July 05, 2011 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Hey dolls, good news for anyone who is currently living in Singapore. You have been reading my blog entries I posted about the HTC phones and probably know how good the phone is. I know everyone is tempting to get a HTC phone for yourself. So now, I'm giving a best news ever:

A HTC phone could be YOURS!!!!


HTC is organizing a HTC LIKES AWARDS on 22 July 2011. By submitting your photos under categories below:
you could be their one of winners who walk away with a HTC Chacha/  Salsa phone + S$1000 cash and many other prizes. 

All you need to do is to

1. Create an HTC LIKES AWARDS account here!
2. Choose a best photo of yours that you think it fits the category most
3. Submit!
4. Ask as many friends to vote for you as possible
5. Pray God that Luck will strike your head to win it.

If you win, Congratulation! Do remember to say thank you to me on my blog

For now, hurry up! The submission period is still on until 14th July. I've submitted mine already but don't want to tell you what category I submitted yet, lolz. Need to be a bit secretive, else later my photo is not even listed in the final, damn embarrassed, lolz...

More information about the awards, please click HERE!

Ok, good luck everyone!