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Happy Horror Halloween 2010!

October 31, 2010 Crystal Phuong 1 Comments

Last night was the best Halloween night that I've ever had and also it was the first Halloween that I decided to dress myself up in a costume.

Honestly, i wasn't so interested in dressing up for Halloween coz i always think it looks weird, scary and ugly. Yet I hate and am scared of Ghost, why must i be one of them??? But I WAS SO WRONG!

Omg! when you are up for the game you will know how fun it is. Since every staff in Se7en1nch was busy preparing and decorating for the party and my girls-dancers got so excited in finding and discussing about the costume, I decided to give it a try. Wasn't so interested still, that's why until a night before Halloween, I still didn't know what to wear.

Thank God, I found a piece of the red Paso Doble skirt which i was half way sewing it at home and the black corset which i bought sometime ago but haven't had chance to wear it. Instantly, I thought of being a Vampire Queen.
Picture for better imagination.

But mine wasn't exactly like that, I customized and made it my own style. HERE

How does this look to you?

I'm pretty happy with it even though it was lacking of some accessories: i.e red gloves, vampire fang and the horn :D Close up self-camwhoring shot! On the left side which I cracked my head to think what to draw, lolz.


and the left side

I looked like just finished sucking some fresh blood *yummmeh* hehehe

Me and the pretty dark angels which combined the wing of Victoria Secret's Angels and the hat of Thailand dancers, lolz ! Doesn't related to Halloween theme but still, a costume and they looked Chio

Me and the Grim Reaper! We are friend now, my mission is to bring more dead body to him, *So drama* lolz... The first person i wanted to suck his blood

end up, he chopped me off, hahahah...Die of shame me the Vampire!

There are tons of photos about the party last nite, i couldn't upload them all coz i dont want to flood up my blog. Want to see more photos, go to Se7en1nch's page, click LIKE and just view. Happy horror Halloween, everyone! Also happy birthday to those who are born on this horror and fun date :D

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  1. LOL.. The blood looks almost real.. XO
    The left side looks pretty.
    But i'm not diggin' the right. (maybe its just me).
    Looks like u had fun though.. :)