Mar 2, 2010


I'm back to my blog again after a long long holiday. There has been a time I don't feel like blogging at all plus being busy with many things happened expected and unexpectedly til I almost forgot that i have blog, lolz. Good God is challenging me, but I'm not going to give up to anything and anyone. That's stubborn me! Ok, new year, it's better not talk about bad stuffs. I'm updating you here with lot of photos what i was/ has been doing for the past weeks: Attending Launch Networking Event at Helipad, I've met all great people: actors, actress, film directors and models. Such a fun and happening night

Me with my model girls.
Me with a famous professional photographer in SG (Willy Foo) and actor, film director-Jason
Myself camwhore Dancing Salsa at Movida on the day after which I couldn't remember exactly when,
with my girl- Lorraine Photobucket and a professional dancer from Philippines, hot boy Michael. Everytime we went to the dancefloor for Chacha, everyone stopped their dance and just looked at us. :D Day before I flew off to Vietnam. Photobucket

A beach shoot at Sensota with Phill- Switzeland photographer. We did some artistic shoos like this
You might see one of my photos in International Fine Art Photography Exhibition in Switzeland, as what he told me. *roll eyes*
This is self- camwhore pic taken by me. Dont blame the photog if the photo isn't good. Night before I flew off next day. Did an awesome shoot with Willy Foo whom I mentioned from the photo above. He always has some crazy idea with amazing technique.
and white. Which one you prefer?
This is our hard work after 2 hours tiredly jumping, shooting in front of the HUGE and splendid shopping mall in Singapore. It was 10pm and there were many people standing by, looking at us curiously. Some even requested to take a photo with me. hahahhaa. Was back Singapore at 2am on Friday, and 3pm, having a pre-bday celebration with a friend.
@ Marina bay. Love the wind and view.
Shisha smoking time at Turkey cafe. I just pretended only coz i can't smoke. Join for fun!!! I hope everyone had a great New Year celebration, I did! And now time to start working again. Another journey. It's not gonna easy for me (fortune teller said) so what??? Rushing out again. Update later when i'm free. Tadah.

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  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Dear.. i'm so so glad you're enjoying yourself like this. I'm so envious! Keep up the good crazy life you're leading and keep on inspiring us! *hugs*


  2. nice pictures.. especially the dancing ones =)

  3. Jacky3:13 AM

    You are like a super star now, babe :D