dancing with Crystal

Dancing with Crystal: Practicing with a Professional dancer

May 29, 2010 Crystalicious 4 Comments

Feeling bored?????

Watch video!

This is the piece of my dancing practice with my new partner for the coming up dancing competition in June and July. It isn't complete yet coz we still have another 2 more dances to go. But somehow, my dream after 9 years dancing has finally come true.

I'm turning into Professional Latin Dancer!!! Woooohooo...*Mad mad happy*

After so many times changing partner here and there I wish to have a super good dance partner so that i could learn from him, rather than somebody is equally good to me coz it will usually lead to some arguments along the way which i hate OR somebody is not in same level as I am. I then have to teach him more than i learn. *Dislike too

So now, i can fully focus on my dancing and my new partner is Rock and super hot :D There are few more dance choreographies are coming up, we are still trying to work our ass out. Just gotta wait and I'm sure you will not be disappointed. *roll-eyes*


  1. good luck in ur dancing competition! :-)

  2. Dropping by ere. =). Good luck yeah.

  3. Only one word: WONDERFUL!!!!

  4. damn amazing u are crystal!