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Just 2 days ago, I posted up an entry about shopping experience at and to make my story be more reliable and trustworthy, I really did try to purchase few deals on that website to experiment myself. See how brave I am! :D 

This is the 1st deal I bought! 

61 people bought the deal so far, it means I'm not the only brave girl, lolz. The difference is the other 60 people don't share what they feel after the deal, I do!

Saying "brave" because there are many friends warned me before I bought any deal online:

"All these things are not good, that's why they sell so cheap"
"Nah, I'm sure they will try to sell you package after you finish the treatment. You'll end up paying more"
"What if they will give you a lousy service and you paid already? And no refund?"
"Can it be trusted? Maybe they write up very nicely online, but the true services are not like that?"
bla bla bla,.......

Tell me that you have all those fears too?
I did! But that was before I tried out the first deal I bought. To my surprise, there is no other words beside PERFECTION! Read til the end and you'll know why.

I came to dBelle Beautique on Sunday afternoon when I had no work, I pampered myself the whole Sunday with facial treatment, spa and massage. So shiok! The shop is located at the most happening shopping street in Singapore, Queen Street. It's next to Bugis Street and it's pretty easy to find out.

Like any other beauty salons, it's cozy and quiet from the entrance  itself.  

Special promotion! 
The offer on is still cheaper :D Only S$29! So you know where to get the good deal ;)

Salon interior! It looks quite new as the owner has just finished renovation 2 days before I came. Everything is clean, nice and new, I love it!

Roses on the reception table make the place become sweeter and more lovely. 

Look at these products displayed! 

dBelle is mainly using Karin Herzog which is very popular for oxygen therapy that helps to maintain the youthfulness of your skin. You might think this is just one of many other skin care products? No, you are wrong! It is so damn popular in Hollywood, ok! Many celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Renell Zellweger, Sharon Stone, Jenifer Aniston, Kylie Minogue, Uma Thurman have been using it for long time. Especially, guess who is the big fan of Karin Herzog?

Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton
Ok! Not necessary for me to speak further. You want to check how popular this products are, read it here and here. 

Back to the main topic! I was taken to visit their premise, there are 3 treatment rooms in total
Each is very clean, nicely decorated and very comfortable too!

I was walking out from the washroom and snapping this photo, lolz.

Pink shoes! Oh, I'm in love with this.

Now come to the treatment! If you ever read on the voucher! I was entitled for 2 intensive treatments which are:
1. Solitaire Skin refining therapy
2. Chocolate Oxygen Face Treatment
FREE Soft hands treat. 

A happy customer waiting to be beautified :D

To make it better for comparison, I even took a picture of my skin before the treatment. If you can see, I've started having quite numbers of freckles which may cause aging faster, wtf. Blame the stupid sun! My skin pores are big and there are many blackheads which I've been trying many ways to remove 'em away. None can solve my problem and I'm very upset. I was very doubtful that dBelle could do any miracle -_-

First step, Jess (my aesthetician) helped to remove my make-up and clean my face using Karin Herzog Finest Chocolate Cleansing. 

So cool and nice feeling.

Now, it's clean! I'm getting ready for the next step. 

Second step, Jess applied Karin Herzog Oxygen on my face. 

To make sure the oxegen adsorbs deeply into my skin, she even used the transparent nylon to wrap up my face, lolz...
Look at the bubbly oxygen on my face, so yum, hahahah....

Third step, which I was exclusively offered out of 2 items listed on, it's Diamond peel &Ultrasounds therapy.

I don't know what the exact name for all the equipments but I called it "Skin Ring", hahaha. I coined that words, does it sound nicer?

I was very amazed after Jess showed me the result of my half face has diamond peel done. It was so flawless and clean, omg! The result is so super obviously different. I love this "Skin Ring" but I can't do it too often because my skin is too fragile, too thin, it will not be good if I scrub it too often :( 

Ultrasound therapy but there wasn't any sound at all except the blue light and cold metal device running on my face. This is to make the Oxygen adsorbs even deeper and deeper to my skin. I love this blue thingy, so cool and it made me almost fall asleep.

Fourth step, Chocolate time baby!
But this chocolate is not  for you to eat, it's for your skin. It's pretty funny to look at the photo with the mask on. I looked like an alien or a person have just survived from a terrifying burning.

It's ugly, so gotta strike a cute pose to earn some credits back, lolz....

OK, relaxing time! I tried very hard to relax during the treatment and this is my 10mins precious moment when I dozed off. 

5 mins
20 minutes later! It's time to wash up and look at mirror


Pardon my messy hair but my skin look awesome! Muahahahhaahha!

A close up shot without any make up on! I swear I didn't photoshop anything too. 

The only things that applied on my face are these stuffs:

Feeling like a celebrity now, hahahha

After face treatment, Jess even gave me some product samples to use at home. See how nice she is! 

I don't know how soon I will finish all the samples as I'm gonna use them twice everyday. Must utilize it to the max coz good chance never comes twice, lolz.

Lastly, Jess did for me Hand treatment using Oxygen as well and look at how amazing this so-called Oxygen therapy can do to your skin? Instant result! Can you see the part with Oxygen and the one without?
I have only 3 words: OH MY GOD!

That also ended my treatment with a HUGE satisfaction. I was super-duper happy with the result and thought my 3hours spending there totally worth it. If you wish to have your skin brightened, you definitely need Karin Herzog products.

Before ending this post, I'm answering your annoying and dumb questions above again:

"All these things are not good, that's why they sell so cheap"
- Hello, after reading my blog entry above, you still dare to say this? it's not because of the products or services are cheap, it's because you are too cheapskate, you can't even afford S$29 for 3 in 1 treatment, how could you afford to buy there S$3xx treatments? Just shut up and stop spreading the negative, shitty comments to others!

"Nah, I'm sure they will try to sell you package after you finish the treatment. You'll end up paying more"
- No, Jess didn't try to sell me anything after all. Regardless the small amount of the offer compares to their expensive services & products, she still tried her best to give me the best services ever. I like that and her personality too. If after the treatment, you want to continue, it's your choice!

"What if they will give you a lousy service and you paid already? No refund somemore"
- If unfortunately there is such case happened, you know who is always standing beside  you. TALK TO DealGuruSG. Cheaters always need to be banned and I'm very sure DealGuruSG is doing a very good job to protect their buyers. For me, I was very pleased by dBelle service, I'm gonna give them more credits. 

"Can it be trusted? Maybe they write up very nicely online, but the true services are not like that?"
- Read the answer at question no.3

I hope I've manged to satisfy you all with this entry, my God! I didn't plan to write it that long but every time I started writing, words and words are flooding up my mind and I couldn't stop it. Perhaps, I'm successful in making you guys feel more confident in shopping online especially knowing how to search for good deals around. There are plenty but be smart to chose which one is best for you. 

I've seen many deal websites around but so far, I'm only interested in Their deals, services or even their website layout are so much better than others :D

I've done my part, now it's your turn to do something to show us some supports. 

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P/s: Btw, I have good news for you guys! If any of you are interested in the facial treatment that I have above, you can either request DealGuruSG to re-sell it. Else, you can make an appointment at the salon itself. Call 6338 0506 for an appointment, look for Jess. Mentioned my  name Crystal Phuong to get a special discount! Good luck in achieving your flawless skin ;)