I am Singapore Blog Award finalist!!!

June 06, 2011 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

It's just too good to be true! The fun challenge has finally returned after one year with many excitements, prizes, categories and good stuffs. When I was informed by Alvin from, I was like "What? Really?" How come this year I'm so damn lucky? Not only one but TWO categories my blog was in.
Remember last year, I tried so hard and nominated myself shitloads of time but failed. This year, I thought "Nah, this Singapore Blog Award is not for me, hence I just humbly registered my blog at 2, 3 categories only". I didn't even bother to blog about it at all when the result was announced.

In fact, I knew my blog was in a week ago but due to the award requirement, all finalists must mouth-shut until officially announces who will be in and who will be kicked out. So here I am, proudly announcing that my blog is in finalist of the following category:



*clap clap clap* I have the feeling like I've just raised up successfully a small child to an adult after almost 6 years. So much works, interests and commitments for God's sake. Even though, these two are not the biggest categories of the award but it means something to me. However, don't think I can get the award as easily as how I sound here. LOTSA WORKS!

10 of us need to attend few events that are organized by HTC and DEAL within 1 month, blog as many entries as possible. The minimum requirement for 1 category is 3 blog entries, that means I have to blog at least 6 entries within 1 month. Jesus! I'm not sure where am I gonna find the time to blog, to attend the media events (which I have to) while I'm already super flooded up with my current works, dancing and others. But If I could, I DESERVE YOUR VOTE. So, the question is: "How could I vote for you?"

Here are the steps:
1. Click at the two banners below



2. Create your user name & password (take less than 5 minutes)
3. Find my face in the 2 categories mentioned above
4. Til you see it, click Vote!!!!

Does it sound simple? Yes it does!

Remember, your vote contributes alot to my success in getting the trophy this year. I'll promise, I'll crack my head to think of some good stuffs to entertain you guys here, but for now, don't be lazy, click the mouse to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

To my dearest friends, you definitely have to vote for me. :D
To my awesome fans, I believe you are always supporting me, aren't you?
To strangers, you may not know me now but later. Leave me some comments after your vote, so at least i know who you are, I'll send a BIG thank you and cyber hug :D
To all, YOU GUYS HAVE CHANCE TO WIN SOME AWESOME PRIZES if your VOTE (means me) win!!! Look at these:

1. 3 x Asus-Lamborghini wireless mouse

2. 3 x ADONIS facial treatment vouchers worth $150.
                                                          Sponsored by ADONIS

3. 3 x $50 1-Rochester Group vouchers for orders of 1-Caramel Signature cakes
Sponsored by 1-ROCHESTER GROUP

4. 3 sets of $50 Night Safari exclusive merchandise
Sponsored by NIGHT SAFARI

5. 3 x Fabrix Slim Messenger 13"
Sponsored by FABRIX

6. 3 x GET SINGAPORE Hamper with the following products:
1. Action City's LittleRubberDots- Creative DotBook
2. theKube- 2GB Nano- size cube MP3  player
3. TravelPAC- iPhone 4G Case (Kickstand Series)
Sponsored by GET SINGAPOR

if you are voting for me and if I win one of these awards, the awesome thing is You can Vote for me once everyday from now til 3rd July, so the more the better. Vote hor!