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Today's blog post is all about photos of...myself. I kid. 

Actually, I wanted to share with you some good stuff. 
Everyone knows that I'm a big fan of online shopping. Reasons?

- Convenient and time- saving. You can just stay at home & click the mouse, everything is done.
- The feeling of receiving and opening a parcel is like receiving a Christmas gift. I like
- Good, cheap plus unique stuff. 

Plus, I know my clothing size so I don't need to try them on, I just need to choose the design I want. So that's the reason why I always buy stuff online- especially clothes. 

A few weeks back, an online shopping website that sells clothing, accessories for ladies ONLY has just launched, and they offered me to pick up some of the launched items on the site. The website is called: PERRY AMBER. 

They have quite varieties of stuff from clothing, bags, accessories, etc...and the good thing is the price is very reasonable and affordable. Below are some of the items available:

Didn't I say the prices are cheap? Yes, I did!

I managed to find 2 pieces of clothes for myself. One is purple-black babydoll lace dress:

Purple + black = Magical romantically sexiness :D

The circle bottom makes the dress look so cute and dolly. I love the circle skirt/ dress. 

Scoop neckline is an ideal to show your  *ahem* cleavages. I know, men will love this.

If you want to go on a date, this dress with a flower as hair accessories is definitely a recommendation. 

The thing I love about this dress is the BAREBACK. OMG! I'm always going crazy over the bareback top, bareback dresses, etc....They are so sexy.

How much does the dress cost? Only S$28 including tax. See! You can still be sexy, classy even with the affordable clothes. It's all about STYLE!

The second item I got for myself was a blue looser sheer top or I'm wearing it as a dress because I'm not that tall. So here you go!

Blue chiffon material with brown hems and customized belt. These two colors surprisingly match pretty well together and I got attracted to it from the first look.

You can wear it like a top.

with simple straight hair style

It'll give you a dreamy and innocent looking.

or extra sweet look too.

And this is how I wear it as a dress.

Don't forget to wear a pair of sexy pumps to add more fuel into fire *roar*

in black 
or brown that matches the hem color :). It will give you credits for being a sophisticated Fashionista ;)

They have yellow color too in stock if you want to have different colors from mine :)

Love the looks I showed you? You can have it all. Just simply choose anything from there. They always have new stuff coming up. But guess what? Here is the good news for my beloved blog readers.

Simply key in "PACRYSTALSG10"  in the voucher code to enjoy 10% OFF total bill. Madness!!!!

So what are you waiting for?

Visit PerryAmber NOW!!!