! Massage done! We reached hotel around 2am something.... I really needed to get some sleep

 Day 3: The whole day was Free and Easy plan so i made myself available for swimming in the early morning around 7am. Just perfect! This is a MUST for me everytime i go to the beach, i have to swim and i want to swim badly! I want to enjoy the sand, the waves...
There was still not many people yet as it was still early! I could cam whore more!

I love this pix so much ^_^ No, I love all of them

Doggies also wanted to swim with me, lolz! This must be a rich dog huh? Here you go, my photographer! :D Nirah, my gal *kiss to you*!

She was influenced by my posing, I think, so i had to snap for her one, lolz.... 2 hours for us to swim was more than enough. We got back to our hotel as breakfast was waiting for us. I couldn't get my shower done, just quickly got something to eat then i had to get ready for my last shopping session coming up next ;) *Super busy*

This is not shopping, lolz! I just wanted to try to ice cream that they sell along the road, RM2 only

  We mainly walked along the road and stopped by any store that we saw, from the shoes shop to the slutty shop (* i should have taken the photo of trying some slutty cloths for you all to see  :D

Those AQUAs love to wear this I couldn't count how many kilometers that we walked, but it was quite a long distance, from a very big and modern shopping mall....

to the cheap and small market which offered 70% of the price. I personally love to shop here, coz things are very cheap and very unique that sometimes u couldn't find in the shopping mall at all.
  Ok, last stop! Having luch before the we left Phuket. It was 4pm that time we only had our lunch, lolz...My friend, the photographer gal kept telling me that "God! I don't want to leave". Arrggg, she made me feel like staying too, lolzzz...But we couldn't. So yah, we enjoyed the last meal, the coffee and some Thai cuisine before we left.

Cute? I meant my coffee not me!
So, that's about my trip! I definitely will come back there again, i'm sure! So love it! After all, i think Phuket is really a good place for relaxing, enjoying the cheap stuffs and nice weather, nice environment there. If anyone tells me that "It's boring", I think the correct answer is "You are damn bloody boring type of person" or "You don't know how to enjoy life" or "You are going for a trip with a bloody boring people". That's my comment, lolz. Have fun all!

 P/s: For more photos, you can click HERE or more HERE
P/p/s: Updated! One of my friends after read this entry told me that, his friend (a male) comment that Phuket is boring. Lolz! I know why he said so! Because, MEN CANT WEAR BIKINI TO THE BEACH AND CAN'T SHOP THAT MUCH COZ ALL STUFFS THERE ARE SLUTTY AND SEXY FOR AQUA ONLY. HAHAHAHHA
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Crystal's traveling episode: 3 days in Phuket (Thailand)

I was back KL at 12.30am on Sun. Everything was returned on time except my mind and my heart are still in Phuket. I had a wonderful 3 days trip this time, i could say. I love the place so much that I couldn't want to come back KL :o(. Everything was fantastic. What should i say? See the photos to believe!

  Day 1: We arrived Phuket airport at 7.30am in the morning (local time) which means i had to leave KL at 3.30 in the morning. The night before, i didn't sleep at all. Not because of i was too excited. It's because i didn't pack anything yet until 11.30pm after reaching home from practice session, lolz. Phuket in the morning was so fresh and clean with a strong sea wind. We quickly got into the bus was waiting outside and headed to Patong beach town. As it's still early and the hotel could only be checked in by 12pm, hence the tour guy took us for a breakfast and here our tour began.

Surprisingly, they served us with Malays foods cooked by Thai people. And the amazing thing is, people here know Bahasa Malaysia well it seems. They spoke to us by BM, served us with BM menu, lolz. I was damn tired and sleepy so i ordered "whatever could eat!". After breakfast, we started our first destination.
Cashew nut Factory===> Honey shop===> T-Shirt Factory====>The Wat Chalong- old monastery

 The first stop: The Cashew nut factory. Now only i know how and where the cashew nut comes from: Here it is!
The worker was cracking the cashew nut skin out. Quite a lot of hard work and patience required.

Next destination was to the honey shop, I didn't take any photo of it coz there was nothing attracted me. Perhaps it might be because i was damn sleepy and tired. I got dozed off during the "testing products" time. They took us inside the aircon room, had a nice seat and drank some cold honey drinks...It was just super good to sleep, *meow*

We still had 2 more destinations to go before we had to go to hotel for checking in. The T-Shirt factory. T-shirts are normal, quality is good but the DESIGN is what i want to talk about. Damn cool, cheeky and funny! See this!And you know how much for each? BAHT149 equals to RM14.90. Bloody cheap hor? I wanted to take all these designs but too bad, they don't have size S :((. So I gotta buy at other shopping center which costed me much higher RM25. But mine is super nicer ;) Last destination, I'm sure whoever has been to Phuket will know what is this temple:

  This is the Wat Chalong- the century's old monastery. A recent addition to the temple is a 61.4 meter high chedi containing the Pra Borom Sareerikatta relic, a piece of the Lord Buddha's bones brought over from Sri Lanka.
Inside view! View from the top! So huge the area

Another temple:
Pretty tired after all! I hardly walked any longer. Thanks God! It's time to get back to the hotel! Our hotel is quite big and luxurious, located at the center of the town and 5 mins walking to the sea: The Patong Ibish hotel: Click HERE if you want to get more infos about it. Room rate from BAHT 3000 above (around RM300/ night).

Hotel facilities, view from the room

This is my room! Clean and cool! I love the washroom too! So nice huh?

It was almost about 6pm there after we checked in. Everyone was so tired! What i wanted to do was just take a good shower and sleep. But surprisingly after showering, all tiredness was gone, lolz. Perhaps we were too eager to explore the night life in Phuket! Things were so attracting us around. I rapidly changed, dress up and went out :D Yeahhhhhhhhhh! Here is the new look! So fresh as if i never ever had a sleepless night before!

Pretty women walking down the street :D The Patong beach town is pretty small, you can just walk for 45 mins to 60 mins, you could cover all the areas there. The most happening area is where i was standing as in the photo. This street is always full of music, lighting, people talking, laughing, dancing and shopping. The other side of the street is the sea actually.

  An open-air bar and restaurant where you can enjoy the live music, the nice seafood, the sea wind and the dance floor is waiting for you too!

Funny road sign! These types of road signs are quite popular there, lolz :D

  So nice, the wind blowed my hair, hehehe. There is anothing thing about Phuket that you should miss out. It's the paradise of seafoods all kinds. God! All the lobsters, the prawns, the fishes are sooooo BIG. Se this! Shopping session came on da away of course :D. There are so many hot stuffs, slutty stuffs around there and they are all cheap. The bag i was wearing here costs only BAHT 169, means RM16.90. Crazy! I bought one for myself definitely but not this one. This bag is for blogging purpose only, hehehe....

   The pinky Helly kitty shop! It was all pink, my Godness from the calculator the toys and all. I wanted to take them all home :(
  I couldn't count how many shops we've visited but it was plenty enough to make my legs and feet are so damn painful and tiring. It was 2am there, however Patong town seem not want to sleep. I had to :o( The next morning, we gotta wake up so early at 7am to start another interesting tour. We walked back hotel around 2am plus but we didn't even have to think of being careful and cautious. We just laughed, talked and enjoyed. It was really safe, I must say!

P/s: Day 2 and day 3 eps are coming next very soon, stay tune ;)
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