boo dog,


November 22, 2010 Crystal Phuong 2 Comments

Oh my Goodness! I'm seriously dying while Im looking at his adorable face. His name is Boo and I happened to find him on...facebook.

I was so inspired by a Japanese movie called "Hachiko". After watching the movie, I even had a dream about the Hachiko dog and his image was hunting me til the next day at work. I wanted to travel to Japan to pay him a visit. If you haven't watched "Hachiko" movie, please go to Google it and watch. And then I happened to see Boo on some websites. I want this dog so bad -_- Look at his face, who doesn't want to????

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  1. You have to buy overseas, I guess :P Or ask your local pet stores. I think you can order one and they will look it up for you *shrugs*

  2. hihi.
    what type of breed are you looking for?
    Im currently working at a pet shop near upper thomas.
    we had 6 puppies tt just arrived this week. And its 2 months only. Very cute lil dudes. And its cost around Thousand 6 :). If you didn't eye for any of the pets in the shop, you can order it too! But offcourse. You have to pay a higher price and put a deposit too.