April 20, 2010 Crystalicious 2 Comments

Some random photos I took from various occasions, various time and locations too. Slowly enjoy!

An old photo shoot! I was bored so I decided to photoshop my own photos! Can't show you the original one because it's so much different. Here is the nice one!

Might have over-photoshopped a little! :D

MTV Music video shoot!

I went for an MTV music video shoot somewhere last week. It took us 4 days altogether to finish the practicing, rehearsing and shooting. I didn't sing, I was back up dancer for a Japanese rapper. But somehow I was the one who chose to shoot with the singer most of the time and yet I did have 1 shoot just for me to dance solo with the Lamborghini, Bentley and the hot singer. :D I can't wait to show you the video, it will be done most probably on 28th April. Here are some camwhore pics. Behind the scene photos and video, check it out HERE!

That so expensive Lambo was for me to stand on the seat to dance during the shoot!

Bentley! The second car for the shoot!

Somehow the crew managed to get the sponsor of all these luxury cars for the video and the one who got FULL benefit to enjoy the car is ME.

I did not only shoot with the Bentley but also had a ride home in Bentley! :D

You can really feel the speed when you are in it 

Car interior. 

Random photos

Office wear for a meeting! I haven't been in it for such a long time. :D

Underwater shooting in the house! I managed to make a better shot this time! 

Tried a different style! Super long wavy hair and red color lipstick. 

Camwhoring before heading down to town!

I might be traveling soon again and this time it's gonna be interesting. But no worry, I will still keep my blog updated so just stay tuned and remember to follow and rally for me at BEST MODELLING BLOG


  1. You look so much prettier and prettier nowadays, sweetheart. You're killing all the men's heart :D