April 24, 2010 Crystalicious 2 Comments

It was raining in the evening yesterday when I was supposed to go out for a dinner. I did all makeup, hairdo, wardrobe *it usually takes me an hour to do all anyway* then it rained. Hate it to the max. I felt super lazy to go out after that, but nothing to do anyway. So I thought of giving my face a good treat, lying down on the couch while having a yummy self-made strawberry ice-cream. Who cares about the rain anyway? 
I used Dead Sea Mud mask which is said to be good for all skin types. This is the sample

My first impression on Dead Sea mud is "Ewww, it looks gross" and trust me if you ever smell or touch the ditch mud. It really smells bad. But dead sea mud is different that's why all spas earn lots of money over this service.

Normally, when you go to a beauty salon, you'll still look good even with the mask on. 

But when you are at home, it's a different story. Here is my version. 

Not everyday I'm doing Dead Sea mask, might as well take many fun photos while it lasts. 

Upset face!

Sulky face! 

Bubble face! I

What's up face! Lolzzz

 I don't know why I kept thinking of this baby face  when I look at my photo. 

But I have one dimple, baby doesn't. 

Angry face! 

Credit to my blink cam man for capturing those hilarious pics. It's so outstanding with the black face background from behind. HAhahahaaa.

Now, It's time to wash my face off and show you how awesome flawless and smooth skin that the mask gives me! 

For the best result, I gotta carry that face for at least 30 minutes until I feel the mask is dried and cracked out. It's time to rinse it off.

HERE I AM!!!!!
A non-make up face at all. 

Totally smooth and flawless!!!!!! 
Wanna touch? Hehehe

Close up shot of the awesome skin

Can't believe that all the blackheads are 80% gone and the pores are tightened up.

This is the NON-PHOTOSHOPPED photo at all. 

You can always try it at home and experience how awesome it feels. Sometimes it's good to spend a little time to pamper yourself especially your skin because everybody wants to look good and beautiful. Don't be a lazy woman! 

I don't want to look horrible when I get old. I already know how will I look when I'm old. I learn that we can't decide how old we are, but we can always decide how young we look. 

Looking at the mirror and asking yourself  "How young you want yourself to be"?

 I'm about to finish this  post and it's about to rain again. 

This weather in the weekend??? Not a good idea.

I'm still trying to enjoy my weekend even though it's a storm coming in. Have great weekend everyone.


  1. Well, I always wondered whether those mask actually works.

    Well, been reading your blog for quite some time and sure is fun to read it again on the blog other than the rss reader. Get to comment XD

  2. They do work if you apply it frequently and you must choose a good brand, good product that suits your skin type :)

    Thank for the comment and been supporting me