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Sorry for the late update guys! I've been really busy with so many works, projects and stuffs which I couldn't squeeze any of my time to blog. Anyway, I'm back here for the review of the 2nd treatment with Marie France Bodyline as promised. 

Second treatment with MFB was really amazing, despite I only had very tiny time that day due to my super tight schedule. I had only 1 hour available and it had been 1 week plus after my first treatment, I was kinda missing the massage. Hence, I did not want to postpone. But know what? Without me asking, MFB arranged 2 beautiful therapists to do the treatment for me at the same time to utilize my time at maximum. 

I was like OMG! I felt like being a Queen, seriously! I was super excited and I texted my guy friend "Hey, guess what? I'm having 2 beautiful therapists massaging me now. So shiok". His reply- "WTF! Life is so unfair", lolz....That shows how professional and awesome MFB service is!!!! Never fail to satisfy me :)

During the second treatment, I had a chance to talk to my personal nutritionist, listen to her advice on my daily diet. And honestly, I learned so much from her. Sometimes, we don't really care about what we eat, how much nutrition that we consume daily, how bad or good our eating habit is. That is absolutely not good -_-. I used to think I'm a very healthy dieting person, I eat a lot of vegetables, fruits. I don't take fried, oily stuffs so I should be ok. But I was wrong. We need to balance what we eat everyday. These are some of the infos that Jin Fang (my nutritionist) shared with me, I'm sharing it with you. See, I'm so kind! 

Sources of protein we should get. 

This is extremely important to those who want to be on a diet. What are the bad fats to you? 

And these are GOOD fat that we can eat without worry! 

Consultation time

Obviously, I need to have a photo of me and Jin Fang- my personal nutritionist. Look at how healthy and beautiful she is!!! Jealous!

After consultation, Jin Fang helped me to get my BMI (Body Mass Index) Screening done before I started my treatment. As usual, stubborn fat on my arms and tummy are still the main focus. The 2 treatments I had this time are slightly different from the first treatment.

First, I had Cryocelle Phased Therapy (CPT) treatment like the first time. It's a must have treatment because it's super effective, according to the consultant.

Ultrasound therapy becomes one of my most favorite treatments too.

I like the hot-cold feeling at the same time. First, there is a layer of cold gel applied on my arms and tummy, whenever I want to reduce the fatness. Thereafter, the therapist will use an applicator to massage thoroughly the entire area for 7- 10 minutes. This is where the heat derives from. The longer the massage is, the hotter I can feel. It's hard to describe it in details, but the only thing I can assure you that, it feels GREAT!

Second, I had ISS (Intelect Spot Slimming) treatment. This is when I had 2 pretty therapists doing the massage for me at the same time. We had a pretty fun chat during the treatment as the 2 therapists are so friendly plus they met a talkative person like me. So, what can you expect? ;)

After the massage, I fell asleep for 20 minutes at the end of the treatment. That's the best thing ever because it's like a dream. When you wake up, you feel totally different: lighter, slimmer and fresher. :D

Lastly, MFB even let me try out their Paraffin Hand Wax. Super awesome max <3

My therapist was doing hand-massage for me. She is so cute and friendly.

Dipping my hand one by one into the wax...I love the feeling. 

The paraffin slowly started to cool off and conform to the contours of my hand. Looks like I'm wearing gloves :D
Once the paraffin gloves were peeled off, it gave my skin super soft and smooth feeling. It's really amazing and I'm somehow kinda addicted into it.

Overall, I must say I LOVE MFB SERVICES. Not to mention their effectiveness of all the treatments they have, but their services are so professional and good. All the staffs are experienced and friendly. I never feel bored every time I go there. Everyone cheers you up with a big smile, makes you feel home and warm. I love that.

Two more treatments to go for me, but I already feel that my body weight has changed a lot. The proof is every single friend I met, said: "OMG! You look so slim and fit. What's the secret?". I answered them in return: "Yeah, I've been undergoing some slimming treatments with Marie France Bodyline and I have a personal nutritionist to help me keep fit" and smiled. :).

If you really want to try out their service, they are currently having FREE TRIAL! Sounds good? All you need to do is to check out their WEBSITE, or join their FACEBOOK fan page or TWITTER to get more updates.

Stay tuned for the last blog post because I'm gonna reveal the before-after photos after all the treatments. See ya!