Now You Know!

July 12, 2011 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Hey guys, I know it has been a week and I'm finally back here. Been busy as a bee for God's sake since last month until now. I don't know why there must be so many events going on these 2 months.

Just a quick entry from me highlight what was going on with me last few weeks. I'm kinda unable to retrieve it all immediately now.

Ok, take it slow!

1. Singapore Blog Award VOTING period was over. So now, it's COOLING OFF period for judges to read through our blog contents and see who will deserve to be winner on the final award presentation. I've done all I could so regardless any result, I'm happy. :)

2. Guess what, this is the big news that I can't wait to share with all of you. I've joined my friend to start up a new dance studio 2 weeks ago. YES! A NEW DANCE STUDIO. It's called:


Our studio logo!

Sounds little sleazy, hahaaha but that makes people curious. "What does it mean"- We say "It's a Secret"! So if you really want to know what is our secret? Well, join our studio! ;)

I'm giving a 3 TRIAL classes this coming Sunday 17th July at 3pm onward out of 8 classes. If you are free and interested, do not forget to drop by our studio to join.

Details can be found HERE!

I'm giving a special discount 20% OFF to all of my facebook fans, twitter followers and blog readers whoever signs up my classes. Hence, if you come this Sunday, do mention this to get the special offer from me. Yay!

Our studio is still very new, please give some supports by liking our Facebook Page or join us on Twitter.

3. A month back, I was invited by Don Richmond, a local singer, song-writer and a host of Now You Know to teach him exotic dance for his new episode of Now You Know. After 2 times of postponement due to his sickness & studio location, we finally did it at our Secret Base Dance Studio which happened to open a week before that. Super lucky!

Don is such a funniest guy that I've ever met. He always amuses me with his weird & hilarious ideas, facial expression etc...It was tough filming with him because every time I look at him, I feel like laughing very hard and I just don't know why. You gotta watch one of his episode Now You Know, you'll know what I meant.

Click on the video to watch!

4. One of my photo was chosen to be in HTC LIKE AWARDS for voting. Again, I know you hate this word but I got no choice -_-. That's how people are doing marketing for their sites nowadays.

This is the photo:

and it's listed under category: Most Stylish

So, what you need to do is:

Click HERE to vote!

Registration is required but not to worry coz it's the easiest and fastest registration form ever. Just like this:

Please please please register and vote for me. I promise I'll think of some interesting stuffs to entertain you guys!
Thank you very much, muahxxxxx! 
Next blog post will be: I'm going to reduce my fat :D. Stay tuned!